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  1. but idk, I haven't seen the movie. I see no reason why he wouldn't
  2. No that's not the dude, the video dude just got them
  3. Why not search for help on this board? It's what I do, after like animated 6 or 7 my Walgreens stopped getting new stuff in a time limit I was good with (3-4 months) and I got sick of searching. Most people sell them for cost + shipping
  4. If we got her, I'd want that 3rd choice. The others are dated/silly to me. Then again I didn't grow up on it
  5. Promo art showed him with it on. But it is "promo art" and maybe the actors face doesn't look cool on 6 year olds shirts
  6. Heinous

    wave 77

    So when is this wave supposed to hit?
  7. Zach coming in with the crushing blow. I'm excited about 78 though!
  8. Pretty sure it's the same rocket parts
  9. Warmachine wears like 3 or 4 armors in the movie. I'm guessing this isn't supposed to be the big one every one wants
  10. Wow, I really didn't need a new Thanos, but that looks amazing. I guess I'm in for ronin, Rocket and Thanos now. That may be my new standard Thanos.
  11. People went nuts when someone found that animated Adam Warlock, then Zach said they aren't supposed to be out for quite a while and that must have been a fluke case that got out
  12. My guess is "we know these minimates exist, we need them now" mentality. I remember collecting the 5 inch xmen series when I was like 6 or 7 and having to look at the back of the packages to know what was even made, let alone when I could even find it. Now it's so "gimme gimme gimme". Not gonna act like I don't act like that sometimes either, but I'm good with waiting on something that I know will be plentiful soon
  13. Have you ever sat through the credits of an MCU film? The amount of people working on these things is staggering
  14. Heinous

    wave 79

    I also thought that version of wolverine was called Feral wolverine. He'd make a cool minimate and honestly I'm surprised they haven't made it yet with all the wolverine variations. Who has more minimates, Ironman or wolverine? Probably Ironman from all the movie stuff but it's gotta be close
  15. But why can't he just release pics? Is it a Walgreens decision or something?
  16. Why can't the line up be announced until somebody finds them in store? Seems odd
  17. Also, unless you planned to go into the movie completely blank, it's not a spoiler, it'd one of this first things released...
  18. It's a rumor right now/he's in talks
  19. This is way to far away to even speculate. It doesn't even have a release date
  20. If Thanos is still using that under sized gauntlet, the one two figures I need are Ronin and rocket (the customize into his DnA outfit to go with my others)
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