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  1. Finally finished my 8" Goliath and another Sentinel....
  2. I keep getting a 10kb limit on pictures. A 1 pixel picture doesn't show much...what's up ?
  3. Is there an Animation forum? For this type of stuff?
  4. he's up on Ebay
  5. I painted this one all in lacquer base paints. He's pretty shiny...
  6. 8 inch Future Sentinel...done! I'm curious if the people here are also on the FB groups?
  7. Just a quick shout out "thank You" for all that bid on the Sentinel. The funds will allow for more Minimate lab creations. Like this one
  8. Yes, sorry I have alot of time and effort into the files. thanks Dave
  9. just a nice shot of the sentinel I've been hanging out on the Facebook groups with this
  10. Just joined up, or restarted. During the quarantine I've gone all in on this project
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