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The non-Minimate Photo Thread

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Cool figures ! Are some of them custom?

I cant upload pics...My computer is being dumb -_-.

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I'll start posting pics when my PC stops being stupid.LOL.

And the last one looks awsome ! And 1st one(your custom) Looks great as whel.

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K80 I forget is that the faith leader or the original MP Prime?

MP-11. In fact, I'm trying to sell my igear now, and really want the MP-11 Starscream. If only it weren't damn near $200 on eBay.

I can't believed I passed on a $120 Screamer. Stupid not having a job thing. :(

I know I'm kicking myself for not getting that coronation starscream when it came out...I did just land the TRU Thundercracker and I LOVE it. Makes me mad I got rid of my Skywarp 2 yrs ago. I would love them to release him again with the new mold.

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Not priceless. As I'm sure you know, robots get pretty expensive. But I understand the sentiment. I had just got it and was seeing what it was capable of, and somehow that ended up as Saturday Night Fever. A movie I have never seen, but have seen posters and DVD covers and all sorts of things of. I suppose it made its way as an iconic image then, if it's in my head.

Those are all TF Prime toys right? I've never seen that show either. It's sitting in my Netflix queue, I just never manage to start it. Is it any good. Also how do you like the toys? Are they overly complicated? The last Transformers toys I had were from Beast Wars, so I'm wondering if a lot has changed since then.

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TF Prime sucks. You can watch the first 5 episodes and the last 3 and you're good forever. Seriously, the show is drivvle. The toys likewise are pretty bad. They had some First Editions which were amazing, and then Hasbro canceled the line. No one knows why. Fan outcry reached its peak, so the toys came back. Only this time as Prime Robots in Disguise. And they are a far cry from their engineerically superior cousins. But regardless of how you feel about the molds, you owe it to yourself to pick up First Edition Starscream and Arcee if you can find them cheap enough.

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