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Secret Santa 2016 - A New Hope

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Well, I'd post pictures if I could, but I got the second half of my secret Santa gift a while back but haven't gotten around to documenting it. I received a BEAUTIFUL diorama based on a city street at Christmas time which I can only assume was done by the brilliant KrisLyons. So thank you to him for putting this piece of wonderment together and sending it my way for the holidays. 

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34 minutes ago, Mysterious Stranger said:

That was the "bonus" Secret Santa gift from me. I had Kris send it directly or I would have kept it for myself.

I can attest to that!  I had a really hard time passing the TMNT lair onto you after I saw it in person ?

Kris is an artist, for sure.


NerdyTrev - no rush, but we're all waiting with eager anticipation to see this dio and how you utilize it :)

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NerdyTrev, glad it arrived safely. I wish i would have had time to do a few more things with it, but I did manage to take some quick shots before shipment. Forgive the quality, just quick snaps with the worst phone camera in the universe-






Your patronage is truly appreciated fellas. I mean it. now please excuse me as I get to work on these late commissions...

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