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  1. Thank goodness he added text, because Youtube muted his audio.
  2. A casket is a rectangle. A coffin has sloped sides. Pretty sure this was a casket.
  3. My goodness gracious but these are going fast!
  4. I've done a few TF heads. But I need to update my material, as it's come a long way since then.
  5. I was walking out the door just as he busted them out. Good thing, too. I wanted to take everything in that box home with me.
  6. My point is exactly what the other guys said. Characters should be exactly that: organic, story driven characters. Not a cash grab by the big 2 to try and garner some media attention. It always comes off as "We're still relevant! Oh, God we're still relevant! Please read us!" Sometimes you'll get a writer that can make the character work. But they don't start off any less desperate. (IDW's Drift)
  7. Miles Morales greatest claim to fame: Not that he killed off the best Spider-Man in recent years (pre-Untimatium) but that he's half black, half hispanic, and possibly half gay! How insulting to the character that that is all people focus on. :/ That's like having Powergirl be a well rounded and interesting character, and not being able to get past the boob window. Or Batwoman being gay. I'm so glad we live in a culture where focusing on the characters takes precedent over physical characteristics. Oh, wait...
  8. That's... really not enough Spidermen on that poster. Still want a Manga box set.
  9. I'm about to load Wasp up again. XD
  10. Zach also said we're getting spare heads with the 88 set, including at least one female one. I did a happy dance. Also, point of order, what we saw was a casket, not a coffin. But it was still absolutely amazing.
  11. You realize, of course, that I now have to put that in there.
  12. I'll tell y'all about it sometime when it's a little less fresh. The bruises are still purple.
  13. Razorblade the bubble. But that's a hold over from keeping the cardbacks. Lately I've just been ripping them open. I need a bigger closet.
  14. I think the nightmares about driving have finally stopped. My new least favorite place is no longer Chicago. It's the Delta Basin. That place makes Houston look like rolling hills. Impossible to push a car. But Chicago is a veeeeeeeery close second. Seriously. I love you guys, but my trip sucked.
  15. If you think I'm going to Delhi with you, or anyplace else after all the trouble you've gotten me into, think again, buster! I'm going home to Missouri where they never feed you snakes before ripping your heart out and lowering you into hot pits! This is NOT my idea of a swell time! Seriously, loved hanging out with y'all... But worst week of my life. You have no idea how bad that trip home was.
  16. They look nice. But I feel like we've seen this lineup over and over again.
  17. BHM, let me tell you what I did. When I flew last time, I put all my toys and comics in my carry on. and everything else in my luggage. Mainly because Southwest doesn't weigh carry ons. My carry on ended up weighing somewhere around 60lbs. Not sure that'd work for an international flight, but it is a thought. Let me tell you, that was an interesting TSA search... Alright guys, y'all get a few days peace from me. I'll see y'all at the con.
  18. C3 was my favorite iteration. They're quite frankly better toys than the DCD run in several cases. And they knew how to sell Batman. What they didn't know was how to sell toys. Are they building blocks or action figures? C3 is having the same problem today. But my preference will always be DCAU over comic. I only regret that both lined ended before we could get wave after wave of skittle lanterns. Because that is how to carry a line. Batman and his rogues gallery, and Green Lantern and the rainbow squad. Just... not the movie version. GLtas please.
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