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  1. Yep. These box sets still ain't it personally. This is a hard no from me at this price point.
  2. Zach can correct me if I'm wrong, but he seemed to implie that Echo was pulled from this set but was moved to a different set. So we are still getting her, just not in this box.
  3. Lol. If the rumors of this set are true, I may buy two just to have the extra blocks... Wanted this set for a very long time!
  4. That's kind of what I figured. I just threw a couple Marvel mates in the Rivendell set and they didn't look off. Never seen the Avengers tower or Dr Strange sets out of the box and built though.
  5. How do larger Lego sets scale with mates? My father (a huge Lego Stars Wars collector) showed me a leaked picture that Lego may finally be putting out a Lego X-Mansion in 2024... It looked a little small and i know sets can vary. The Lego Rivendell set actually scales really well with Minimates, but the Blackbird and Milano are too small. Is it usually a case of vehicles being too small but sets scaling decent enough?
  6. Was there a 2010s Miles centric story? We just got a great Peter Spidey in Wave 76, and a great Vulture and Kraven in Wave 77. Thinking this could be: Miles current costume, Lizard, Morlun and maybe a couple new alt universe like Spider-Punk, and 2099? Spider Ham as a smaller figure like Lucky and HERBIE?
  7. Spider-Verse, Spider-gedden are probably the big ones. Outside chance of Spider-Island or the Gauntlet? Spider-Island would give us a chance at Shang-Chi and Hercules.
  8. Purely speculating that she would have. We never got confirmation who came with what spare parts but the initial pic showed her with the fire fist parts so a Phoenix stand isn't too far of a reach I'd think.
  9. Speculating here, but she was probably cut because the Phoenix parts she came with made her easiest to cut to meet the new budget. Because most of us buying mates don't have like 40 spare Phoenix parts from the 10 different Jean's we've bought? 😮‍💨
  10. Some of it sure, but how long had people been clamoring for Young Avengers and then we get that recent boxset with a 2nd Marvel Boy mate rather than Stature or Speed? Who in DST/Marvel wanted or demanded the 2013 team rather than a boxset of the classic lineup, when both Stature and Speed had been in recent or upcoming MCU projects? Who thought up Gamerverse mates and then went "let's just throw out another slightly different version of Hulk, Cap, Iron Man and Widow. No one wants Spider-Man video game mates or even a Ms Marvel based on the Avengers game design!" Yes, we are a vocal minority here and Zach is stuck doing what DST thinks will sell and will appeal to consumers. But it's difficult to not look at say Marvel Legends figures and go "they recently made Pretty Boy, Random, Cho'd, Skullbuster, Rose, Orb, Zero, Crossfire and other D, E list characters... What gives?" Who is the person going "the people really want a 84th Iron Man variant or a 21st Cyclops figure"?
  11. Just a baffling, baffling decision. DST just can't get out of their own way lately... Can we get build a figures and two packs back? Cause these monkey's paw boxsets ain't it.
  12. Any chance i could be thrown in this mix for the Marvel United deck as well? Never even occurred to me to ask here after I saw it announced.
  13. So... What are people doing for Patriot, Speed, Stature and Iron Lad? Recipes for QCs or full customs? Let's see what you've got.
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