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The Incredible Hulk Four Pack


Who's planning on buying this set?  

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  1. 1. Do you plan on picking this set up?

    • Yes, can't wait for a Hulk 4 pack.
    • No, I have little to no interest.
    • Couldn't care less either way.

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Maestro is easily the star, but they all look amazing (this is easily the best TTA set so far). I'm not generally a huge hulk fan, but the Maestro storyline is easily in the top tier of future Marvel storylines. I'd say it ranks up with Days of Future Past and Old Man Logan as the best alternate futures Marvel has to offer.

Yep, you nailed it IMO.

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Dates are estimates. Boats are slow. China is far away. Toys are not transplant organs.

No, DST updated the ship dates on the website and a lot of dates changed. Hulk TTA is still set for 6/6.

Thanks I wasn't aware of the push past May. Can't wait for these!

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I am very glad to be be getting Maestro, but everyone needs a Mr.Fixit in their collection. He is another of the big iconic moments in Hulks storyline. Although I am not a fan of the whole grey Hulk thing McFarlane did, I still like the story. Artwise, Buscema is the definitive Hulk for me. I hope we get a very Buscema inspired Hulk in the future. Defenders Hulk is my favorite, but the Best of 2 Hulk is closer to Buscema art. He just needs a little tweak to the face.

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Artwise, Buscema is the definitive Hulk for me. I hope we get a very Buscema inspired Hulk in the future.

Right on brother! I'm lucky enough to own a Buscema Hulk original comission. As for writing I love Peter David, but the definitive Hulk writer was Bill Mantlo.

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Is there a reason all the Marvel mates are getting pushed so far back, Zach? Is it a big push to get the SDCC stuff ready?

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EDIT: I havent been to this thread in a while, and I didnt realize we were so many pages away from The Spice Girls discussion at the time I bad.

Stop right now, thank you very much.

The Spice Girls made such an impression on pop culture that we grown ass men brought them up as part of a discussion about super hero action figures nearly 20 years after their debut. I'm sure that Cap AND Bucky both know they are, and probably cite them for the rise in female super heroes in the late 90's/early 2000's long after Ginger Spice left and fucked up the whole recipe. Back to discussing two inch figures now........look at my Spice Girls display!


These were purchased at the 99 cent store and because they were produced after they became a quartet, I had to repaint a Baby Spice to be Ginger Spice. Oh yeah, I'm a fan with very little shame about it.

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