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  1. Welllp, this did not go well. My efforts to resolve my issues with TFAW failed, and they have decided to charge me overnight shipping I never wanted, nor that they ever provided. Guess it is up to the bank, but the minimates were worth the trouble (I ended up getting them from my local comic book store).
  2. There was the Walking Dead one- Dwight- and then a Uruk Hai with one, and then Varric from Dragon Age had Bianca.
  3. And yeah, this. It's fine,and while I don't want to tell folks how to feel, I think this is a fair call. The stuff sold out. It was a huge hit. This is allowing people to catch up on the main characters, figure accurate V2 Snake-Eyes, cartoon CC, shoulderpads Tommy and a darker Scarlett (often how she is shown in art and merchandise, figures vary in color). This is a win-win. Now. If we get to series 6 and there are five different Snake-Eyes'.... V1 and V4 and done, tops. ^-^
  4. Working on him! Not putting insane effort into him, but all I need is a penguin head and a mouse drawn on his face and I'll be satisfied with my rendition. ^-^ And thanks, I was pleased with Big Boa!
  5. You know, that Sargent slaughter idea isn't bad
  6. And here we have the Cobras... Cobra Commander Baroness Destro Storm Shadow Zartan Firefly Major Bludd Blackout Dr. Knox Tomax Xamot Munitia Zarana Buzzer Torch Ripper Burn Out Road Pig Heartwrencher Night Adder Mad Monk Overkill Crimson Asp Flying Scorpion Guillotine Demming (from the old cartoon) Lt. Clay Moore (another cartoon character I enjoyed) Sei-Tin Night Creeper Leader/Aleph (probably my best one) Interrogator (one of my oddball favorites; I went with his Plague Trooper look) Big Boa (pretty proud of this one) Wild Weasel Ghost Bear Raptor (my Joeverse is an updated white collar criminal and hedge fund crook and master hacker with eccentricities) Scalpel (mine kinda sucks) Copperhead Four bad Vipers Two Red Ninjas Plans in place for Shadow Tracker, Tombstone, Mindbender (never liked him, but eh, needed), Crystal Ball and MAYBE a version of Vypra. Ideas for Gnawhyde and Zandar, too, but kinda debating if I care enough for the two of them.
  7. But alright, something more fun. My customized Joes; Snake-Eyes Scarlett Flint Lady Jaye Barrel Roll Roadblock Stalker Doc II (Doc Purpleheart in my Joeverse) Helix Tunnel Rat Spirit Cover Girl Beachhead Dusty Joe Canuck Valkyrie (as an American son of a Canadian x American marriage, felt I needed to honor one side's homeland, you know?) Firewall Torpedo Sparks Snow Job Wet Suit (this one kinda sucked, did what I could, went for later versions) Shipwreck Mayday Blackbird (Raven from the old cartoon series, liked the turncoat female Native American Strato-Viper story) Noble Steel (my Steel Brigade character) Tripewire Varona Thunder (aka Thunderblast) Salvo Shooter Duke (I liked the Spytroops era look, kept the short sleeves with the patches for added decal) Bombstrike Dialtone II A lot of them are great, many not perfect. But I am happy with them. Ignore the others in the back, personal characters from a book I am writing. These were taken from my progress room. Still working on Jinx and Kamakura, then done with the Joes, unless I want to deal with Dawn Moreno.
  8. So, I will say this... These figures caused me no end of headache. I originally asked my LCS to order them, and they forgot. By the time I reminded them, turns out, it was after the order cut off. Attempted to order them from TFAW and BBTS, but both gave me a limits warning, so I ordered one from the former, two from the latter. Whelp. Last Thursday, I get a notice that my 'overnight shipping' was being prepped by TFAW, and I was charged $40 for overnight shipping I *did not* order. I sent e-mails, asking to cancel as I never meant for $40 in shipping, but got no response until end of day Friday, effectively brushing me off as 'oh, you just ordered the overnight shipping,' when I did not. Queue Monday, when, no surprise, it still is not here. $40 for overnight shipping that takes five days. Okay. Sure. Yeah. Meanwhile, my comic store DOES get them in Friday, day after TFAW overcharges me... but marks them up. Hard. Knowing they are now hard to find, they jot the price up. Whatever, I can at least go get them and cancel my order with BBTS. Go pick up two (at that time thinking, well, if I was going to be overcharged and I got TFAW's 3rd Friday), I might as well just say 'eff it' and deal with the $40 loss and keep the toys. I open one of the packs, as was planned. Storm Shadow's arrows are bent, one at 60 degrees. Snake-Eyes' visor is chipped. Cobra Commander's helmet is bent, as is, badly, Snake Eyes' sword. I am decent enough making customs, so I fix all those issues, save the arrows. The worst, despite my boiling efforts, cannot fix it well enough, but as I was going to use old black arrows, anyhow, eh. Did not care, is fine. Did care about the fact that there was a booger *inside* the packaging, though. But just tossed that away, no ultimate foul, I suppose. My second LCS set, though, I planned to keep in package.. until my friend, staying over as he is having issues with his girlfriend, is staying over. He picks up the box, from the top, 'what are these,' and... based on how he handled the top, the packaging tears down the back. *Badly.* So hey. Opened those up, and now my 'non-customized' ones are on my GI Joe comic shelf. But hey. I waited since 2005 for GI Joe Minimates. Frustrated as I am, *worth it.*
  9. Pretty sure the FCBD set IS the first set, with Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow; the next set has Duke, Roadblock, Baroness and Destro. Two sets have been revealed, each with two heroes and two villains, each with one female per set.
  10. Honestly? Scarlett makes me think comics; pale blue arms ad purple arms where common in the comics. Plus, the nearly white smoke grenade on her left shoulder. Storm Shadow looks like he walked off the cartoon with the coloring, but to be fair, his design is kinda basic so it could be any of them. However, Cobra Commander appears to be later Devils Due comics with the look of the gold tassels. *Maybe* some old Marvels had that look, but I can recall later Devils Due that was that picture, off the page. I think some Valor Vs Venom Cobra Commanders had a similar look, tho, but a stylized helmet. Snake-Eyes is V2 off the box, which was copied into the comics. So, honestly, a hodge podge of looks and inspirations, which I am certainly fine with!
  11. As a Joe fan, I'd have guessed a mix with the coloring on Scarlett and Cobra Commander's outfit.
  12. Appreciate the updates. I have over 50 custom minimates for my Joes I made since the announcement, so I am super thankful that these are inbound.
  13. Omg they're perfect. Buying three sets;one in package, one out and on my bookshelf, and one to customize with my mininates. Any update on shipping? BUT THEY'RE GLORIOUS.
  14. Sideshow did that on a toy they did, too.
  15. Hey Zach, friend. Any chance you have a shipping update or more pictures to perk our anticipation?
  16. I would love to see more shots of the products! Would make my week- and the wait more unbearable, but I suppose we don't always get what we want. xD
  17. Man, I'm desperate for news. I've made near thirty or so customs for my minimate Joeverse. The ones I couldn't make, Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow, cannot get here fast enough.
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