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  1. Toybiz marvel legends made that costume close to 15 years ago. It's newer but I wouldn't say it's his newest. I like his Thunderbolts looks
  2. Would you rather not have any of team or half?
  3. Zach is sneaky with his hints. A team formed in the last ten years, doesn't mean it's has to be the original team under that name
  4. Thanks guys! My buddy freaqalizer actually had the idea, I can't take all of the credit
  5. Some Lego chima bird slip over mask
  6. I kinda went off for moon knight Beat up straitjacket Mr Knight Alt Mr Knight Khonshu I'm sick of painting white now
  7. It is, and you should make them for me and 12 other people, please
  8. I can ask around the minimate group we have on Instagram if you want
  9. Thanks alot, both of you. Freaqalizer can tell you how much I've been looking forward to doing this Custom. I'm pretty happy with how it came out
  10. Here's Elektra in her Daredevil outfit Mask is Netflix DD with hair from X23 Wolverine Mask. The belt is a random belt with random scraps of cape glued to it. The rest is pretty straight forward.
  11. They're all coming together great, man!
  12. Hmm, didn't realize Zach didn't run run the social media any more. Makes sense as they never repost from other pages using their products They could really use some help on their Instagram page.
  13. Thanks a lot! I've got a few more in the works
  14. I wouldn't get your hopes up
  15. Didn't realize how many customs I'm making since there's so few minimates coming out Yelena Belova. This is a rare one for me, all QC parts, no paint (well except for the alt hair I made for her) Hit Monkey. Suit body with arms as legs. Face is an old man Logan. Glasses were cut off Jack Bauer hair(I think) hands, feet and hair from werewolf by night. Tail from nightcrawler, Shaved off the point at the end Matt Fraction Hawkeye. No specific parts. Battle damaged Sabretooth. I picked up the torso from Zombie ST and repainted the orange to match the Jim Lee ST Bulked up, all sand Sandman. The specific parts are obvious from terminator. The rest are random parts. Jim Lee Punisher. Torso from First Appearance Punisher. Boot and glove cuff and thigh straps from a strike force figure. Sabertooth. Just repainted a fur coat and put it on Axis Sabretooth Sam Wilson Captain America. Just the comic figure with the MCU wings repainted. Phew!
  16. Shamless self promotion
  17. Shameless self promotion
  18. Well now you have to share those
  19. I really can't say you'll enjoy it because I don't know you, but it was a fantastic run if you ask me. It was only 12 solid issues.
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