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  2. It said $12.99 until checkout. Then, it gave me the price plus sales tax and said “Free shipping” 2 sets of the GI Joe mates was about $68 total (2 plus tax and shipping automatically shifted to free)
  3. i ordered them separately. went through without an issue. shipping was free, so the separate orders didnt cause an outrageously additional cost. just the product and local sales tax.
  4. I mean, Fixer is basically Corsair and the mechanical attachments already exist from a bunch of other characters (i.e. Bionic Commando, Iron Man). I can't imagine he would be a challenge to make. And we are in dire need (at least I am) of Meteorite with the Karla Sofen appearing in The Marvels.
  5. add the original Guardians to this and I totally second it!
  6. Thanks. Just to clarify, is the preorder on midnight Tuesday leading to Wednesday or midnight Wednesday leading to Thursday?
  7. no worries. i should have been more clear
  8. I gave that skirt piece to the PF ranger because the color matches almost perfectly. I bought some Lego scabbards but that make me feel like a brand traitor. I lost so many swords that I'm planning on buying more than 1 set of these just to replenish my mini armory.
  9. Can I make 1 request? Scabbards. Swords have to live somewhere when they are not stabbing people. I know it's too late for this set but even a little belt loop like on SE's sash or on the skirt from the PF goblin set would be awesome!
  10. These are amazing!!! Unfortunately, large gatherings are impossible for me now. Will they be available to purchase after the show?
  11. OMG the accessories alone make this set totally worth it!
  12. It looks like a new sculpt. I need that cape and those energy hands in every color!
  13. Amazing! Love all the new accessories! Wondering if Hulkling's wings be the same set used for Venger. They'd also work really great for Gargoyle!
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