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  1. IK I'm replying to 15-year old thread, but Wave 24 Classic Spider-Man for me. To me, it's the definitive red and blue Spidey. Some close seconds would have to be Cap Reborn and Extremis Iron Man from Wave 32.
  2. That's awesome. We've been in dire need of new Fantastic Four stuff.
  3. Saw that. It's a cool look. If I ever get my hands on the animated Wasp figure, or at least just that torso piece, I might try something similar. I did it already with my Avengers #1 Giant-Man (painted the blue bits black to resemble his EMH costume) and I think it looks fine. Just gotta Varnish it.
  4. Damn. Sad to hear about the discontinuation of the B.A.F.s. I assume budget cuts or something? Glad to hear about a new Wasp being discussed, tho. Again, I have the original Avengers #1 version, but in all honesty, I'd like a modernized version, preferably either her 2000s costume, or hell, even something along the lines of her EMH costume (which I ADORE). Just... anything that has the black and yellow color scheme to make her stand out from Ant-Man/Giant-Man, and that isn't the animated or movie version.
  5. Stupid excited for Series 82. Loved the 2018 costumes with the inverted color scheme. Gonna be placing my orders as soon as they go up and as soon as I get the cash together.
  6. Honestly, the reveal of the X-Men '92 Minimates gives me a lotta hope in seeing a Spider-Man '94 wave down the line, since I have a great degree of nostalgic love for '90s Spider-Man.
  7. Honestly, the 2 characters I think that are in a most DIRE need of an update are Giant-Man and Wasp. Last time we got comic book Wasp was in 2008 in the Avengers #1 box set (which is also the only time we've gotten Giant-Man in his original costume), and the last time we got Giant-Man was in Wave 44 back in 2012, based on that crappy Heroes Return costume from 1998. If Marvel would put out another classic Avengers wave that was kinda a spiritual "update" to the Avengers #1 box set (kinda like how Wave 68 was an "update" to the old Giant-Size X-Men box set from 2004), I'd like to see Hank and Jan in a 2-pack that allows you to switch between their looks from the old Tales to Astonish/Avengers comics. Barring that, I would also love to get figures of their more modernized looks (Wasp's costume from the 2000s and Giant-Man's costume from 2010). IDK if anyone shares my sentiment. I just think it's WELL past time for an update for Marvel's iconic insectoid couple.
  8. Been a long time since we've heard anything about upcoming figures. IIRC, wasn't the last wave released the Phoenix Saga/Dark Phoenix Saga stuff? Also, whatever happened to those rumored Fantastic Four 2018 prototypes that were shown off? That series cancelled?
  9. Hey, guys. Status update; After being undecided for a while, I recently picked up Thor Reborn along with Cap Reborn. Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased with both. I've gotten Captain America Minimates before (namely the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 version), but this is actually my first Thor Minimate.
  10. Hey, guys. I'm relatively new here and I just wanted to ask what your personal thoughts were on what the best Thor Minimate ever is. I'm having trouble deciding on whether to get the Thor from the Classic Heroic Age box set or Thor Reborn, which I've heard contesting arguments before on being the best Thor Minimate(s) ever produced. IDK. I'd just like to hear thoughts of other collectors directly.
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