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  1. I already miss TRU. The locations near me have been gone for weeks. There is now no brick and mortar places to shop for Minimates here. I can get a comic shop to order them, but I can do that on my own and usually cheaper.
  2. Actually, this would be cool. I liked the different body sizes, but it does come with some difficulties.
  3. I remember when I first saw protos. It was a line I was passionate about and, at the time, I really liked how they used different sizes of minimates. I always had a hard time finding them in physical stores. TRU in my area was real bad about stocking these or getting them way after they had been released. I enjoyed these and still hunt some of the unreleased figures. That Witch King looks so awesome and Lurtz is great. I have neither.
  4. I own the above. Here are some photos of those I do not.
  5. I have a few of these pre-production figures myself. I am not sure I still have hosted photos since Photobucket went nuts, but I do have photos. I have a Twilight Witch King and a Ringwraith. There was also a Mordor Orc that did not get released. Let me see if I can put some pics up.
  6. Happy Birthday Zach! I love seeing the pics you post of the old Toyfare crew. I read that rag religiously.
  7. I have tried very hard to hear "Laurel". I just can't convince myself that is what is coming out of the speakers. It is interpreted by my ears as "Yanny".
  8. Done. I will have my bags packed.
  9. My TRU had what they called a sale during the week and now the building is empty.
  10. My crowd funding days are over.
  11. Thelast visit I had at TRU, the clerk told me to throw away my rewards card and then corrected himself, saying that I would need it if I was expecting any coupons. Otherwise, trash it.
  12. I'd contact customer service at DST. They are really good about getting folks missing parts and replacing damaged ones.
  13. I rarely pre-order anything anymore. I got sick of pre-ordering for top retail only to be rewarded with finding the same item discounted everywhere.
  14. I wouldn't feel bad. The good thing about Best Offer is that the seller can so no or even counter offer. I tend to offer a bit low, knowing they can always counter me.
  15. I have a select few 6", but with exception of my childhood 3 3/4" figures, I have only one "modern" figure and it is the convention 501st Stormtrooper.
  16. BAF stuff has usually been glazed over by DST and I can understand it. However, I think it could add some fun to collecting. Certainly, a little more challenge (if we don't have enough already).
  17. Yeah, that is a good idea. We will do it like this, I will create a new buy/sell thread and keep the current one open but locked. Members will have about ten days to move and update their current lists.
  18. Odd, but I left new turtles stuff behind with the recent movies. I just can't...
  19. My head shake is over so called "exclusivity". I am so sick of Minimates that are "exclusive" to an outlet, that mysteriously turn up en masse later. I don't care how he got them or that he is selling them. I'm just sick of the bait and switch.
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