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  1. Hope all of you are having/had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever winter holiday you've chosen to celebrate. Miss being "here" the last little bit, but work schedule has ratcheted up to super intense and swallowed my free time whole. (And even at 46 years old, I'm not going risk making mother mad by sitting here with a computer on my lap while she's over for Christmas today) Hopefully things with work will follow their usual pattern and I will be back to annoying everyone soon enough.
  2. Apparently my boy has little interest in that Scorpion, or another Red Hulk. On Red, quote "If he had the wifebeater and some blasters I'd be all over it." (which are part and parcel of Red Hulk's current cartoon look.) Somehow that amuses me more than it should. He actually likes the "Cap-Buster" since he says it appeared on the show. Apparently Tony made one for everybody to fight Thanos, I quit watching it ages ago as it is IMO such a poor substitute for EMH. Now, if they complete the T-Bolts and Black Order the way they finished the Squadron, I'll be a VERY happy guy. And I apologize for disappearing last week. Work has me swamped right now, and family/school obligations are eating up the rest of my time. I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do if this doesn't let up soon.
  3. Fellas... unless this is going to be a whole line, how much money for parts did you think the were really going to sink into promotional minimates? And a small run to be offered at a single booth at a single show? Sure all the parts Kosti mentioned would look better on Guil; some IM boots and the gauntlets from the Iron-Cap, a slip on mask would help CW. But more parts=more money. And apparently this was all Kabaam was willing to pay for.
  4. @BuffaloDelorean, that's assuming they kept that mold after all these years. And given the odds it wouldn't be used again I wouldn't blame them if they did. I was fully braced to be underwhelmed by the sword. I like 'em. If someone could snag them for me, great. If not I'll live. Too busy trying to find TRU 24 and Ragnarok right now to stress over it. Some folks have mentioned that this could be a line? (Walgreens Abomination will do, but CoC Abomination is the design that'd make me happy) Is that official or just more speculation?
  5. Which is apparently why Inhumans is bad. Apparently. Still haven't seen it. According to legend, Perlmutter would have recast the movies, especially RDJ, because after Avengers they started asking for too much money in his opinion.
  6. Nah, Stick definitely uses a katana near the end DD season 2.
  7. Sigh... so even though I know we never ever, EVER get stuff at the same time as everyone else, that this area is a strange distribution hole (Can I get an Amen, Lurch?), I went by TRU anyway... they just got the last Pred assortment that you guys have been talking about for weeks. Sigh.
  8. Been at this game a long time. Not as long as BHM, who still has that complete mint-in-package set of first edition rocks, but a long time. And I have many times taken many, many breaks from it. Be it to appease some High School girlfriend, (which bugs the heck out of me I did that, as I walked away from SP Cyborg in the wild... not something I like to dwell on) or I just couldn't afford it for a while. Heck, I missed most of 2015-2016 for minimates entirely, and all of Combiner Wars for Transformers (the later really hurt, as I had been waiting decades for updated Scramble City style combiners... but I again digress). Point being, if you feel like it's causing you to stress, if you're having trouble justifying the expense, then it's time to set yourself some limits as Luke suggested, or take a break until the situation changes and the finances improve. Being able to recognize when a hobby might be threatening a long term financial goal is a sign of maturity. Congratulations. Now you too have discovered "adulting" sucks.
  9. @stack32- Yes. yes they would. Doesn't need to take time. A line drop here and there. A passing nod, some small acknowledgement. That's all it would take. ESPECIALLY if Infinity War takes place in New York at all. A verbal run down by some NYC cop in a Netflix show talking about the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, Cage in Harlem, a Spider in Queens, and Brooklyn getting no love. No, it doesn't have to be the crazy level interconnectivity between the movies, or between the Netflix shows (AoS has no one to play with), but some acknowledgement, however small that the other branch exists would be nice.
  10. Exactly how the Accords worked was clearly vague. It only calls out the active Avengers in the page we see, no mention of Banner or Thor. Then Scott gets arrested for violating them. Or so it's implied. Spider-Man shows up on Team Tony, but there's no direct evidence that he or T'Challa signed them. Nor is there any evidence they didn't. On AoS, Coulson and Talbot discuss whether Creel or Daisy need to sign them as both are working for the government at the time. (Nothing came of the conversation, Hydra plots soon killed Talbot, but they needed to name drop the Accords so they still looked connected to Civil War) Given Thunderbolt Ross is in charge of enforcement (which, is a really weird thing for a Secretary of State to be in charge of when you think about it), I'd say its being interpreted in the harshest way possible. I mean, Ross now has a new reason to go after Banner when he turns back up. All I'm saying is they do a lot of talking about connection between the three branches, but that's mostly at the producer and above level. But their not showing it on the screen. Until then, its all just talk.
