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WookieFodder Customs

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Those ate great quick customs! Thanks for sharing. I will have to give a few of those a try myself.

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those are some cool well thought out customs, and I really like the fact you've made a video instead of just posting pictures. Very personal... its nice to be able to hear someone enthuse about their work.

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When I saw that Wolverine figure I thought the saw thing- only my Morph has the wolverine origins jacket, a peter parker head (can't remember which) and a black hairpiece. Having seen yours, I may just switch out that hairpiece. That was the one thing about my version I wasn't quite sold on.

Love your customs! Keep 'em up coming!

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Here is my Nick Fury and beginning to make Eddie Murphy.

Nick Fury is

Bruce Wayne Tux Body

Patch for Head

Mr Fantastic for Hair

Rocky Boxset for Cigar (You can use Kingpin)

Eddie Murphy is

Jim Rhodes from Iron Man Movie

Rocky Boxset Apollo Creed for Hair

I also want to make a Detroit Lions Decal for his Jacket ala Beverly Hills Cop

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This is Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid video game.

Hair/Bandana and Body from Gambit Age of X

Grey Arms from Red Sun Superman

Face is Clint Eastwood Good Bad and The Ugly (No Cigar)

Chest Piece from New Goblin Spiderman 3 Movie

Black Holster from BSG pilot

Black Hands

Black Shoes from Terminator John Connor

Black Belt from BSG

BSG Baltar in Lab Coat can also double as Otacon.

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Some new quick custom ideas...

The 10th Doctor Who, David Tennant

Face-Peter Parker from new Green Goblin pack (Still looking for faces,please suggest some)

Jacket/Arms Multiple Man

Hair Peter Venkman REAL Ghostbusters (Ace Ventura Hair)

Pants from BSG President Roslin

Shirt BSG Vice President Baltar

Terminator Belt

Marty McFly Shoes

The Godfather Vito Corleone (or fancy Dom DeLuise)

Penguin Body, Black Pants, Black Shoes

Face from Star Trek Old Scotty

Hair from Thor Shield Agent Coulson

Anchorman Ron Burgandy

Face Dum Dum Dugan from Cap Movie

Hair Janosz from Ghostbusters

Jacket from BSG Doral



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