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  1. Yep. Mine (Madison, WI) had them with the mates in the main aisle. They had one peg below four of the miscellaneous other mates. They were tagged as "MM Max Heroes." I did not pay enough attention as to what the six digit code was, sorry. Also, they were next to a now empty peg of the Secret Wars box sets; which had a sticker indicating that might be where the two new exclusive box sets may end up.
  2. Amazingly I found these at my local TRU this afternoon! I have to work until noon on Fridays and cannot make it there until 12:30 or later. Today I walked in not expecting to find anything. Typically my store gets stuff in two weeks after the first sightings reported here. But low and behold there were nine packs sitting on the shelf. I picked up one each of the four fire fighter sets and two each of the others. I left one pack of smoke jumpers and did not see the other 3 sets. I am assuming that these are two each per case. And they are only 6.99 at my TRU!! Cheaper than the other new mates. I also scored the three "variant" colored Marvel Legends 2-packs. It was a great day at TRU!
  3. One of the pics from SDCC had Jorge in it as well. He and Emile along with two others (one was six, i think) were standing on a pedestal together. Possibly a box set I am thinking. Edit: Found the image. They are in the center. Thanks to Cool Toy Review for the pic.
  4. The price increase will hurt, but at least it is at Toys R Us. I picked up a TRU charge card back on the last Star Wars Midnight Madness and I have my trusty TRU reward card. Together, they average me about $15/month back in TRU gift cards/cash. The more I spend at TRU, the more rewards I earn. And these can be used to buy more minimates. This is not the case with my LCS. I am fortunate enough that they will hold a complete set w/ variant for me, but I only get a price discount if I buy a whole case. If the TRU price hike is translated to the LCS waves (which it looks like it is) I will probably not be picking up extra troop builders as I have in the past. If only DST could/would make Star Wars minimates, I would have all of my Hasbro "budget" to throw at DST
  5. So, can anyone tell the difference between the TRU exclusives reviewed by Lurh and the regular ones shown on the AA blog? They look identical to me. I am really excited about these and intend to get at least one of each, possibly more of the cops and special ops.
  6. Packaging picks are up on the AA Blog this morning for the AFX set. They look even better than the press shots. And it looks like Sunfire is translucent yellow!
  7. No new mates of any kind in Madison, WI as of this morning. I am really looking forward to getting these guys (and girl).
  8. I asked a friend of mine who works at my local TRU to look them up in the system and he said they were not scheduled to show up in the next week. I am really hoping he was not correct. I cannot wait for these to start hitting the shelves. While I am happy with the Fantastic Four we have, these look so much better and I am really looking forward to these villains and especially the troop builder. Bring on the four! Errr.. Eight!
  9. I have thought about this for some time and did't know what the best way to go about it would be. Thank you, Luke, for coming up with a semi-official way of doing this. I think your idea is awesome. A couple thoughts: First, is the Hydra green the same as the vault guard green? If not, would that be a possible color to add? Second, would it be possible to do hair colors/textures? War Machine Rhodey comes to mind, as does one of the zombies. Lastly, how would you sell them? Would it be like a set of X number of each color? Or would you sell each sticker (or a set of two for mistakes) individually so we could get the correct number for each of our armies? The later could work similar to Lego's pick-a-brick option where the more common colors are a little cheaper and the rare toppers (see my hair idea) are a little more expensive. Whatever you decide to do, Luke, I will be buying these from you for sure.
  10. I was the forth person through the doors today at my Toys R Us. I made a bee-line to the Minimates and found a case of these waiting for me. Minus one of the Hulkbusters. I think one of the TRU employees must have pulled it for his/herself. Oh well, I was happy to get a full set from there. They are great mates! Then I went two blocks down to pick up my LCS wave that was being held for me.t was a very Iron Man day. Ya!
  11. Impressive. Most impressive! IM2 looks good, but this movie looks better.
  12. My Armies as of right now: 4 - AIM Agents (one TRU pack, one variant, two regular) 2 - Ultimate SHIELD Agents (one variant, one regular) 4 - Skrulls (one variant, three regular) 4 - Hydra Agents (one variant, three regular) 4 - Vault Guards (two TRU, one variant, one regular) Yeah, I have a LOT of X-Force Wolvie 4 - Multiple Man (Men?) (two variant, two regular) Anyone need a loose FA Angle? 2 - Kree (one cariant, one regular) 3 - Sentinels (two more on the way) (one variant, two regular) 2 - Hellfire Goons (one variant, one regular) IM Builders: 3 - Air Drone 1 - Sea Drone (2 more on the way) 2 - Ground Drone (2 more on the way) 4 - Tacti-Drone 1 - Hammer Drone (one BD) (with four on the way) I army build when I can do so fiscally. Otherwise it is one variant and one regular from the LCS wave.
