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  1. PREACH it Brother! For me there was no better years than the New Mutant/AOA year and then the Alpha Flight year.
  2. See, although the images are great and I will buy the set, it is hard not to feel disappointed that "my" favorites aren't being considered or used for this set (Inferno, Inhumans, Traditional GOTG). Also, it took me a second to look at Kitty and realize that was the cover image costume since I usually associate her with her Sprite outfit or the Green M jumpsuit in this story. I hope you get your sets some day. Traditional GOTG are currently off-limits, Inferno is getting more obscure by the day, and the Inhumans are a tough sell as a box set. But Ask DST! This Kitty changes into her green outfit, if that helps. But that jacket is pretty distinctive on the cover. Hey Zach thanks for the response. First off I think the set looks great, I just meant that for *me* I view SDCC as the time where more niche sets could be pumped out and this set seems like a LCS/TRU set. Anyway it does help that Kitty/Kate changes and yes, she is on the cover of the story but I haven't read the story in years. Interseting that the Original GOTG are off-limits. I will defend Inferno unti I am blue in the face and don't get me started on a Crystal minimate. It may get to the point that I will have to start petitions for petitions .
  3. See, although the images are great and I will buy the set, it is hard not to feel disappointed that "my" favorites aren't being considered or used for this set (Inferno, Inhumans, Traditional GOTG). Also, it took me a second to look at Kitty and realize that was the cover image costume since I usually associate her with her Sprite outfit or the Green M jumpsuit in this story.
  4. You just described Days of Future Past, too. Apology noted, but not accepted. This is pretty inexcusable. For such a hated film, so is its box office take. It's still at the top of the franchise, even in adjusted dollars. That is like saying The BillBoard Music Awards gives out prizes to the BEST in music instead of what sold more. In the end it is everyone's personal preference that matters. To Me X3 was below X1 in quality and story just because it added too much in than needed. It should have stuck to one story either Dark Phoenix or the Cure. Perferably in that order so that there is an even greater reason to have the cure be needed.
  5. Have I missed out on a Hydra Bob recipe in my slight absence from the board?
  6. Yeah, I don't know. I think mine are mainstream too but they keep getting passed by. Like a DOFP wave Pyro/Colossus Destiny/Nightcrawler Blob/Sprite Storm/Sentinel Mystique/Sentinel or even a Galactic Storm Crystal/Shiar Solider Sersi/Shiar Solider Black Knight/Ronan Quasar/Binary Gladiator/GiANT Man Lastly the New Warriors Beginings Trade Marvel Boy/Firestar Namorita/Kid Nova Speedball/Night Thrasher. I'd think those were all mainstream but odds are I won't get them.
  7. I may be the only person on this planet that feels this way but I have a visceral reaction to Skottie Young's work. I cannot stand it in any capacity and will actually skip issues that he guest pencils. But back on thread... Inferno would be a KILLER line except no headliners I can think of... Goblin Queen with S'ym N'Astirh with DarkChilde Demogoblin with Goblin
  8. You forgot to mention he has been in 5 different cartoon series and 9 different video games. But, who's counting?
  9. Ok, so sticking to the question who is the most important character than hasn't been made I'd have to pick between these three: Banshee - Longevity, has been featured in multiple mediums, and the last X-Man from the Giant Sized team that hasn't been made. (Sunfire technically has a mini). Crystal - Longevity, has been in every major team of the Marvel Universe (Inhumans, FF, Avenger, X-Men Associate). Black Knight - Longevity, has been in multiple teams (Avengers, Heroes for Hire, MI-13, Defenders, UltraForce, Excalibur)
  10. I think murder is a wee harsh. Manslaughter at best. He didn't mean to kill Charles and he was under the influence of the Phoenix force. I agree about the teaching aspect though. They very rarely show it happening but it is one of those things you have to assume is happening behind the scenes. I wish there was a way to make the waves happen where one was classic and one was contemporary. Like for example, an 80's wave of Inferno and then a BOTA wave followed by another classic wave then Marvel Later (since it ain't now). WIsh the gang at DST could get more of a heads up because it would be awesome to have a set of mates during a storyline or right after similar to how DC managed to get the Blackest Night figures out.
