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Issue with Spider-Woman prem format head - keep or send back?


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Hey guys I posted this over at SSF forum but who knows if anyone will reply and wanted to get your thoughts on this anyway since those guys can be a bit extreme at times...

I just won this on a recent ebay auction for a steal at $240 shipped. However I was an idiot as the auction didn't have any close ups of her face. She came in the mail earlier this week and there's paint app issues on both sides of her cowl. The seller denies that this is the same head he shipped saying he looked at it every day and never saw that. Basically saying I'm trying to rip him off. My OCD is kicking in but at $110 off retail ($325 +$25 shipping)I am considering keeping her instead of filing a complaint and sending her back. What would you guys do? And yes I know in the end the decision if I can live with that face is mine but really appreciate your thoughts here. Thanks!



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Thanks hellpop that's really how I want to feel...I have to keep telling myself it's a hell of deal.

Well, I'd try to paint it first, since you can tell where to fix it

Thanks but no way i'm going to even take a brush near a PF statue.

I always kid myself that "it's cheap'll be OK....I'll never notice it " .....but ultimately it never works for me & I'm guessing you're the same.


Yes but i'm trying to fight that. It is cheap, I am cheap so I couldn't resist a good deal. Honestly didn't expect it to go for that low on ebay. I'm just disappointed in the face. Where I may display her I probably won't see the paint issues because it'd be far enough away. She's on my desk right now so I can see the problems.

Also what is in the back of my mind is that if for some reason I need to sell I am worried I wouldn't be able to move it because unlike the seller I got this from I would definitely disclose the face paint apps.

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