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Misc. Diamond Select lines

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We needed a thread where we can chat about the miscellaneous Select figure lines that DST puts out. So here we are!

I worked with toys when the first Marvel Select figures started coming out, and was able to see a lot of them in person out of package as they came out. I was a Marvel Legends collector when ToyBiz started that line up so between the 2 lines I just really didnt like what the select lines were about.

 I've seen the quality improve over the years and slowly they get more characters, more licenses, better Q/A (so I've read), better Paint apps, etc. I finally gave Select figures a chance with the new KH Mickey and Pluto from Walgreens, and a Skellington Jack from there as well. The Mickey is missing his tail but is otherwise a nice little figure, pretty good balance, sculpt, paint. The Jack can't move his legs without being at risk of breaking. I'll chalk that up to the characters design though as getting those skinny legs articulated and keeping the joints nice and usable is probably a tall order.

So before I go on, has anyone picked up any of the new Pacific Rim Select figures?


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I just saw the Legolas and Gimli figures.  Whoa boy, am I excited!  My six year old is thrilled too!  He loves all of my tobiz figures, but he's been jonesing for his LotR action figure to open.  Looks like he's getting a wish.

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1 hour ago, MisterPL said:

I haven't revisited them in a while but, yeah, that's how I remember them. Even the action features worked without being obtrusive.

And the sculpts were beautiful. The Sauron is still one of the best toys I’ve ever seen. 

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I love my Treebeard and Bilbo's homefront diorama. I never got into any other LOTR line even though 1/12 scale wasn't really my jam. I preferred 1/18 but there was no ignoring the excellence of this line.

If DST decides to offer Minimates again, but in the 2" scale, I'm in. I just don't have the space to go bigger. The Select figures do look gorgeous though.

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