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  1. Has anything been said if this line will be available outside the US? Given the Gamestop-eb games merger I tried checking with the eb games in my town and the best response I got was "I don't know".
  2. ooh nice. I'm guessing these are Morrigan, Alistiar, Lelianna & Varric in their DA:I costumes.
  3. Quick, someone ask for pizza accessories. Had to do a bit of research on the 2012 series as I wasn't familiar with it and I've been very impressed with what I've seen. Really looking forward to this line.
  4. Here's my entry, a Bahro from the Myst series. The paint scheme ended up taking cues from various renders & screenshots. Bahro - Uru: Ages Beyond Myst/Myst Online (2003/2007,2010) & Myst 5 (2005) Reference photo from Myst 5
  5. Quick question: so long as the character was created within the last 14 years, are internet and/or game character/persona allowed or is it strictly from movies, television or comics?
  6. Congratulations everyone, all the entries were great.
  7. Here's my entry: and the original cover:
  8. These still haven't hit London. Apart from Ottawa & Vancouver, has the TRU sets been spotted anywhere else in Canada?
  9. My favourite minimate Is the Officer Rick Grimes for the 1st wave. The detailing on the character and outfit is excellent and the small horde of accessories that came with the figure was astounding. For future characters I would, like others, like to see Carl 2nd prize only please.
  10. While I've only seen a limited amount of his work, I'm rather excited by Capaldi's casting. It'll be interesting to see the change in dynamics in the feel of the show now that we've got an older Doctor. Now begins the long wait to see what the costume will be.
  11. So, the tribbles are really big because they've been drinking milk? Does DST's licence only cover the live action shows/movies or does it cover the animated series as well? Somewhat curious as the animated enterprise is another variant (perhaps that's pushing it a bit). If we do get more Legacy waves in the future, M'ress and/or Arex would be nice to have. Looking forward (somewhat impatiently) for the Enterprise to hit shops.
  12. Cutting it close, but here's my entry. The story's been written in the style of a children's picture book. To the people of the small community of Ghost Lake, Ontario the terror of Zombie Day, as the media called it, seemed remote. It was the middle of winter with record breaking snowfall. No zombies were ever going to make it that far north. So they continued with their lives and watched the bulletins on how to survive Zombie Day and the resulting panic in other cities. Although in Toronto it was more to do with getting 20 cm of snow. Then, one morning Lisa came downstairs to discover her family listening to the local news. Zombies had somehow arrived in Ghost Lake and everyone was advised to stay away from them. For the next few days people kept away from the Zombies, which was made easier as the zombies had difficulty moving through knee-high snow. Lisa noticed that although they shambled and groaned, these zombies didn’t appear to be trying to eat anyone. This was not proper zombie behaviour, according to the media and government warnings. So she began to follow them and see what they were doing. She discovered that they always went to the lake which was frozen solid. The zombies would glide somewhat gracefully over the frozen water and when she saw two zombies holding branches and trying to hit a pinecone around she had an idea. Rushing back home Lisa called her friends and told them her idea. Although it took a lot of convincing, her friends agreed to help her. The next day Lisa and her friends gathered at the lake, equipped with plastic hockey sticks and a puck. Gathering her courage Lisa called out to the zombies and asked if they wanted to play hockey. The zombies were delighted that people wanted to play with them and happily agreed and they played hockey for the rest of the winter.
  13. They arrived at my lcs last week and I picked up a set of Merk/Fenruk. Haven't opened it yet as they look too nice sitting safe in the packaging but they'll eventually be freed. The design work on these is wonderfully intricate, detailed and imaginative.
  14. Yay, the multiverse if back. Now to catch up on things.
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