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  1. Dropped by the Walgreens across the street from my house and found the latest wave. They one had one set. Glad to add Speed Demon and Doc Spectrum to the Squadron Supreme.
  2. More Royal family Inhuman minimates would be great.
  3. I checked a couple of my local ones and haven't seen them yet. We just got Wave 3 with Hyperion and Squirrel Girl and the rest in January so not sure how soon we will get this wave.
  4. You know @Nervous RexI agree with everyone you mentioned. The only ones I would have added was Donna Troy, Beast Boy from the Titans and a Mr Miracle and Barda two pack. I forgot Black Canary. She's a pretty important character.
  5. These are nice. Really Aside from Veidt and Nite-Owl the rest are comic accurate
  6. Along the lines of what Zach says i think like with Target and their JLU line there is only one number for the packs. Besides I don't think that the workers don't even look at each individual sets.
  7. That was fast. I just found my Wave 3 a week and a half ago.
  8. I know like Wolverine, Spidey, etc.,Batman and Superman can get multiple looks. I wouldn't mind this as long as we can expand the dc minimate shelf with more characters.
  9. My name is Eric and my favorite marvel minimate is the Richard Rider Nova. I'm a huge New Warriors fan especially Nova and when they made this mate I was so ecstacic. At that point the only founding member of the Warriors they made was Firestar so now she and some company. Hoping beyond hope they do more.
  10. In the current comics DC is bringing back a more classic looking Superman minus the red trunks. Nightwings costume is a bit modified but his colors are black and blue again. I think with the DCAU (Timm-verse) the looks are the classic iconic looks which I'm cool with too. I think we would all be happy just expanding our dc collections with additional characters. With Young Justice there are some characters that veer pretty far from their classic looks but most still have a recognizable look so I'd still be happy with that too. I think I'm so desperate for any new dc mates I've picked up the Gotham mates.
  11. Wolverine in his brown/tan suit will always be my favorite. It's the suit he was wearing when I first saw the Xmen.
  12. I picked up the police officer two pack should have gotten more when they were out. It was just one of the those I wanted to try it.
  13. Thanks Luke now that I think about it they do look familiar. And although Zach didn't give a definite confirmation mates are coming but hinted that they can be then it would just be for the movie based ones not the comic because would that be considered a separate license?
  14. So are the vinimates for Watchmen movie or comic based sorry I didn't see any pics so I'm not sure.