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  1. Are these the new turtles?!? I also was hit or miss on the old set for the unsculpted heads but these look amazing!
  2. I agree with this. Loved this model. No idea of the economics but it certainly made me motivated to buy extras to build the army I want. I gave away the one or two extra figures that I had no interest in. I don't mind whole-team waves, like we have been getting. That said, I would have bought a ton of Doctor Doom 2-packs for that cape alone! I am no fan of blind packs. If that is the model then I will buy purely through the secondary market. I want to know what my money is getting me.
  3. One fan's opinion, have no issue losing Bullseye or Kingpin. There are already multiples of them and I personally won't miss them. The others are waaaay to good to lose.
  4. You made it further into Picard season 2 than I did. I kind of liked season 1 for the nostalgia bits but S2 was just bad. Season 3 looks promising I watch Discovery in drips and drabs. The story doesn't make much sense anyway so I don't really lose anything. (The replicator conversation almost made me vomit). Both of these series has me leery of SNW but I may give it a chance. Lower Decks is excellent!
  5. some more QC's Updated Red-Yellow Daredevil (She-Hulk) Ghost Maker (I know, he's not Marvel)
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. you don't have to be alone to feel lonely. your friend may never have told you his feelings, even if you were able to connect. unfortunately, too many people think that they have to deal with these feelings on their own. that's why we try to normalize asking for and accepting help. here is a link to a list of helplines around the world: always reach out if you or anyone you know is in crisis. someone is available to help.
  7. Heartbreaking. Check on your loved ones, people. Reaching out never hurts. If anyone is having a mental health crisis, do not hesitate to dial 988 (in NYC), in the US send a message to 741741, or call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255). You will be connected to a trained crisis counselor who can help. Not sure of international resources, but I will print them when I track them down.
  8. that site has been an incalculable resource as a amateur modifier. i look up pieces for almost every custom on that site.
  9. Thanks! It looks like a mini version of the Legends figure
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