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  1. MegaBloks or the now MegaConstrux Call of Duty and HALO vehicles work pretty well with Minimates. Not all the vehicles, but quite a few.
  2. Is there any talks at DST about having G.I. Joe Minimates for the upcoming Snake Eyes movie, the announced Amazon Prime Lady Jaye show, and the eventual new Joe movie?
  3. For this first box set I think we are gonna see some heavy hitters & fan favorites: Snake Eyes Ver. 2, original Cobra ninja Storm Shadow, Scarlett, and the big bad himself Cobra Commander in battle helmet.
  4. Very excited for G.I. Joe Minimates. I have been making custom Minimate Joes for over a year and a half and am excited to see what DST has come up with. I hope this line lasts for a long time and we get many, many characters. I would love to see army builder two-packs of Cobra Vipers, Cobra Troopers, BATS, Steel Brigade and others. These could be exclusives to Luke's Toy Store like the X-Factor Multiple Man two-packs were.
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