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  1. I don't have the extra time to run it full time but I would gladly buy it and pay for hosting if a couple of you wanted to help me keep it going. Love that site.
  2. Here's the first review (yes I know it's from a writer on my own website but I told her to be honest and not kiss my behind.)
  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone. @Turtle - Glad you like the Phalt preview, it gets so much better. @Hellpop Glad you liked the look of the first page of the Soda comic. Just so everyone knows these are the first pages of each story in the anthology. The stories run 3-5 pages each. @Luke thanks for the kind words! Hope you like it.
  4. Thanks, I really always assumed no one was reading it but me and some friends so it always means a lot knowing people enjoyed it.
  5. Good to see I might finally get my minimates, however I chose the one with a custom logo, doubt I'll get that.
  6. UPDATED: Here's the first review (yes I know it's from a writer on my own website but I told her to be honest and not kiss my behind.) Hey guys it's been a real looooooooooooooooong time. I'm alive and for you fans of Minimate Theatre I just want you to know I'll get around to that eventually. But more important things await, I published my own comic. This weekend in Orlando, at Megacon, you can pick up the first issue of Crimson Monkey Comics at my booth. I'm super excited and it turned out pretty well but I would never have had the confidence if not for years of doing Minimate Theatre and the support of all of you. Here's some preview pages and I'll keep you posted of any reviews and when you can order a copy, but otherwise if you are at Megacon please come visit me. You don't need to buy an issue just come say hi. Missed you guys.
  7. I see a lot of greatpotential here, I just hope it lasts longer than a single set.
  8. This series can do no wrong. Praying for a Negan by the end of the year.
  9. This could one day be bigger than Marvel Minimates. I want to go on record now demanding a Mighty Mutanimals box set. I'm willing to wait up to 5 years for this to happen, but not a day longer!
  10. Minimate Theatre #234: Parker Family Relations Ben warns May about Peter's "odd" behavior.
  11. This is the perfect example of why I love minimates, I would never buy plant vs zombie figures except as minimates. I actually take back my statement after the page fully loaded I saw the regular action figures.... SO COOL!
  12. This week we look at someone form my home town of Baltimore, the one and only Chef Duff.
  13. Minimate Theatre #233: His Hot Body Ben does not approve what Otto's doing with Peter's body.
  14. This week we look at my first "promo" mate, the Tower Records guy.
  15. Minimate Theatre #232: The Incestial Spider-Man Otto takes things in Peter's body to a creepy place.
  16. I used to be so angry at the website as I'd buy the exclusives instantly and then a month or 2 later a huge discount. Glad you all enjoyed this as the point of the column is to look back fondly and remember the "old days". Also I encourage you all to point out if I forget pr remember something incorrectly.
  17. I think it's a cleaver idea and could have some legs as I can see these in stores of all sizes. I'd buy and support these because it's you Luke but I think fans of mini figures would be interested.
  18. WE ARE BACK. After taking time off to finalize and beta test the new site Minimate Theatre has returned. Here's the latest strip. Regular updates return next Monday!
  19. It won't all be minimates but I'll definitely be favoring them especially now with 2 weekly features on them.
  20. This week we look at someone form my home town of Baltimore, the one and only Chef Duff. Original: You may have been wondering where myself and minimate theatre went well we were building a website form the gorund up. We relaucnhed this week and I would like to share our new weekly column MINIMATE SPOTLIGHT. Each week we will look at my favorite minimates, the history, and what makes them so special to me. Hope you enjoy and Minimate Theatre returns tomorrow!
  21. I missed out on these since my TRU closed up January 16th. So for me it is an end of minimates at TRU.
  22. Very happy you got everything on time and super excited for how much you enjoyed the comic. Thank you for the praise and honestly it's the reason I sent the package so late. It took me a bit longer to find the time to complete it with work and my in1 year old walking now but the fact you enjoyed it so much makes all the work worth while. The story was actually inspired by you being a father so I decided to go a bit sweeter than weirder in this one. Though I had to have at least one inappropriate joke regarding the deadpools. Hope you enjoy and very happy to have helped make yours a very Merry Christmas. Oh BTW there are only 3 copies of that comic printed, one for pappy, one for myself and one was sent to my secret santa as a thank you. Still not sure who he is but I have some ideas....
  23. So it was the weekend and my wife said I could do it and well I opened the rest. Very happy with my secret Santa, Who I will now try to figure out. I got the first wave of Battle Beasts, SDCC exclusive battle beasts, walking dead toy and stuffed animal and my absolute favorites Deadpool bank and key chain, two things I've wanted for some time. I am still blown away by the kindness and creativity of my secret Santa. Guys like him keep making me up my game every year.
  24. Ok so here's the story my Secret Santa has blown my expectations. I got a big box in the mail opened it up and read the letter beow. So I got this on Monday and so far have opened 4 gifts, yes I'm following the rules. I got two awesome Battle Beasts PRomo Mates (from SDCC and a retailer exclusive) My first ever MacFarlane Walking Dead Zombie (curses new collection starting...) and a stuffed Bicycle Girl Zombie that I'm proud to say my one year old boy LOVES!! Will continue to update as I open more and already planning a nice thank you for my secret Santa whomever they be.
  25. Pictures are coming soon but I am beyond shocked what I received for my secret Santa. I'll start posting the images tonight but basically it's going to take me 13 days to get to everything. Details coming later tonight.
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