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  1. Padrino

    wave 79

    Thank you @DSTZach we all really appreciate you responding on the weekend and looking into this.
  2. Padrino

    wave 79

    @DSTZach is this true? Can we get some official word on this? Immensely disappointed. Really wanted that darkhawk and moondragon.
  3. i used the mercenary from Civil War because it looked more like a chest plate. I thought xavier might be too much. I may swap it out for the DOFP magneto
  4. It’s FC Emma Frost
  5. Padrino

    wave 79

    But the torso block is a good start for a Black Adam custom
  6. Padrino

    wave 79

    Ok. I think the new animated Dracula works also, except for the red eyes
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