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  1. Mine got here just the other day, and I heartily concur! :biggrin:
  2. I thought so too, but my normal stores (In Chicago) haven't gotten them in yet and don't know when they will come in. though at least two have said they did/will order 'em. and didn't some east coasters get them already (I think?)? Yeah I'm itching for my bucky as Cap and Red Skull. Hope its in soon.
  3. I've seen an excellent one , it features Star Wars Mini mates (Awesome, right? Of course, they don't exist) with a mock Kill Bill trailer thing. Just watch it, and you'll see what I mean.
  4. The comic is really good, and yeah they're adding more to the series, with The Long Road Home- but it'll be fresh material, because it won't/wasn't part of the original series, so their extending alot of his past!
  5. So I went down to my local Borders the other day, and found the trade paperback of Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born, and absolutely loved it! The art and script was top-notch, and really stayed true to what I know of the Dark Tower, while at the same time fleshing it out and making it awesomely comic book style. I have now started to get back into the series, since I only ever bothered to read The Gunslinger. So, anyways, I decided to make a discussion thread. And on a minimate related note, I think the Western mates collections will work as excellent customs (and maybe just on their own, since Roland is facially/clothing wise based on Man with No Name) for DT mates.
  6. what he said. What they said. But, also I don't really follow/like any other block figure line, because none of them have the depth of both character and detail, and actual figure to be equivalent to our mates!
  7. Just got mine yesterday, exactly the SM3 mate I needed! Loved it, thanks LE and Shane (especially for picking up the postage)!
  8. Several questions, when are the Iron Man moviemates and the Nova/Cloak/Dagger/WM wave coming? And the Hulk wave? And what is the wave order? Thanks.
  9. ^Absolutely agree! ^PM sent, thanks LE and Shane!
  10. I need/want to remove a sleeve off a minimate head (specifically Batman DCD). It just doesn't budge. How should I go about it w/o damage to the mate or the sleeve?
  11. These look amazing! Really articulated too! Does anyone know how much the MC is and what retailers sell these besides Walmart?
  12. Definitely for box sets the Defenders, for currently out waves 16, 19, or 20, I love me some X-men and Avengers. But when Iron Man and The War Machine/Nova/Cloak wave hits the shelves, that one for sure!
  13. I also can't wait! My local shop confirmed it and are receiving it this coming Wednesday!
  14. True, but my local Borders (and others in the state of IL) have started filling up on 'Racer mates (7.99 for the mates w/car) and die-cast (The AA ones), I think to coincide with the movie. Isn't it possible for DST/AA to make more, especially since (correct me if I'm wrong) the license has yet to expire and is "on hold indefinitely"? (I hope this isn't thread necro, but I was about to make a new topic and then saw this one,
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