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  1. That headdress would almost be another figure in amount of plastic used
  2. With Pizz dog, now seems appropriate for Cosmo
  3. Damn this my kind of wave despite already have made customs of Elektra, Owl, typhoid Mary and echo! I really want Gladiator and Mr Fear. An entire Brubaker DD wave is right up my alley
  4. I'm probably going to paint all of Reed's extended parts to match the white and navy uniforms. And after all was said and done, I'm keeping the new Doom and Surfer as is and Reed will be repainted. Expensive set for 2 figures and a custom...though the black uniforms are great for customs. Is Anyone else's Ben extremely rubbery? Or having trouble keeping his Bulked up parts on?
  5. So is this 6 pack from a movie/tv show that has already had figures or is it a new property?
  6. Any pics in the video? I'm looking forward to this license just for accessories. It'll be disappointing if they don't include much
  7. Toybiz marvel legends made that costume close to 15 years ago. It's newer but I wouldn't say it's his newest. I like his Thunderbolts looks
  8. Would you rather not have any of team or half?
  9. Zach is sneaky with his hints. A team formed in the last ten years, doesn't mean it's has to be the original team under that name
  10. Thanks guys! My buddy freaqalizer actually had the idea, I can't take all of the credit
  11. Some Lego chima bird slip over mask
  12. I kinda went off for moon knight Beat up straitjacket Mr Knight Alt Mr Knight Khonshu I'm sick of painting white now
  13. It is, and you should make them for me and 12 other people, please
  14. I can ask around the minimate group we have on Instagram if you want
  15. Thanks alot, both of you. Freaqalizer can tell you how much I've been looking forward to doing this Custom. I'm pretty happy with how it came out
  16. Here's Elektra in her Daredevil outfit Mask is Netflix DD with hair from X23 Wolverine Mask. The belt is a random belt with random scraps of cape glued to it. The rest is pretty straight forward.
  17. They're all coming together great, man!
  18. Hmm, didn't realize Zach didn't run run the social media any more. Makes sense as they never repost from other pages using their products They could really use some help on their Instagram page.
  19. Thanks a lot! I've got a few more in the works
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