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My Avatar annoys you bhm?


Typically 2 whipped egg whites & 113g (4 oz) of caster sugar added to a blender containing one fresh monkey. Blend ape-proximately for 1 minute or until (PYOW PYOW) you can no longer hear the monkey. Bake in an oven for a very long time.

Enjoy. :D

.......... Meringue-utan! :rolleyes:

Oh BOO! That was BAD! :lol:

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Uh, okay, I'm completely lost. What's all this about then?

Can I suggest you maybe take a a look at

or maybe



Thanks for the links TBT ;) Try www.mypantshavebeensoyledentirelygreen .

Thanks for the advice Rad .... Rad suggested that if I sit more to the RH side of my PC everything would be fine .

All the best from Rick O'Shea's .... :whistling:

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