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  1. I started one with a guardsman minimate and vulture wings. the helmet almost passes. Then maybe gold pieces from the red king's armor?
  2. sorry, fraternity of raptors. The original series had other darkhawk armors in different colors
  3. Shi'ar soldiers Skrull Soldiers Shield Soldiers Amazons (generic figures to not antagonize DC) Brotherhood of Raptors (in different colors) The list goes on..., I would be on board for all of them
  4. These do not seem to be available in the US at all.
  5. no such thing as bad press
  6. Hey@DSTZach, Just to follow up. Any word on a release date for this set? I see some retailers listing September/October 2020.
  7. Was just coming here to ask this same questions. Does anyone know of a (free) photo hosting site to show customs?
  8. I agree. I mostly see animated 'mates but nearly never see movie figures in my local stores, and there are 3 in my immediate vicinity!
  9. Being cooped up has given me time to work on some QC's in order to keep my mind on other things. (I don't know why my pics upload sideways- any suggestions would be appreciated) Column 1 Doctor Voodoo She-Ra (final form from the Netflix series) A re-imagined Binary (since it is clear we are never getting an official one) Kingdom Come Wonder Woman (from the WW 1984 promo pics) Column 2 Moondragon Yennefer Scarlet Witch (from her recent solo series) Magik graduation costume (someone did a much better version using Emma Frost's cap
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