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  1. Love these! Love the box! Great set! Love Doom's cape/hood accessory as well! Wish they were separate pieces but it looks nice visually.
  2. Amazing! The paint of Kate’s sunglasses is pristine. Well done!
  3. I’m so glad that there is some mystery back on this board! Between this thread and the license thread, there is an energy I haven’t seen in a while. This is the MMMV I remember!
  4. Awesome! More She-Hulk villains! Ruby Thursday! Dr. Bong! Byrne's run was amazing!
  5. Phyla-vell and dragon-form Moondragon? If that’s right, please save one for me in case I miss the thread this weekend!
  6. I would love What We Do in the Shadows! That show got us through the pandemic. I would also buy the heck out of a Golden Girls set! GOT has good customizing potential. The rest I'm kind of "meh" on. If I am being cynical, I'd say Impractical Jokers, since Joe Gatto recently announced he was leaving.
  7. hate to commandeer this thread, but will the new FF set be in the new 6-pack format? or will these be in a set of 2-packs?
  8. "new Marvel pre-order in January'- is that the new Fantastic Four wave?
  9. as long as it's a clear bag. no more blind bags! 😊
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