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  1. I have been to a bunch of TRU's recently and all I have been finding are the Gwen/Conners ASM pack, Wolverine/Reaper pack and some Walking Dead...........absolutely nothing else of interest. No Tomb Raider, No wave's rather depressing in this area.
  2. I have noticed a few of my transparent mates hands and heads and sometimes feet feel slightly different than the other pieces. They are definitely a different plastic and on mine, they seem to have gotten slightly cloudier then the rest of the body.
  3. I noticed wave 18 hasn't made it to the website. Is this possibly on purpose and they are keeping all the stock for in stores? Really hope so.......really like to get the Absorbing Man/Thor pack.
  4. As I said, I'm more concerned with stores that aren't getting anything new. 2 of the stores i've visited have had the same minimates for months now. One of them has had the same mates since last summer.
  5. This is making me wonder if I can come up with anything and get it done. Hoping so, it's been a while since I've done any customizing.
  6. It's kind of concerning in my area, there are around 6 - 8 TRU stores in a 30 minutes radius and I have checked all of them recently when things have been turning up on sale, and what I have noticed is that only 1 out of all of those have had ANY newer sets in stock. It also seems that once that stock is gone, that's it........nothing more appears to come in.
  7. If anyone finds an extra Absorbing Man 2 pack, please let me know!
  8. So.....was extremely happy to get a knock on my door and to find a package on my door step. Looking at the address, and knowing who it was......It was my Secret Santa gift!!!!! Though, there were instantly concerns: Uh must have been a hell of a trip....... Opened everything carefully and everything was perfectly fine. Now to my goodies: Nice mixes of comics- Warhammer 40K Novel- An actual Armory of Lego sized Weapons and Armor- Some custom Lego dudes.....assuming Halo characters- Some more custom Lego pieces- STANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grodd and Deadpool- Some custom GL Mates: 2 Guardians, Red/Green Lantern Hal, and not quite sure on the fourth and a Larfleeze Head....(Really want to make a custom body for that one!!). Custom Duke Nukem- Custom Judge Dredd- A custom of a character I don't think I am familiar with- And finally, a custom Spawn mate!! I'd really like to thank Kostisfire for everything!!!!! Such a wonderful group of gifts! And if you could give a bit of insight on some of the items I couldn't recognize, that would be great! Thanks again!
  9. I must say, this thread has just been a fascinating read.
  10. I just got done checking the last TRU within 30 minutes of my house and they had nothing on Clearance minimates wise. So, apparently this area is cleaned out. Bummer cause I'd love to find a treasure trove of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  11. I feel honored to have such a great 3D printed piece! It is truly amazing!
  12. There is one more TRU that is somewhat out of the way that I haven't checked out yet........may just make a stop there sometime this week.
  13. I would gladly buy ANY MvC 2 packs that are a penny plus shipping! Just saw this as well:
  14. TM2 Dinobot - Is that Black Widow riding a Rancor? Naw, the game piece is a Felucian Warrior on a Rancor from the Force Unleashed expansion to the Star Wars Tabletop game. Though, I never did consider having a minimate ride on top of it.........until now.
  15. Thanks so much Luke!!! I was completely blown away by it! And a very clever unwrapping it became. lol xD And now, onto the pics which truly do not do this justice. So here you go guys, my Birthday Elephant gift: MOJO!!!!!! Though, I must let you know Luke.......with all of the protection that this guy came with, 6 of the 8 legs had snapped off. Luckily, a little bit of glue and a great deal of dry time and it will be good as new! I'm going to try and find a little case for him and possibly give him one of the flight bases for a bit of stability. Thanks again man, a truly wonderful gift!
  16. I just received my Birthday Elephant gift today. Honestly couldn't wait to open it, and through the mountains of packaging, wrapping and bubble wrap, I found my gift. Before I say what it is, I want to get pictures of it first because it is just magnificent! The only person I could deduce who sent this out of all who replied to this thread and thank you and your welcome posts...... I have to guess Luke as being my Birthday elephant. I hope I'm correct as my deduction skills kinda suck.
  17. I didn't want to make a new thread and remembered this one existed. I ended up buying my Brother-in-law's 3DS since he bought an XL. So if anyone is interested, here is my friend code: 2552 - 1913 - 4499 Feel free to add me!
  18. You can add me to the list, I really enjoy this year-round event!
  19. Those are some awesome customs guys, superb work!!
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