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Black Hole Vinimates

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Any word if there will be a restock of these? I had an order placed with Amazon and it got cancelled randomly as they claim they have no more stock (even though I ordered it weeks ago and was delayed due to the holiday slow down on Amazon) and it was set to arrive this week... Now it's not even available. Grrr...

Just curious if more will be coming!

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IMHO it is no coincidence that most of the vinimates that sell through best are the ones that least resemble the whole 'block-figure' idea  ! This set is one of those .

All I can offer you is the hope that nigh on every other vinimate that sold well....a repainted re-issue 

Can anybody clarify whether the (other) DST Black Hole action figures that appear at Walgreens differ from the 'regular' releases? Thanks.

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On 12/25/2020 at 2:03 AM, DSTZach said:

The Walgreens releases are very different. No Old Bob, no diorama pieces, no alt head for Max.

I believe we are making more of that Vinimates set.

Many thanks for the info , I've taken the plunge on the regular releases of Max & Vince/Bob :thumbsup:

The Walgreens' versions are therefore NOT variants of the above ??  


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Thanks :thumbsup:

-buttnohead4max (Ol'Bob)


On 12/26/2020 at 8:41 PM, MisterPL said:

Any time DST wants to offer Minimates from The Black Hole, I'm totally down with pre-ordering a set (or more if sentries are included).

A 4-pack Black Hole set would surely be a winner .


As you may realise Medicom produced Bob,VINCENT & Max as kubricks , what you may not realise is that they are amongst that vast class of kubrick that bears no real resemblance at all to a kubrick !  Not cheap now but they never were.

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