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  1. I am pretty sure it is a color inversion of the original costume. If you use the photo from the database and can flip the colors in photoshop, it should look like this
  2. this looks pretty cool, actually
  3. I thought Rom was some licensing nightmare. Isn't he owned by a toy company and not Marvel?
  4. OMG these are amazing! I couldn't even get my 3D printer to connect to my computer let alone design something like this.
  5. better to ask than to not, or you'll never find the information you're looking for
  6. There is a figure that would cover most of the figure. Do you have a spare super-rare Angel/Thunderbird pack? Then add X-men yellow gloves and yellow boots.
  7. I agree. Season 1 was ok. Season 2 was unwatchable. Loved Season 3. I just made a Captain 7 custom with a Janeway body and a Barbara Kean (from Gotham) hairpiece
  8. Love this idea! I have ALOT of extra pieces floating around that are perfect for this. Are you sticking to Marvel or will other properties be in the mix?
  9. These are...interesting. Not terrible but it's like looking at an old family photo and not recognizing anyone in it but still trying to figure out who they could be. I like some of the designs and vaguely remember some of these (I'm a few years older than Zach).
  10. Me too. She is the best of the 3 villains in the set
  11. hear hear. I've stopped being a completest and there are some sets I let fall by the wayside for any number of reasons. The next few sets look amazing and so far, I have staved off product fatigue because the figures look so good! I've been lucky to be in a place in my life I can afford this little addiction. I totally agree about the FF set BTW but for me, it was Doom's cape. I had a whole host of shadow figures planned that are WAY too expensive under the current packaging.
  12. anyone have these yet? So excited for these!
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