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  1. That would be heartbreaking. I was thinking of the same this about the Eternals mates. The most diverse cast in Marvel history and they pass on ‘mates? I just keep shaking my head over this. Makes no sense.
  2. Ah, I didn't know that was a thing. I thought is was a marketing choice. What an odd rule?
  3. These are amazing! Honestly, I was nervous when these were delayed. This packaging looks awesome!
  4. That would be cool!
  5. the Vinimate shark or the DC Comics shark?
  6. Hey @DSTZach, Just wondering if these are still coming? I've never been a huge FF fan but would definitely buy these. No reveal at ComiCon has me worried.
  7. That's who I initially thought it was when I saw the torso piece in the instagram photo. That said, this is a great Sable update!
  8. If this is true, then we likely will not see White Vision again
  9. There's still time! Maybe in one of those cool (and uniquely relevant) hexagonal boxes? B&W Wanda and Vision Agatha (Final Costume) and Monica (Final Costume) Fietro (or White Vision) and Scarlet Witch
  10. Made an update. Found the decal on a Lego thread. A bit more brown than I had hoped but it's coming along.
  11. some more QC's that I am working on. Modern Batgirl and comics Agatha Harkness
  12. How did you order these? The only items I see on the DST site are Vinimates.
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