  11. You could always include the parts for Synch and make him from Chamber.
  12. Hey Zach: Y'all have but in this last year it has been a one woman if you are lucky per set on the Marvel front since the Alpha Flight sets (Strange Tales,Wolvie, Hulk, AVX, Deadpool, etc). ThunderCats being a great non-marvel exception.
  13. Perfect excuse to get us more Excalibur. Kylun/Meggan, Cerise/Pete Wisdom, Widget/Nocturne? Damm straight!! I would LOVE to see all those characters, but i can't see official releases of them coming anytime soon One variant that i think we will see one day is... THIS is my ultimate get for a variant. Crystal being my ultimate new figure get. My Alt version wish would be the Strike Force X-Men: Just give me a Gambit with parts for Forge (head, hair, leg) and Banshee (head, hair, wings) and a Storm body with Jubilee (head, hair) Psylock (head,hair) parts and I am a HAPPY man.
  14. Even my largest Minimate is still smaller than a Mask figure with his helmet off Hmmm... now to track down a MASK motorcycle for Deadpool...
  15. Zach - completely get that. I just wish that Target would take the chance again for at least a boxset. Heck even for a DC boxset since they are the home of the JLA figures. Or maybe more love from the Disney store. Please don't take it the wrong way. We are grateful to TRU for giving us a home outside of the LCB store environment. We are just greedy because we love the mates so much!
  16. As much as I weirdly want a red X-Factor Jean Grey (I have a Jean Addicition) I think that you need a N'astirh or S'ym instead of Scott or Jean. This makes me sad because we would be required by Minimate law to have a Wolverine.
  17. I'd buy two boxed sets. Classic Storm/Pyro/Future Logan/Blob and box set two Destiny/Avalanche/Sentinal/Sprite. But having two girls in one box set apparently is a deal breaker.
  18. Another way of looking at it would be that the 616 past hasn't been altered and that is why the original five couldn't go back because they never left. Instead a new alternate time line was created the instant Beast went back and brought them forward in time. I think that this is the case. They didn't go into 616 but maybe 617. Something that was close or almost the same until this moment happened. AOU definitely did something to the time/space continuum, which is leading me to believe Marvel is heading toward that big old DC Nu52 reset button. Also, I am a believer in the Angela is Jean Grey theory. Secondly, Kitty leaving was the only thing that redeemed this series for me. Time and again Kitty has supported all of those X-Men and never asked questions. She always takes their side. The one time she asked them to take hers over a group of strangers they said nyet. I’d be pissed too. At least with Scott’s X-Men you can argue she knows what she is getting and may even be able to soften them. I still want them to fix this Illyana mess but whatever. Back to the Minimates. Sadly, this will be a box set it is a matter of when. Personally, I would prefer celebrating the anniversary of Inferno or Fall of the Mutants but bygones. If I had to I would want Xorn Jean, Shogo, Wolverine’s kid, and Wiccan. Then it is half brotherhood/ half X-Men.
  19. Am I the only one that wants to see this? Maybe it is because it gives us more civilians...
  20. I remember her. I know you do and don't think I don't covet yours!!!
  21. It is sad but Crystal is one of the most connected characters in the Marvel U and the most ignored. She is an Avenger, Fantastic Four, and Inhumans. She married into both the X-Men and into the Cosmic Realm. She's an easy custom but still would love a major release regardless of the costume. Aleta's light based powers would make for great accessories but again no one remembers her. You should get the trade of GOTG for Jim Valentino's run. I remember loving that book. Why not just make a Banshee two pack with both Teresa and Sean. It could even be a theme! Captain Marvel (Carol and Genius), Banshee (Theresa and Sean), Wasp (Hank Pym and Janet), Hawkeye (Kate and Clint),
  22. Um... not to be a jerk.. but... ya need to!!! I ave three basic wants left on my cold day in hell wishlist: Siryn, Crystal, and Aleta. The odds aren't in my favor of ever getting any of them but I still try...
  23. Did I miss a link to this somewhere?
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