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  1. Ladies and gents, my very first hand made pop-up card! The Front/Cover: The Interior: For anyone who is curious about how it functions, I made a simple video giving a look at it opening:
  2. I’ve got an entry in the works 🤟🏻 Im just insanely swamped with other things or I may have had it finished by now
  3. I’m pretty excited to see what else you’ll come up with. Another year + of your customs is great news! Heck, I’d be down for a lifetime subscription
  4. That is fantastic news, Zach! I know we've seen photos of Super Sonic, Cream & Cheese, and Silver. But I haven't been able to track down any images of Knuckles. Has he been shown anywhere?
  5. Packaged photos are up on DST's facebook page
  6. Yeah, the phrasing all but screams that Disney pulled them from Netflix for their own streaming purposes. the only thing about this development is that all prior seasons are remaining on Netflix. It reminds me of a quote from Loeb about the idea that ‘The Defenders’ don’t necessarily need to be the 4 characters we’ve seen up to this point. The team can adapt and evolve their roster just like in the comics... I wouldn’t be surprised to see these shows migrate to Disney+ with a soft reboot of sorts
  7. My closest locations each put out 2 full sets (one location put out 3) and as far as I can tell, I’m the only one who has purchased any
  8. Donny B

    wave 77

    Assuming this box set is in fact Captain Marvel; I would love to be able to army build some MCU Skrulls... but not from a 4 pack.
  9. I’d be down 🤟🏻 I just barely missed the first opportunity
  10. I can confirm Prowlar’s statement. Mine had a glob of paint holding the joint together, and I freed it up with some careful cutting. Good as new
  11. I got the survey too. I was eager to give positive input on what they did with this wave, and to encourage improvement on Minimate availability. and I absolutely second the suggestion for everyone to fill out the survey if they get it
  12. The impression I get is that the general activity of the Minimate fandom is being dispersed between multiple outlets. Even on Facebook, there are a few different groups. It isn’t all concentrated in this one forum like it had been in the past, so it’s going to seem like things are dying down even if there is still a strong fan base out there. For me, it feels like the strongest representation of this community is over on Instagram. That may be partially because of my own interests and the number of Minimate fans I follow over there. But I see constant/growing Minimate-related activity daily on that app
  13. What a legacy. Everything will bear his absense moving forward. I’ve been dreading the day we will no longer have a Stan cameo in a Marvel movie
  14. That’s a great custom, Luke! And a creative accessory/cut-out, to boot This is the first time I’ve ever heard of that character, but holy cow that description is a bronze-age comic book concept if I’ve ever heard one 😂
  15. Yes, there’s a peg hole for the hood she comes with
  16. Same here. There was a lengthy drought, then a flood of BC Avengers and nothing else
  17. I’m sure Disney will want all the shows it can get for when they launch their own streaming service. Letting the existing Netflix/Hulu shows run their course then porting anything they can over to Disney Play seems like a strategy that company would embrace
  18. That may well be my favorite use of that meme format yet 😂
  19. Nailed it 👌🏻 Luke confirmed in his last email update that his next Marvel custom will be Jack of Hearts
  20. As a 90’s kid who was really into Mark Bagley’s run on Spider-Man (and whose only exposure to Night Thrasher was his guest spot in the 350’s of Amazing), this custom scratches an itch that I didn’t realize I had. that and Marvel wave 76 are hitting me right in the nostalgia
  21. This series is plagued by QC issues. I opened mine to find a slew of broken pieces, loose joints, and shoddy paint jobs
  22. Same here. Just checked all my local Walgreens last night (Roanoke VA) with nothing to show for it. They all stocked up with BP and IW1 sets right away, but it looks like there aren’t too many people buying these aside from myself. I’m guessing these stores don’t want to put out new merch when they aren’t selling what they already have
  23. I did the same as a lot of you... different vids, different pitches, several different devices and speaker options including earbuds. And as hard as I try to hear Yanni, all I can ever hear is Laurel. Even in the vids where people break it all down with eq software and separate the wavelengths...
  24. It’s hard not to feel insignificant. having been one of the ones who preordered the 80’s Turtles (with multiple army builders), I honestly feel like my efforts don’t actually make a difference in showing DST that there’s demand for their product. still, I won’t stop preordering. Besides liking to support the little guys like Luke, preordering has been my practice from the beginning, and it makes sense for various reasons - for example, that blasted Hawkins mate from the Predator line. some figures get discounted, and others become holy grail fodder. I never know how to predict it.
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