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Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?


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I loved the second half of Cage, but then I like over the top stuff, and still think it was clever way to put a character in a near comics accurate costume. (Everyone complains there are no costumed villains in these things, Cage adds one, everyone complains it was cheesy... pick people!!)

BUT the fact that it was more Hand stuff, which frankly they aren't a strong enough villain to hold folks interest for long, probably hurt it more than everything else. The Hand is best in small doses, not as the focus of three out of the last four Marvelflix seasons. It's like Hydra on AoS, sure classic villains, but they too get old after a while. Too much Hand. Elektra isn't that interesting as an anti-hero, let alone a main villain. Never any real sense that the "Defenders" weren't going to win once the direct fight was on. Sure, giving Madame Goa powers was fun, would have been more fun if she'd ever shown those off previously, maybe I would have liked her in Iron Fist better if she'd served a purpose other than a link to DD besides Claire.

And I think that was part of the problem... Iron Fist was sooo weak and this was as much a direct continuation of that show as anything else, with a lot of DD season 2 loose ends thrown in. The plot literally revolved around the weakest character.

Don't get me wrong, overall I enjoyed it. But it was not without serious flaws.

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When this is the comics costume...


Your options are limited if you want to translate it directly to the screen. Which, for the most part, they did.

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I usually can't wait until the comic book character shows up in costume but I have to be honest; the end of Daredevil's first season got silly with that boss battle against Kingpin. I don't know if it was the mask (which I still don't care for) or if it was because I'd just spent all season getting used to that all black, Alien-esque look. It just looked like Matt had finally picked up his order from TV Supersuits R Us so he could beat the bad guy.

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Well, we knew we weren't getting bright red tights in any case.
Or even red leather.

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On 9/21/2017 at 9:34 AM, MisterPL said:

This is what happens when a Netflix Marvel show isn't supported by Minimates:

This should be a little scary for Marvel, since their entire model (both in movies and comics) is predicated around shared universe continuity. If people were willing to tune into at least part of this overall story but not willing to stick it out to the end, that's bad. It suggests that if one or more of the Marvel movies is a dud, their whole house of cards may come tumbling down. I know that's a bit of a stretch, but I'd still be worried if I were them.

Personally, I found the Defenders to be a bit dull, and certainly not the culmination of these series we were expecting. Rather than the Hand, they should have brought back the Kingpin and populated the show with a large array of recognizable villains from across the Marvel Universe.

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For a show about super-powered people fighting ninjas who are immortal because of the dragon bone marrow they inject, the show sure seemed wary to embrace it's comic book roots.

You know what would have made for a fantastic storyline?  The Kingpin, fresh from his stint in prison, is trying to rebuild his empire but bigger and stronger this time with the help of a politician (Black Mariah), a real estate magnate (one of the mecham's), a representative of The Hand (Madame Gao), and a mysterious new benefactor that seems to have her hands in everything (Sigourney Weaver).  Then, as the power structures in the underworld begins to change, the heroes of those areas start to notice and join together to fight back.  

Meanwhile you can still have Weaver's Black Sun storyline running, but now she's betraying villains we know (so now I care about it) and suddenly it becomes a three-way fight where say, The Kingpin and Daredevil are forced to put their differences aside for the moment and fight a greater, dragon marrow addicted enemy.

Plus, it would deemphasize Iron Fist as the central character of The Defenders and put that weight on to Daredevil's shoulder's where it belongs.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

Also also, RE: Minimates, if any of you are in the So-Cal area, I found all the available Netflix minimate sets (minus the SDCC exclusive) at Frank and Sons for FIVE bucks a piece.  Get'em while they're still available!

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2 minutes ago, TENIME_art said:

Played by Tim Blake Nelson.

(I had hoped so hard that he was "The Clairvoyant" in the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. :confused:)


You weren't alone. Marvel Studios really needs to revisit that character. Of course if they use flashbacks they'll have to reshoot scenes with Ruffalo but it'd be worth it.

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11 minutes ago, TENIME_art said:

Well, as someone who thinks Favreau should take Cheadle to a bluescreen set for a day or two and then release "Iron Man: The Don Cheadle Cut" on bluray, I'd have no problem faking flashbacks with Ruffalo & Nelson, lol...


Or if Cheadle's not available they could just hire that guy from Tropic Thunder.



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