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  1. EricM

    90's X-Factor

    That’s awesome @Mnemosis. Love the Random.
  2. EricM

    90's X-Factor

    Don’t sell yourself short @TENIME_art your first attempts at the 90s team look great.
  3. EricM

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Went to 4 Walgreens yesterday on the way home from work and nothing new.
  4. EricM

    WAVE 76

    @Heinous , after comparing pictures of the old Dagger and the new one. I agree with you regarding how much better the new version is, I guess I would just love new characters but considering the Cloak and Dagger show out probably the best time to release new versions.
  5. EricM

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Glad you were able to find Wave 8, Onyx_6.
  6. EricM

    Marvel Minimates Wish List

    It’s funny Jeff. I’ve been on this Darkhawk kick lately. I picked up the ML figure, picked up the Legacy issue, the IC miniseries, the 1st issue of the original series and the two issue War of Kong’s mini and I’ve been hankering for a minimate. He’s just moved up in my top 10 most wanted, next to the original New Warriors and the comic version of the GoTG.
  7. EricM

    WAVE 76

    Can’t wave for that wave. I was happy with my old Cloak and Dagger but these look great too.
  8. EricM

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Awesome Darkhawk. It’s funny I’ve been picking up some Darkhawk comics lately and then I come to the board and see this fantastic custom.
  9. EricM

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    It’s pretty frustrating to go into Walgreens and not finding any new sets. My son loves Spidey and wants to get all the new sets for Wave 8 and 9. Still see the same Black Panther movie, Wave 1 IW Minimates.
  10. EricM

    90's X-Factor

    It’s funny after they’ve done the 90’s era X-Men Team, X-Force, and Excalibur, I was surprised they never followed it up with a 90’s era X-Factor Team.
  11. EricM

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I was going through some of the pages and you guys are all very creative. Very inspiring to do my own.
  12. EricM

    TRU Series 26

    Was the lineup ever revealed for the TRU 26 wave? Sorry haven’t been logged on for a while if I missed it.
  13. EricM

    SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    Some great looking figures for the upcoming waves. I wasn't sure I needed or wanted another Punisher till I saw this one. I'm happy to add Quake to my SHIELD display. I would love more of the Secret Warriors but i doubt the others will make the cut.
  14. EricM

    Ross Store finds

    Slipstream I love that Enterprise.
  15. EricM

    New Warriors

    I know they did release on omnibus which collects the first 20 something issues and an annual this was one of the first Marvel series I collected and I still love the concept to this day. I love the fact that they've done box sets of Alpha Flight and have completed the New Mutants, 90s X Force, Excalibur, etc but I would it if they did a box set of the Warriors.