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  1. Are you using wood from the Sacred Tree? - That's what I would say if we were Fables.
  2. I feel that too, bro'. And thanks for appreciating, I always do the same with your collections.
  3. Well, I think this chopper is very compatible. I liked it a lot! Just need to wait for my Ghost Rider now. Meanwhile the Main Man mastered it.
  4. I just got the Daryl with Chopper building set! As I don't have Ghost Rider yet, Logan and Captain America will fight for it.
  5. bzorio

    Wave 60

    Luke, count me in for a lot of sets and the stickers! And my friends too.
  6. I'm sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I meant how many of each characters per case of 18. For example: 1 mutagen mikey, 2 leos, 2 donnies, 2 mikey, 3 raph, 1 shredder, 2 april, 2 footbot and 3 foot soldier. Is there a right number or is it random?
  7. Zach, DST plans to release how many characters per case will be sold? Can you tell us please? Specially for the specialty case (which Luke will receive, for example).
  8. bzorio

    Wave 60

    Probably with Wolverine/Forge.
  9. Low-res trailer >
  10. I'm glad with the wave 60 Banshee but I still want GSXM version. Here's my updated wish list: X-Men Weapon X (redo with helmet) Banshee (Giant Size version) Sunfire (Giant Size version) Morph (90's cartoon) Forge Blob Pyro Avalanche Toad Mastermind Silver Samurai Hulk Abomination (bulked up) Planet Hulk / World War Hulk (bulked up) Caieira Hiroim Lavin Skee Miek (small) Miek (bulked up) Red King Spider-Man The Amazing Bag-Man Flash Tompson Joe Robertson Mary Jane (redo) Gwen Stacy (redo) Spider-Man 2099 (redo) Spider-Man Mangaverse Madame Web Kaine Hammerhead Avengers Black Knight Asgardians Enchantress Fandral Hogun Volstagg (comic version) Surtur General Marvel Blackheart The Watcher Runaways Next Wave Inhumans Stan Lee (a civillian one and maybe a 4/5-pack like Deadpools Assemble! box) Relaunch Gambit (90's) Storm (90's) Juggernaut (bulked up) Thanos
  11. Ask DST #256: Minimates!
  12. bzorio

    Wave 60

    And Aunt May. We'll never know if she's dead or alive. She's older than Galactus.
  13. bzorio

    Wave 60

    I believe it's anyone besides Ronan and Mysterio.
  14. Pulp Fiction > Jules and Vincent classic poses X-Men: Days of Future Past Asgard gang
  15. bzorio

    TRU 19

    Well, that's a great wave. Spidey/Mysterio and Quicksilver/Vision are A-list for me, the others will depend on my mood. Probably I will buy them all.
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