  11. No, DD is still semi in the shadows. That would seem odd. Luke Cage on the other hand is real public with his powers, and having real public brawls in Harlem. Somebody from General Ross's office should be knocking on Luke's door at the very least.
  12. Well, we knew we weren't getting bright red tights in any case. Or even red leather.
  13. DST is not the boss of me... Unless there's a job opening for obnoxious know-it-all fountain of useless comic book knowledge. In which case if you've got decent benefits you could happily be the boss of me. Sadly Geek-In-Residence jobs are hard to come by.
  14. When this is the comics costume... Your options are limited if you want to translate it directly to the screen. Which, for the most part, they did.
  15. Still waiting on that meta moment of Ross with Dr. Strange interaction too.
  16. I loved the second half of Cage, but then I like over the top stuff, and still think it was clever way to put a character in a near comics accurate costume. (Everyone complains there are no costumed villains in these things, Cage adds one, everyone complains it was cheesy... pick people!!) BUT the fact that it was more Hand stuff, which frankly they aren't a strong enough villain to hold folks interest for long, probably hurt it more than everything else. The Hand is best in small doses, not as the focus of three out of the last four Marvelflix seasons. It's like Hydra on AoS, sure classic villains, but they too get old after a while. Too much Hand. Elektra isn't that interesting as an anti-hero, let alone a main villain. Never any real sense that the "Defenders" weren't going to win once the direct fight was on. Sure, giving Madame Goa powers was fun, would have been more fun if she'd ever shown those off previously, maybe I would have liked her in Iron Fist better if she'd served a purpose other than a link to DD besides Claire. And I think that was part of the problem... Iron Fist was sooo weak and this was as much a direct continuation of that show as anything else, with a lot of DD season 2 loose ends thrown in. The plot literally revolved around the weakest character. Don't get me wrong, overall I enjoyed it. But it was not without serious flaws.
  17. Oh I blame Mattel, and Hasbro, and DST and every other major US based toy manufacturer. Because we all know they do things just to offend and anger their adult collector customers because they all hate us and sit in their smoke filled back rooms at Toy Shows and laugh and laugh at how they get the little details wrong, or short pack a character they know everyone wants, or just not make them on purpose, because they collectively live to ruin their toy lines forever. Except Japanese and 3rd party folks, they're awesome and never do anything wrong and US companies need to get with the program. Or so the internet would have you to believe. (yes, I'm also a Transformers collector and my frustration with online fandom just has to vented on occasion)
  18. Well he did write and direct both Avengers movies. He killed Phil in the first one, then ignored SHIELD still existed in the second. The movies do not acknowledge AoS, not even in passing, EVER. The Accords are so serious an issue in Civil War that half the Avengers are branded traitors, yet no mention of them is made in the Netflix universe, no government agents knocking on doors and demanding the Defenders register. No mention of the various SHIELD press conferences, no one mistakes Cage or Jessica for an Inhuman that presumably have been all over the news since the end of SHIELD season two when random people began transforming. For their part, AoS name drops every movie reference they can and tries to shoehorn themselves into the background of most major Earth based films. Only one, in the first season, did it feel organic. The rest... name drop here, name drop there, occasional guest spot. Heck... did they make GR register as a superhuman as dictated by the Accords? No. The movies are so connectedpoint it gets hard to remember whoes movie it actually is while watching. (was that Spider-Man v3#1 or Iron Man 4?) (speaking of which why isn't Peter registered? Because he's a minor?) Disney can say "oh it's all connected", but until all parties act like it's all connected, it isn't. It's PR to gin up ratings.
  19. This is normally where I jump in and do a brief explanation of a character... But to be honest, I could never keep straight who Penance St. Croix was supposed to be, what she was supposed to be, and was happy when she wandered into obscurity. It's all related to Emplate, who turned out to be M's bother. It was supposed to be this big mystery, but it never worked for me. Monet was the first one, and her little sisters were Monet, then the sisters were Penance, and M was herself, and then all of the sisters were themselves, but Penance was still there and maybe was Emplate... Neat design though.
  20. Well Joss Whedon declared Coulson still dead in the movies (which was weird, since he directed the show's first episode), so AoS's status as anything more than ABC's elaborate fanfiction is questionable. (Yeah, he tried to walk it back, but not really) Right now there seems to be three separate universes- the MCU, the ABC shows, and the Netflix shows. The two TV universes acknowledge the movies, but not directly each other, the movies acknowledge no one. Shows on Freeform and Hulu will likely only complicate things. The idea that it's one happy universe is a PR lie until proven otherwise.
  21. Well... to be honest, I haven't bought more than a handful of non-minimate items from TRU in ages. If they dropped minimates, I'm not sure I'd even poke my head in the door anymore.
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