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  1. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I use the Jewel head for my Pixie. All my New X-Men customs use the First Class bodies as they are an almost perfect replica of the suits the students got during Messiah Complex. Another option for the gauntlets I've found is the ones from Sam Alexander Nova that work pretty well. I really wish the photo system didn't stink on here... I need to get around to posting pictures of what I have put together for customs at some point.
  2. TRU Series 26

    Thinking the two right are Iron Doom and Superior Octopus. Thinking about it now, didn't we just get an updated 2099 in one of the recent Walgreens wave? Trev, I call Modern Cyclops the X-Face since it was the last 616 costume he had to my knowledge. More guesses... (I don't like not knowing things.) Boomerang / No clue... Thor or Hulk variant? Superior Octopus / Hydro Armor Iron Man Sebastian Shaw / Blink's new outfit
  3. TRU Series 26

    Reading through here seems we've only had one confirmed... Another batch of guesses for Zach to shoot down: Boomerang / Spider-man 2099 Iron Doom / Superior Octopus Modern Rogue / Modern Cyclops
  4. TRU Series 26

    Look at it this way, leaves more room for Iceman, or Rogue, or Mimic, or someone else hopefully not Wolverine, or Cyclops.
  5. Easy choice for the army builder. Shiar all the way. If army building isn't your thing, you can use the parts to make D'Ken, Lilandra, and any other Shiar you want. I'd honestly buy about 10 packs just to have the Shiar parts available. FOr the classic villain I went Black Tom... Shaw is one that needs to be made and I feel like Mesmero and Vanisher could use the same head piece but... I just really want a Black Tom to go with my Juggernaut and standing across the battlefield from my Banshee. A choice made with my heart instead of my head.
  6. TRU Series 26

    Made a couple of changes to match the clues as Madame Masque seems to fit but that means Rogue is left out then. Iceman does get requested for an update when he's brought up. Mimic is just a pipedream of mine.
  7. tru wave 24

    Rocket. It'd have to be Rocket if he was a pack in. That or maybe Moondragon as the two of them spent some time on Knowhere together in the Annihilation era Guardian stories.
  8. wave 74

    There is a bit of that, but at the same time I already have an OML and the Spider-Girl does nothing for me personally. It's one of those things of I'm totally fine with buying another Cyclops, or Wolverine, or whoever to get a brand new character but this one might be a pass for me solely because of it's paired with a figure I have little interest in. That said the more I look at this wave I may pick up the Surtur and Cap packs just because they are really, really cool looking figures... X-men bias or not.
  9. wave 74

    That got me too. The characters themselvesso nothing for me as I almost exclusively collect the x-men stuff but these all look great! The colors pop and will look great on a shelf.
  10. wave 74

    What needs to happen at some point is a Male/Female groups wave... Hellions costume in male and female, Shiar male and female, Acolyte male and female. Throw in Gladiator and Lilandra or Juggernaut and Black Tom. I'd buy 4-5 packs of each just for the customs to be made from them.
  11. wave 74

    So we are looking at this for 74? Old man Logan / Ashley Barton Spidey Red King / Hulk (planet or gladiator) Surtur / some variation of Thor Hydra Cap / Ironheart
  12. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    This is my plan for one of the 2 sets i get. Right now planning to get two maybe 3. One Jean mask for a Firestar custom and another for a Spitfire custom. One Jean body goes to a Petra custom. If I end up with an extra Xavier body can use it for a Bolivar Trask body. Toad is the one I'm not sure what to do with the spare parts... Maybe the chest and collar for a Stonewall?
  13. wave 74

    Think you are on to something there since it's a new villain and technically a spider verser that hasn't been made. That would leave use the X-men/Avenger pack which is a short list of possible mutants... Cyclops, Emma, Beast, Rogue, Wolverine, Havok, Sunspot, Canonball, and Storm? Rogue and Ms Marvel? Havok and Vulcan/Deathbird? Cyclops and Doom? Those would all fit the "great stories" clue I guess.
  14. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    Tenime, do you have a better pic of that Maggot? Would love to see that and get the recipe for it! Looks great.
  15. wave 74

    Well I'm no good at this guessing game either it seems Miry. I'm getting stuck in the X-men and Spidey pairing... Zach can you confirm that is indeed how that two pack is set up? Drawing a total blank on what that one could be if it isn't Peter Parker. Well the other though I had was that we have all the packs set up wrong and it isn't Planet Hill and Secret Empire we should be thinking about.