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  1. Chigarillo

    wave 79

    There is. It was paired with a Howard the Duck figure IIRC. I can't remember who but someone on here made a great custom out of a repainted Wolfrat from the Thundercats box set. It required shaving down and reshaping the head though.
  2. Chigarillo

    wave 79

    Comics and wrestling crossover... all tiger themed. No actual tigers... White Tiger - Tiger Shark Bronze Tiger - Extreme Tiger Midnight Tiger - Tigers Mask Black Tiger - Tigermask
  3. This. Only this. ^ Or the Imperial Guard: Gladiator, Electron, Smasher, Oracle, Warstar, Hussar, Manta, Astra, Titan, Mentor
  4. Chigarillo

    wave 79

    Never been able to get my hands on one of those at a reasonable price. There's one on eBay right now from the UK so shipping is crazy, and one on Amazon for $30 plus shipping. Been trying for years to find one and it's probably my most sought after figure that I have left.
  5. Chigarillo

    wave 79

    Can we just get the whole Winter Guard mixed with Avengers updates? Darkstar, Ursa Major, Red Guardian, Vostok, Perun. Do we Need another Crimson Dynamo? Personally I feel like wave 36 nailed that character and we could leave him out. Sprinkle in a few Avenger updates, and Valkerie. Profit.
  6. For Nocturne I found that the Pathfinder Merisiel hairpiece painted blue since it has the pointed ears and pop it on the recent Giant Size Nightcrawler body works pretty well. That's what I did at least. Sorry just remembered that thereasonsy has trouble painting so that wouldn't work...
  7. I'll see if I have any pictures of my two Mimics that I made. Both are works in progress at this point so I don't know that I ever snapped a photo of them... Modern Mimic used the Asteroid M Magneto body as a base and the Exiles Mimic was a Wolverine base with spare Colossus parts and Hworang head for the googles.
  8. That was me wondering. Yeah thinking this is at least a double buy of the full wave for me. The spare Cyclops, Jean, and Havok can be used for other customs. I've been kicking around the idea of using the parts from a second beast to try a proper 616 appearance Dark Beast since he looks closer to regular blue Beast nowadays in the 616. Completely spaced Bliss... But no clue how to represent her creepy powers... Nope wait, a painted Xenomorph mouth piece might work. Only ones that wouldn't have a use would be Archangel, Wolfsbane and Polaris. Scratch that as well. Could probably use the head and hair from Polaris for an agent Brand.
  9. Since some of us will be getting duplicate Maddrox packs for this wave... Was there any other characters that wore these outfits for customs? I'm pretty sure there outfits were unique to this X-factor team correct?
  10. Pretty much exactly what I wanted from an X-Factor wave! They all look great and I can't believe we are getting a Strong Guy mate.
  11. Nothing yet that I've seen. I think today is the day dst reveals their stuff though so should be soon.
  12. True I've come to view them as a necessary evil. Like the battle damaged Wolverine from a few waves ago was great and became my new default Wolvie to display! I actually really liked the Thor paired with Surtur recently as well, same with the Hydra Cap from that same wave too. I'm fine with fun variants like that and as long as they stick to those for the big names I'm fine with rebuying characters I already have. Oh and updates like the Spidey that came with wave 76. That is pretty much the best Spidey there is with the sonic gun, Twip hands, and webs. I'm fine with great updates like that. Was just looking at the Database, has it really been almost two years since the last X-Men wave of 72? And the Brotherhood boxset was November 2017? X-Universe seems like it's due a wave or two... Please let wave 78 be X-related.
  13. Ehh. The two packs kind of make it harder to get complete teams though In a way. Each two pack has to have a big name or rare figure packed in. We'll likely never get a full wave of Gen-X or X-factor because those just don't have big names attached. Sure as collectors we all think it would be great to get Wonderman, Stryfe, or Maddrox but those aren't going to sell as well as Cap, Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Iron Man even if it's the 20th variation produced. It's just the way of the marketplace currently. Just look at how poorly the Most Wanted classic Avengers wave did. No big names does equal low sales, it's a depressing realization as a collector. As far as this wave goes, I'm hoping it's 90s X-Factor and Havok, Polaris, Wolfbanes are the repeats in new costumes, but im fully expecting a wave of Wolverine, Cap, Tony, and Thor variants with a new hero or villain thrown in.
  14. It is going to be hysterical and sad when it turns out to be nothing that we've guessed here. The last few comic waves have been pretty great and we are due for an X-Men wave so I'm hopeful. Then again I want every wave to be X-themed.
  15. So I'm trying to match as best as I can the color on the Dreadnought minimate: I'm just trying to get as close as I can so I don't have to fuss with re-painting the whole figure a new metallic blue... It's really close to the Vallejo Electric blue but that doesn't have the metallic finish I'm hoping for. But I've narrowed it down to a couple that may be close here: Am I doing this wrong and there is an easier option that I'm not thinking of? I really only want to paint the head of another mate to use that body but I'm coming up with very few options. Anyone have any advice or tips, or another paint to try?
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