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  1. The person who shoots the packaging doesn't open up the packaging, so they may not spot something like Scarlett. The product manager is not shooting the pictures. To be fair, I did not spot the issue myself until someone pointed it out here. If by "lot of mistakes" you also mean TMNT not having all their weapons, I'm assuming not all weapons fit in the prototypes' hands, and the photographer did not realize anyone would care or be turned off by it. Not sure which other ones you mean. Here's a not-great shot of Scarlett's chest (can't believe I'm saying that): Zach Oat (@zachoat) • Instagram photos and videos
  2. G2 Megatron. I think we'll get to him eventually. We call the Joe set (and all con sets) an exclusive so people know to come get it at the convention. It gets the set promoted specifically in connection with the show, by press, and we are allowed to promote it officially THROUGH the show because of it. Yes, we will make some available after the show, but it's all repeats of existing characters -- except Biggles, who nobody knows. We almost had a TON of new characters in the NYCC Joe set, and that would have been great, but it might have been frustrating to some. I suppose it is SIMILAR to Battle Beasts, since all of the BB promos and exclusives were ALSO variants of specialty characters -- except Zik, who everyone hated. And the TRU Moose. Maybe we overdid it with the BB promos, but we were trying to spread the word, and it still didn't work. (And no, I don't think it had a NEGATIVE effect.) This is ONE AEW promo, and it is to hype up the upcoming Minimates release -- these promos are not highly demanded outside of the die-hard fan base. The Vinimates set was limited, but it did not sell out at the show, and now we are making more of Sting available because he will be in attendance. BTW, Red Son Superman was available online. New 52 Superman is the one that was not. Snake Eyes has a loop on his back for the smaller sword, I believe. But we tried to mimic the toys whenever possible, and I'm not sure who had scabbards in that line.
  3. Not the promo, but the other two will be on the DST website. And I believe Luke can order them as well, starting around the time of the show. Sure!
  4. No. Nope, fake DVD. Like the VHS sets come with a fake VHS. No comment.
  5. I believe we will offer them to retailers after the show.
  6. HEre is the promo we're giving out: Power Rangers Season 3 DVD set: G.I. Joe Ninja Force VHS set:
  7. There are different sizes of kids, and that is reflected.
  8. I believe they will be offered on our site, as well as through Luke, not sure. They are not ALL going to NYCC.
  9. I believe they were just recently shipped to New York
  10. I can neither confirm nor deny...
  11. Well, not on the HEAD, but enough to hang a picture on...
  12. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you meant Series 1 carded. The NYCC Joes will be revealed on Monday.
  13. It IS a nice assortment...
  14. They are not in the warehouse yet. I'm assuming they will arrive before end of year, but I do not have an arrival date yet.
  15. I am going to show them, I think it's okay. By the time Chuck finds out it will be too late. MUAHAHAHAHAHA
  16. I do not believe it will be ready to display at NYCC, but I was going to show designs at the panel on Sunday, since 82 is out and 83 is up for pre-order now.
  17. We will do it whenever possible. But 84's theme doesn't have an appropriate small character, so right now the set includes extra parts to transform two characters, one into a different character, one into a different costume, and an extra unmasked hair piece.
  18. Some good guesses all around! Some wrong guesses, but a lot of good guesses. Hard path.
  19. I guess Night Thrasher is Street Level, and maybe Speedball and Rage, but Nova and Namorita? Firestar and Justice? I consider them above street level, making the team a BIT of a mixed bag. Namorita is at least sea-level. That said, I have pushed for them in the recent past. But Series 84 is not a team, it's a loose affiliation of three heroes and three villains. Three all-new characters, four if you count an alternate look for one of the heroes.
  20. 84 is street level. Lots of fun, I think.
  21. Cape and blasts are new pieces.
  22. Here you go! Marvel's Young Avengers Recreated as Adorable Minimates Figures - IGN
  23. This is amazing. Dying to know where you got that little tiger.
  24. Pictures of Series 83 go up tomorrow AM exclusively on Hoping some high-profile coverage will help pre-orders, but we'll see.
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