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  1. Yeah, that is a good idea. We will do it like this, I will create a new buy/sell thread and keep the current one open but locked. Members will have about ten days to move and update their current lists.
  2. Odd, but I left new turtles stuff behind with the recent movies. I just can't...
  3. My head shake is over so called "exclusivity". I am so sick of Minimates that are "exclusive" to an outlet, that mysteriously turn up en masse later. I don't care how he got them or that he is selling them. I'm just sick of the bait and switch.
  4. I am losing one of the two nearest me. There were three, but we lost one on the last go around, too. Now its just the one. The one that never has new Minimates, only new American Girl dolls.
  5. I have been looking into this. I see some profile pics or avatars have gone missing.
  6. I've always like Danny. I've never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but I would love to have that privilege. I've been in the Minimates game since the beginning. Many names have come and gone, but Danny was always there with MMC. Central and Multiverse have always been partners.
  7. If anyone is planning to attend Blizzcon this year and could help me obtain a few codes, drop me a line. I will reward the efforts.
  8. You're welcome. You all did a great job. I love seeing these "what if" sets.
  9. The internet, e-commerce mostly, helps with lack of local availability. That said, these are toys that we do not need to survive and should not take precedence over family and life in general. Do what you need to do and stop by when you can.
  10. Sadly, I still have neither Geppi set, but they are nice. The CoC stuff might be hard to get in the same way the latest Donatello giveaway is hard to get and for the same reasons. I keep thinking they will start showing up in the usual 3rd party outlets, but not so much...
  11. You had me at Pacific Rim action figures...
  12. Agreed. I really thought TRU was doing the right thing by ramping up a supportive web presence to solidify their brick and mortar presence. However, both continue to have problems.
  13. That new Amazon series. The Tick, looks like it would make mighty fine Minimates. Zach, as we all know, there were some cool movie 4-packs made over the last several years. Platoon, The Man with No Name, Silence of the Lambs... Is that the kind of thing that we might get more of?
  14. I have my eye on Irma. Weather folks say she is going to go up the east coast (sorry east coast), but I never trust a hurricane until it is no longer a hurricane. I am supposed to leave town on Sunday, but I must wait until I know the Gulf Coast is out of danger.
  15. The Hicks/Ripley combo was a good one and they should have played it out (with regard to original script). Newt was a perfect opportunity for a future heroine with a reason to hate the "bugs". I agree that there is still room for characters from the films, but they will undoubtedly be packed with Aliens and I already have legions. Dropship? Hell yes, its one of my favorite parts. If you don't have the NECA Die Cast version, you are missing out IMO.
  16. You must be young. Alien was the first movie I ever watched on the new fangled cable tv that finally arrived in my suburban neighborhood. It scared the piss out of me and still does. IMO, if there are other species out there in the galaxy, aliens if you will, they are likely adapted in crazy ways, like we are. Having an "exoskeleton" and being hard to kill are good adaptations. Just imagine if just one of those things somehow made it to our planet. I saw Aliens in the theater with a friend and loved having a look at that "armed human versus alien" scenario. I only wish the original screenplay got made instead of the prison planet film that got made. All just my opinion.
  17. Its very wet here in New Orleans, but not as wet as it is in Houston. Its VERY windy and its never windy here, so its easy to tell something is brewing. It hurts to see Houston struggling because us New Orleanians know how it feels. Now Irma is threatening.
  18. I will spill the beans... Star Wars Battlefront II Minimates. Please, don't throw things at me.
  19. I see it the other way around. If I had a Vinimate of a character I loved and discovered an even smaller articulated version exists, I'd go after it. Just me though. However, if they are not connected, why bother making them look like "larger inarticulate" Minimates?
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