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  1. Had an epiphany today messing with this wave. I forget who mentioned Husk and not having a way to show her powers... But an idea below. Probably don’t want to use all of these, but paint a few of them skin tone or red, yellow and they’d work great for Husk.
  2. My initial reaction was “no, can’t be”. But after a bit of thinking about it and looking through recent figures, I think they are new. The new part seems to be only the jagged ridges where the piece connects to the arm, but yeah new piece! It’s certainly not a piece that I have in my parts bin. Has anyone tried parts swapping to see how close color wise this Beast matches up with the 90s Beast figure? My 90s fig is buried in a parts bin in a closet and I haven’t gotten the chance to dig it out yet.
  3. Mine should be arriving tonight, got the email yesterday from Luke they had shipped and it takes about a day to get to me (I live about an hour south of him.) I'll try and post pics if no one else has when I get home tonight.
  4. It seems like it's been so long since these were announced that I can't remember how many sets I ordered from Luke... Going to be gr3at to have these in hand!
  5. I may be remembering incorrectly, but doesn’t Ayesha flat out say Adam’s name in the stinger at the end credits of Guardians 2? The cocoon in the first film was just an Easter egg, but there’s a 2nd metal cocoon that it shown in vol. 2 that is referred to as having “Adam” inside.
  6. Lol! This begs the question, if animated wave 10 was made, but never was released to stores, did it ever really happen?
  7. Tried that a couple times. This would be the third time I bought wave 6 to trigger a restock. So if anyone needs that wave let me know. I just keep hoping at some point they restock or put them on sale like they were awhile back. Was out of the country on vacation the last time the sale came around if I recall.
  8. Luke made them at one point. I remember seeing them on his site at one point, but that seems to be gone. His Deviant art page looks like it still has them though.
  9. Lol. The 2 Walgreens near me are still on wave 6... Had the BC Avengers wave show up, it got bought out and the store restocked with wave 6, which I already had. They’ve now been sitting on pegs for about 10 months. I’m not going to buy them, no one else seems to want to, so we are just stuck at an impasse. Useless product sits in the store and I’ll never see a different wave.
  10. This is my thoughts on this entire wave. They made a wave with the least iconic desires they could find, and are selling it as "Here's the cosmic wave you've been asking for!"
  11. So wave 11 is due in September but wave 10 (shown at SDCC last year) still hasn’t hit stores? Ok I’ll believe that when it happens... 😂
  12. Ugh saw this pop up the other day and immediately thought the Starjammers set had been announced. Think I’ll go have a cry now.
  13. Chigarillo

    wave 79

    Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants? Hey, here's a bunch of mates you have been wanting made for years... in their worst possible incarnation and the worst version of all the characters from the worst recent comic story they've been in... Enjoy! Annihilation, Conquest, Realm of Kings, and the like drew me back into comics after an over10 year absence. If these mates aren't from those stories, and it's the Bendis versions (which made me quit reading GotG)? I don't want them, and won't buy them. That's how strong my dislike of his run on that book is.
  14. Chigarillo

    wave 79

    Based off the clues I think USAgent is the “Captain America”. Is a fairly popular ask for a re-do and along with Wonderman or Spider Woman could fit the “highly requested” redos clues and the storyline. If it’s Operation Galactic Storm I’d say something like: USAgent - Crystal Wonderman - Mockingbird Black Knight - Hercules BaF - Quasar or Lilandra
  15. Chigarillo

    wave 79

    Either of these sound great! I always want X-themed waves but both those check enough boxes of the other stuff I collect that I'd be pleased. A few X-related characters mixed with other cool versions of mates we have.
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