  13. My email from Borders just came in! I am off to go get my exclusives!!!
  14. I still have not gotten a confirmation email from Borders to get mine yet in Wisconsin. Stopped in my TRU at 10 this morning and no dice. I asked one of the employees (a guy that is abnormally friendly, knowledgeable and sociable for a TRU employee) if he could help me by looking them up. He looked in the computer and he said there was an X by the stock. He claims this doesn't mean they are canceled, but that they are not coming soon. As I was leaving, he told me he would keep an eye out for me. It pays to know people.
  15. This was the information included in my confirmation email when the clerk at my Borders pre-ordered them for me. Title: Ironman 2 Minimates 2pk Asst By: Diamond Quantity: 2 Date Placed: Mar 29, 2010 Reserve#: 10005***** Note that the title has Ironman as all one word. The first clerk who searched said they normally have these type of products in the Sci-Fi search bracket.
  16. This is sort of what happened to me yesterday when I went into my Borders. Although, I was able to score a MK IV Iron Man from the Marvel Select line, hot off the truck. I was also placed on the list for one of the MS War Machines too.
  17. Or what about the six digit number to ask for these? Did anyone get that?
  18. Upon checking me case after getting home from work, the ratios were the same, although which I got in which quantity was not. Actual case break down was: 1 Sea Drone 2 Ground Drones 3 Air Drones 4 Tactidrones and one each of Hammer and his Drone. I am trying to decide if I should go back there today and complain or if I should just order extras from Luke...
  19. Well I got my case from my LCS last night. It was opened, all the mates were "out of order" and the display was bent some. Not a huge problem. I did not open all of them last night, but based on what my boxes say, my case had the following break down: 1 Hammer Drone 1 Justin Hammer 1 Air Drone 2 Sea Drones 3 Ground Drones 4 Tactical Drones I was disappointed that I only got one air drone, but now I am pretty ticked off if my LCS switched out one of the mates on me. I will have to double check tonight to make sure that the boxes weren't mislabeled or something. Luke? Do you have a confirmation on the break down as long as you have gotten more than one case? Thanks!
  20. I didn't ask online, but I asked a week ago about the Marvel Select figures at my B&M store. I was shown where they would be if they had them. But they didn't know what I was talking about, nor did they seem to have any idea of how to look up on their computer to learn what I was talking about. Some employees can be real hard to deal with. On a *hopefully* happier note, my LCS is supposed to be holding a full Dump case for me to pick up after work today.
  21. Don't forget Sharon Carter. A female SHIELD agent would be nice.
  22. [ quote name=Turtle' date='Mar 18 2010, 10:48 AM' post='149129] The Husker 'mate, IMO, doesn't really look like anyone from the show. Personally, I think that he looks a lot like Lee after "one year later" at the end of season 2.5. For some reason Husker just looks jowl-ey to me. I agree about Helo, though; they could have done a better job. Oh well, I am just happy we got as many characters as we did iut of this line.
  23. I have been paying $7.99 per pack at my LCS for Marvel minimates (and others as well) since the first Iron Man wave, or so. My LCS is nice in that they do not charge me extra for the variant and they hold a complete set for mme. I usually try and buy when they have a sale, but that does not happen regularly. When TRU had Marvel mates for $6.99, I was super happy, it being a dollar below my LCS. I have occasionally ordered a set online, when they have been on sale, making those minimates a little over 6 dollars a pack. I do not mind paying $7.99 a pack for minimates. That is $4 per mate. In fact, this is usually cheaper per mate than I have to pay per mate for mates in box sets form my LCS. On top of that, I also collect Star Wars characters abd a very limited number of Hasbro's Marvel 3.75" characters. Those usually run between 6 and 9 dollars per character. And to top it off, Hasbro's quality control issues and character mobility do not even come close to the excellence that is DST. All that to say that I would be willing to pay up to 6 or 7 dollars per mate, if it really ever came to that point. I think minimates are a truely unique thing and I am ready and willing to support DST for many years to come. Lets just hope they stay at the price they are for many years to come
  24. Just got my cancellation notice of these from BBTS. I also got a cancellation notice of the Godfather minimates. I suppose we all new it was coming, but I still was hoping we would get to see these.
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