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  1. Deadpool. Though Stan Lee would be a close second.
  2. I understand the Sentry, but how is Jewel very important? I know she's had her own book and influenced the Avengers, but I didn't think she had much impact otherwise. Even in terms of just the story of Secret Invasion, Mockingbird has been more important (though AA admitted they didn't know Mockingbird would feature so much in the story).
  3. I think you'd just need to get a license with the league and the players' union; I don't think (at least in the NFL) you need to have an agreement with individual players, though they can opt out if they want. I suspect it's still pretty expensive though, plus any individual 'mate wouldn't have the appeal of, say, Picard in the Star Trek line.
  4. Can Megos possibly sell better than minimates? I can believe DST doesn't think a minimate-scale bridge would be profitable, but it's hard to believe a Mego-scale bridge would be. To be fair though, that bridge looks pretty cheap, so they might be able to make money at a $60 price tag.
  5. I like that the guess, but I'd modify it slightly (I think they might give us Riker first): TOS: City On the Edge Of Forever Kirk / Edith Keeler TNG: Riker / Troi MOVIES: TWOK Spock / Khan MOVIES: Radiation burn Spock (with gloves) / Khan
  6. Nice to see at least one other person would like minimates of the Black Terror, Fighting Yank, etc. I might be willing to buy a Hitler minimate IF it was in a Captain America punching Hitler set. Disappointed to see the lack of love for Darkhawk. Maybe we need a top 10 to see who the fans really want?
  7. I was a big fan of Immortal Iron Fist (obviously), but I'm not sure about the new creative team taking over. X-Factor is great whenever they actually give it a few issues that aren't crossovers. Daredevil and Captain America are excellent as well.
  8. Maybe I'm missing something, but what products does DC Direct sell anywhere but specialty stores? I guess I've seen an odd figure in TRU once in a while, but it's not like their stuff is in Wal-mart or Target.
  9. That's a great Wolverine hairpiece. Shouldn't Beast have an X-men or Avengers belt?
  10. I'd agree with TBT. Also, I think the "wings" in the picture are flaps Tony used when braking.
  11. I agree wholeheartedly. Of course, I'd prefer an entire Immortal Iron Fist wave, but that seems pretty unlikely.
  12. I'm planning Sisko head and hands plus Sulu body to make a "Trials and Tribbleations" Sisko.
  13. I didn't realise these were so pricey! I see a black SW went for $46 on Ebay recently. I know I didn't pay that much for her, probably was like ten bucks. But it was back around when it came out. I'm like you, I'm sure not paying crazy prices for these variants I wish they never had in the first place! I didn't mind when the variants were kind of lame (Cyclops w/o visor, DD w/o mask) but when they are cool (Stealth Iron Man) or NEW characters (Tarantula? How lame that it's a variant), well, I wish they weren't variants in the first place. I had a chance to pick up the figure for about $10 at my LCS when it first came out, but didn't think it worth it at the time. Oops. That's a big reason why I don't like different character variants and DST's no re-release of variants policy. Diamond Emma Frost and Frosted Iceman are going to be worth about the same to everyone whenever they come out, but different characters might be worth a lot more once a few of their teammates are available.
  14. Just Archangel, though I had Vision 2.0 and got rid of him. I'd like to get the Spider-Woman variant to build up my West Coast Avengers roster, but not at the price she's going for right now.
  15. Even this early in the series I think Nick Fury and one of the Super Skrulls would be obvious choices. I would think the new versions of Cap and Thor would be held back for regular releases. I really like the idea of extra Skrull heads.
  16. Despite my complaining, I'll admit variants aren't that big of a deal when you can order the entire set for about $32 shipped. That's pretty reasonable, though I don't think anyone wants to get stuck with two Spymasters. I'm still not convinced they're an overall benefit though.
  17. I'm not a fan of variants either. Look at Thor, for instance. He's one of top Avengers and a high profile character, but the minimate is relatively hard to get a hold of because there was a variant. Also, per DST's policy, they can't use that particular variant to put a heavy hitter in another wave. I'm not sure how the company actually benefits from this, and it sure doesn't help collectors in general.
  18. I was thinking the same thing. Wave 24 sounds a lot like an assortment that Hasbro would out, especially compared to the obscure characters in wave 23.
  19. Rhodes as the variant is strange, but I plan on ordering the whole wave so no big deal. Three new Spider-man minimates and a Venom seems like overkill, but like murderofcrows said, if it gets us 3 new villains it's tolerable. Plus, a new black costume Spider-man puts to bed one of my biggest complaints about the whole line, so I'm happy overall.
  20. I'd love to see pulp heroes, especially Doc Savage and the Shadow. The Rocketeer would be sweet as well. Would anyone else like to see Project Superpowers minimates? I suppose you could do most of the characters without a license, since they're in the public domain.
  21. I would love to get some New Warriors, and I NEED a Moon Knight.
  22. The Iron Man set is up for preorder at AFX. They have the Invaders set too.
  23. Top 10: * Deadpool * Moon Knight * Beta Ray Bill * Madrox * Iron Fist (New Costume) * Iron Fist (Orson Randall) * Hercules * Annihilus * Hyperion * Ares
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