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  1. I saw an interview with Brian of Funko saying that is pretty sure Winston will be coming. He also mentioned that there is no Jerry Seinfeld yet because he has not signed off on the likeness yet, sounded like Winston was in the same boat. The eyes are… odd, but not a deal breaker. Not my thing really but I could be interested in a few at some point.
  2. I would highly recommend the Marvel Unlimited service to catch up. $99 for a year for the deluxe version or $10 a month for the regular. All you can read comics, runs about 6 months behind the print release and a huge back library to read through. It is the best deal in comics IMO.
  3. Easy, Marvel Minimates wave 1, specifically Spidey/Peter & Green Goblin was the first set I opened. Hooked immediately. Hail Ivan!
  4. Love the crazy diversity around here. Ben Harper - Both Sides of the Gun John Butler Trio - April Uprising INXS - Kick (first band/album I really got into and still love to this day) Beck - The Information Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace Runner up… Weezer - Red album U2 - Achtung Baby
  5. I braved the weekend-before-Christmas crowds this morning, no sign of them here. Surprisingly, going around 9am was really mild.
  6. I do not believe that flies for "pre-order" items, just in-stock stuff if memory serves me right. That would be a sweet deal for us if they did though!
  7. Yup, that really is the best way to get what you are looking for. You might find a shop that has a laser cutter but most likely they will only be able to do custom pre-designed shapes and they will not likely give the effect you are looking for. In my experience Mom & Pop frame shops tend to be way cheaper then any of the big box or franchise operations.
  8. That would be my custom comic Avengers Quinjet. When I first saw the stylized MiniMates BSG Viper the first thing I thought of was "Classic Qunijet!" I still need to print the "A" logo stickers one of these and finish it up. Once I do I will post some close up pictures.
  9. It's been a while since I shared pics of my set-up. Simple white IKEA Billy shelves with glass doors and expandable spice racks from the Container Store. Fairly economical both on cost and use of space. The spice rack tier height is almost ideal for minimates. And just for context of the room…
  10. Hey, so I saw Digger at the DST party Thursday night. He was walking as I was walking out. I stayed way clear of him & the Kickstarter so since I had no vested interest I do not bother, did anybody hit him up about the Minimates?
  11. I would be all over a Doctor Who series! A single packed 12th/new-1st Doctor would be a be a great kick-off. Could even make it a translucent/sparkle orange "regenerating" Doctor figure to keep it unique!
  12. Iron Man, Cap, Ronan & Thane. Like the Thanos' we have already, can never have enough Iron Mans, Space Cap is just fun, Hulk looks a lot like the recent TRU though in retrospect after seeing concept art may have been a better choice than the plain jane Thane.
  13. For a company/store with as many issues as TRU has I have to give their customer service props. I just called, told them I had the Superior Spidey/Electro set in my cart, that it was kicked out during the transaction and now is back in stock. They waved the shipping and placed the order over the phone. So taking the gamble that I get a decent face tampo and maybe my store will get them to swap... though TRU around the holidays in a one TRU city... ugh... might not be worth the effort. Does Shoprunner work for them? Every time I have tried to use it, usually on a newer item, the item is not available for Shoprunner yet.
  14. They have gone to flat rate shipping shipping system. I think it is under $75 purchase is $7.99, over $75 is free shipping. Kind of blows in my opinion as I am not paying $8 for small purchases. It has already cost them business from me, I changed my mind on something last week when I saw $7.99 for a $5 item.
  15. If I get lucky enough to find them locally. We only have the one TRU here in Reno which has not seen wave 16 yet and is choking on two solid pegs of wave 13/14/15 remains plus a bunch of AMS & IM3's. Next closest TRU is over 2 hours away...
  16. Thanks for the head's up on Nova/Venom. I called to add them to the order I just placed. Good ol' TRU can not add them to the order but did offer to ship them for free! The Wolverine exclusives are still up to for those looking.
  17. They are up on, well sort of. All but Venom/Nova were in stock when I added them to my cart. By the time I made it through the check out I got a message that Spidey/Electro was out/removed from my cart. Use the code SAVE15 for 15% off.
  18. Nothing here out west. Pegs still jammed up with $7.49 "sale" Amazing Spideys, Wave 15 & that random Iron Man 3 case from September that has not budged on top go the IM3 that were already here. I am half tempted to clear the pegs and return them over in Sacramento… anyone here in the Roseville area? Don't want to dump on you.
  19. This I agree with this too. It seems a waste to put two heavy hitters together so much instead of using them as a vehicle to sell new characters. Back on main topic though, that Pepper Potts looks great!! Unless of course it's a Hulkbuster/Hulk 2-pack…
  20. I second this sentiment, I know I have mentioned this before. As an ex-retailer of 8 years I carried minimates heavily based on my love of the line and was able to sell it as such. Having to compete with online retailers who could sell complete sets thanks to "god cases" when I had more limited access to complete sets with my 1-per case variants was tough. I knew few Minimates fanatics who would buy their sets online since I could only guarantee a reserve for as many number of sets as I had case orders for (typical about 6 cases per wave). They felt bad since for many I was the one who turned them onto 'mates but they wanted a full set. I mentioned this to Chuck years ago at one of the DST retailer conferences at the home office. If DST really wants to improve their brick & mortar presence then even case ratios would be a big help! Might be too little too late at this point but with the right marketing approach it could work!
  21. Got my ship notification this afternoon. Confirmed for all 4, woohoo!
  22. Crapola… history tells me that if they are online this morning that they will also be in my local store today. Seriously, this has been the case for my last 3 online TRU orders. Do I wait it out for the next 3.5 hours (darn PST) or place the order now knowing they are online to taunt me the rest of the morning. Rather not pay for TRU's abysmally slow shipping, especially since they might be here in store today.
  23. Nothing yet here in Reno & we tend to follow the So/MidCal schedule. A little bit better since they opened the big distribution center nearby. Of course tomorrow is truck day here…
  24. Jarvis Rick Jones Jessica Jones (Alias era) Uncle Ben Victoria Hand Willie Lumpkin Pepper Potts Hank Pym (Avengers West Coast era when he was just known as Hank. Though the Ben Grimm 'mate might make a good QC base for him. Hmm, need to look that up...) Stan Lee (he has a POP & He-Man figure in the works, so he is obviously keen to the self-figure concept right now)
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