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  1. Found a full set in NW WA at a store that hasn't refreshed waves for over a year. Keep looking, because they've definitely reached the west coast (sporadically, of course...)
  2. Ugh. Stores in my area seem to have gone straight to wave three. Looking for Nighthawk, Man-thing and Power Princess. I thought I'd see if anyone on here has extras before resorting to ebay. Thanks in advance!
  3. tones, that Galactus looks pretty cool! Too bad mighty muggs doesn't make a sentinel.
  4. There we go! I knew I wasn't imagining things. Thanks. Brought back some memories Don't sweat it, the figure is Pudgy Pig, the evil space alien/monster of the week from the sixth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  5. Heroic Slacker, forgive my ignorance, but what's that pig-head-thing on the far right in the photo from? Looking at the pic this morning I had some major deja vu, as I haven't seen that character for decades but I totally recognize it from my childhood (I think).
  6. Thanos, Ronan, Thane, Iron Man... in order of want
  7. God, I would kill for this license to become a reality.
  8. Once upon a time I was excited about this movie, but I don't think any of these casting choices make sense. Disregarding the race thing, which I think is a totally unnecessary change, I just can't imagine either Kate or Jamie in their respective roles. I like both actors, but this just seems to be a serious case of miscasting. Is it just me or would Dean Norris (Breaking Bad, Under The Dome) have been the perfect choice for Ben Grimm/Thing?
  9. That custom Groot is AMAZING. The "hair" piece alone!
  10. My #1 wish is the Runaways team, but I'd also love Young Avengers or the characters from Avengers Arena. Basically, more teen characters would be awesome
  11. Thanks guys! Unfortunately, a lot of the characters I'm looking for seem to be going for ridiculous prices on ebay, so we'll see how that goes. Will try those other links. My first minimates purchase was from Luke's and I was very pleased!
  12. Hello all, I can't believe I didn't know about these little wonders until now. I've been looking for an extensive mini Marvel collection and this really fits the bill. I'm embarrassed to say I've already spent well over a hundred bucks on them in just the past few weeks (I have so much to catch up on!). For you seasoned collectors here, is there a better place than ebay to track down the older Marvel 'mates at a decent price? I've just started taking a peek at the flea market here, but not sure if people would do trades with a newbie like myself.
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