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Golden Age Guardians by CKRTLAB Toys

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Hi Guys and Gals, I wanted to share some new figures I picked up at C2E2. They are from a company called CKRTLab Toys. They are doing these slick looking Golden Age public Domain Superheroes.I am copying the press release.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Toy Revolutionaries at CKRTLAB Toys announce the
release of their first line of vinyl action figures. Golden Age
Guardians are 5.5 inches tall, 6 points of articulation, made of
environmentally safe PVC and include 4 different weapons. WAVE ONE
includes "American Crusader" and "The Black Terror". A limited number of figures are also available in variant "Newsreel Black and White" editions."

Also available is CKRTLAB's blank figures, made for your customization pleasures: "Create
your own Hero or Villain. 5.5 inches tall, 6 points of articulation,
made of environmentally safe PVC, and includes 4 different weapons and
All figures / versions are priced at US$20 per, purchasable now via I love it that there are superhero/villain-themed figures to customize, with or without "capes"! LOL

They are doing a survey/poll on the website for fans to decide the two figures in series 2, I know you guys like doing polls, right?!?!

I talked to the owner, Tim for a pretty long time. He's a good guy, there with his wife and daughter. They are really passionate about these figures. I drug a bunch of the guys over to check them out. I figured I'd share, since I happen to be really into the golden age, and a lot of the heroes/villains who have fallen into the public domain. I think these are the first non minifigures I have purchased in about 5 yrs. A lot of fun, and my son absolutely loves them.

Thanks for checking these out (I hope they are in the right forum)

Here's some of my pics, and some official ones


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Yep, this is this right place Josh.

I also saw these and thought they looked cool. The guy seemed pretty nice too and very enthusiastic about the whole golden age vibe and bringing it back into vogue.


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I like Black Terror a lot, but Dare Devil is my favorite. The Fresh Monkey version needs the studded belt. I anxiously await the CKRTLabs (secret labs) version of DD.

$20 isn't too bad IMO. These things are big and bulky, very well painted and come with nice accessories.

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Hey Hellpop, I saw those secret wars style guys, I'm definitely going to grab a few of them...

Yeah, I was a little leery of the $20 pricetag as well, but these guys are very well made, with very nice, clean paint applications, and 4 different weapons. as soon as I opened them, i was glad I got them, lots of fun, and nice to look at. Like Shane says, they are pretty big, and have shoulder, neck, wrist, and waist articulation.

Hey Shane, get on there and vote for Daredevil, He was in 2nd place tie with Ghost, with Captain Midnight leading the way. I saw on the fresh monkey FB page(i think) they added the studded belt!

Here is a size comparison pic with my Black Terror custom...


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Thanks again for checking them out, and doing the poll Shane, I really hope Daredevil gets in series two as well!

For anyone else interested, there is more questions on the poll/survey. for example, there is one asking if you'd be interested in a smaller scale, or characters based on DC and Marvel heroes, as well as gender swapping characters.

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