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  1. That Snoopy wearing Charlie Brown's face is extremely creepy...
  2. Padrino

    wave 75

    I got mine a long time ago as well. I had them on pre-order. On that same note, did anyone get the Infinity War set from BBTS?
  3. sorry, I meant the actual head. it is a custom print?
  4. That is awesome! What did you use for the chest piece?
  5. True to your second point. Way off on the first. What about Carol Danvers says, “I enjoy a fashionable hip sash”? It doesn’t fit the character at all. Steve Rogers’ first suit was fan service and they commented on how silly/useless it was. His second suit was functional and kept the spirit of the character. They went backward with Danvers.
  6. I agree. That’s what frustrates me. There’s not a loose strand strand any of the men’s costumes that does not have a function or serve a purpose, even as a symbol. Yet, the most powerful person in the galaxy (who happens to be a woman) wears totally a useless, nonfunctional, gender-stereotyped item that signifies what, she needs a place to wipe her hands after she punches through a star destroyer? Makes no sense.
  7. Just the one? I don't know. I hope it has a deeper meaning or it just doesn't seem worth it to me.
  8. Still no luck with these in Brooklyn. Now, I know that Captain Marvel was barely in this film (and has absolutely zero chance of getting a new figure) but there is an up close look at her final costume on twitter. I am usually ok with the translation of costumes to screen and I think this has a cool retro look. The only thing that's getting is the sash. She's a battle-tested, unstoppable warrior. Why a sash? It just seems like fan service. The only answer I'll accept is that it's a piece of Valkyrie's cape and a symbol of their eternal cosmic love.
  9. Thanks! First I peeled off the mohawk, which came off really easily. I had an old flaming sword toy with curved flames. I cut off a bit and used clear gorilla glue to attach it. This was my 2nd try. I tried crazy glue but it dried white and took off the paint of any part it touched.
  10. Since it's unlikely we will ever see an official one, here's my attempt at Captain Marvel in her Binary form.
  11. Any official word from DST on the cancellation?
  12. I choose to stay positive. We have been through droughts before and they came back strong. I hope this is the same.
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