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  1. I was obsessed with the show as a kid and my head nearly exploded when Strongheart made an appearance. I had that figure when I was younger and carried it with me everywhere! But I am more than happy with figures from either line!
  2. If this set is based on the old D&D toys, I would buy a TON of these!
  3. Wait, all this will be revealed on 7/1? That’s amazing! This is really the only line of any toy that I collect anymore. I’m glad there are still going strong (even if we never got Binary or Clea *hint hint*)
  4. will we be hearing about the Power Rangers Exclusive 6-pack in Deluxe window box set or does Hasbro have this license as well?
  5. thanks! I was thinking of that but did not think I would be able to make it work. Great job!
  6. I was thinking 2 rehashes of cameos, 2 alternate character cameos, one Strange, and one America Chavez (I forgot how to post spoiler tags or I'd list names)
  7. These are excellent! What did you use for Khonshu's head?
  8. I was gonna ask this but I am not sure I wanted to hear a definitive answer.
  9. found one. don't know the seller. may want to check them out first.
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