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  1. Wow! Hulk and venom set look amazing! Finally Joe fixit! The others are awesome as well! I was hoping for more mvc3 mates, but the ones shown look amazing!
  2. C'mon on guys,I want me a emma stone mate!:biggrin:
  3. It came as a shock to me that this is actually being made, but I'm in. Anything Darwyn Cooke pencils i have to check so I'm definitely excited, also Adam Hughes and Amanda conner is a plus!
  4. yes! please release a frightful four set, and fantastic four blue/white costume. also I vouch for a future foundation sue thats not invisible!
  5. wow they look like wall decorations or cookies and even than cookies would be more awesome and delicious.
  6. Congrats guys hope to have another one soon!
  7. Voted, again thanks to all for putting this contest together. It was fun and frustrating at the same time.
  8. whoa whoa whoa, samus figma? Awesome!
  9. Finally found crime syndicate at my local walmart with a $70 range price, great looking figures, but I just couldn't do it. Also found batman legacy wave 2, not bad figures, but batman has no batmite
  10. Alright folks, here's mine, I worked real hard on this one, it was actually my first time using photoshop to color.
  11. Finally finished mine, im going to have post it tomorrow though.
  12. x-men first class: it was just so epic, got me into x-men again, and I saw it with a pretty girl Rise of THE planet of THE apes: Amazing movie, it was creepy, it was heartwarming, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. super 8: very fun. love the classic feel to it. That is about all the films I saw in theaters. I passed on GL, never got around to Cowboys, and didn't really intend to see Captain America. I did see Thor and pirates, but they didn't really do anything for me.
  13. I'm almost done penciling mine, I hope to have it all done by tonight, that way I can ink it, scan it and color it.
  14. Whoa! I just found about this contest!, I have to get in on this! I'm thinking legion...
  15. I really want to see this film, and now that I know that it's good, I REALLY want to see it now.
  16. aw man i missed it and it had a daft punk soundtrack
  17. Here's some I took: One of my favorite: More: "It's a me, Your father" Hands down the cutest I saw : \
  18. it is a really great set, only wish we got a non clear sue storm.
  19. I was able to get the ff mates, they actually had at Lot of those.
  20. So today's the minimate panel gonna try and get in. Also gonna try to get the ff mate today as well.
  21. great movie and some great customs, dude those are so... so... so Groovy! i love to see a hand and deer head accessory .
  22. pretty hard to decide, my psp lasted me for about 5 years, and I used it for everything. Once it broke, I retired it. I now use an ipod touch and while it is great, I think psp had a better and easier way of transferring media. But I have to say go with the itouch, I did.
  23. Ajv for my character you can just put kyoku, you dont have to put her let name. Thanks
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