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  1. Didn't realize how many customs I'm making since there's so few minimates coming out Yelena Belova. This is a rare one for me, all QC parts, no paint (well except for the alt hair I made for her) Hit Monkey. Suit body with arms as legs. Face is an old man Logan. Glasses were cut off Jack Bauer hair(I think) hands, feet and hair from werewolf by night. Tail from nightcrawler, Shaved off the point at the end Matt Fraction Hawkeye. No specific parts. Battle damaged Sabretooth. I picked up the torso from Zombie ST and repainted the orange to match the Jim Lee ST Bulked up, all sand Sandman. The specific parts are obvious from terminator. The rest are random parts. Jim Lee Punisher. Torso from First Appearance Punisher. Boot and glove cuff and thigh straps from a strike force figure. Sabertooth. Just repainted a fur coat and put it on Axis Sabretooth Sam Wilson Captain America. Just the comic figure with the MCU wings repainted. Phew!
  2. Shamless self promotion
  3. Shameless self promotion
  4. Well now you have to share those
  5. I really can't say you'll enjoy it because I don't know you, but it was a fantastic run if you ask me. It was only 12 solid issues.
  6. He's just gave us a huge give away. He said everyone will be happy. That means we're getting Young Avengers. Thanks, Zach!
  7. If we keep mentioning Young Avengers, it has to happen right? Young avengers. Kate, Hulkling, Iron Lad, Stature, patriot and Wiccan. Young avengers.
  8. I would have bought the Deadpool set just for the training uniform, but at these prices I can make my own better version
  9. If Old Lace was made, I'd very much expect it to be unarticulated (and probably a smidge too small) But I'd still buy the hell out of that set
  10. Thanks! If you were to get a close look, you'll still little lines of gold but they are close enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Ronin. Comic Ronin torso overlay, movie Ronin arms and legs, Phoenix sash and painted head Echo. Angela torso, mcu mandarin hair. Everything else is just painted (guest staring my custom hammerhead, Kingpin and owl) Kate Bishop. Viper face, I think mcu pepper pots hair. Everything else is painted Klaw. All painted. His hand weapon is from Lego Wasp. Animated Wasp torso painted around the details. I think I used the harness and wings from mcu Wasp Doctor Voodoo. Cape from warlock, staff from some fear itself character, face from an Aliens character, I intend to make him and alt head with the Skull motif when I find another head to use Kid Loki. Crown from another Loki figure. Everything else was painted. Also feature my old Destroyer custom Phew, didn't realize it's been so long since I've posted customs here. I don't even think that's all of them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Yeah wresting figures would be great. Soley for fodder and cool props.
  13. Dark Phoenix was in major need of an update!
  14. Same here, I couldn't care less about but find myself using him more often than I ever thought I would only bc of his options
  15. When I do my custom, I'm going for the older version with cape. But wow that custom is great
  16. Yes to Blue Marvel! I seriously doubt we'll ever get one so he's on my list of customs to do
  17. Maximum carnage Spidey was offered 2 or so years ago
  18. Coming from an action figure photographer, I know it's hard based on his costume, but I'd really like a new Dr Doom that is more posable. I feel like I'll be using the new Infamous Doom a lot more than classic Doom.
  19. Luke, say they do offer you another set like multiple man and you sell out fast, would there an option to re order more or would be that order and that's it?
  20. I'd say get ready to start spending money these days. There's definitely recent waves you can get stuff cheap but most cool or classic characters might set you back a bit (but the good thing is "set you back" doesn't mean what it means with marvel legends) I'd definitely say check out , he does sales pretty frequently that has loose minimates and accessories. Plus he makes custom items. Lastly, if you're on Instagram, I'd say get into the community. If you are, I'll give you suggestions of pages to follow.
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