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  1. Is there anyone who happens to have an extra Thor nighthawk pack or can get one by any chance? Still no luck here... Thank s
  2. Yeah man same happen to me, I'm use to grabbing the first ones since they're the one per case usually , but this time it was all mixed upd. Ending up getting a few doubles. Had to go back into the store and feel them up again to get the rare one. I really dislike blind packs... I buy all minimates pretty much and these blind bags are costing me $$$. Haha.. I would like to someday be able to take pics for diamond of minimates or to be able to review minimates for them with my pictures..??? would be a dream come true ... If anyone wants to follow me on ig jaybird1019 . I take all kinds of minimate pics
  3. Same here man, one of the Walgreens got in another case of the same thanos pack wave. They have 3 sets of that wave up on the pegs sucks
  4. Thanks for helping me out with the antman/falcon pack. Can't wait .....
  5. Oh alright never thought about that. Iam loving this set.
  6. Did the punisher come with a white skull shirt too? If so I don't think mine had it haha but then again maybe it didn't come with one
  7. Cool was just looking at that, will have to give them a call. Really want those minimates ,hulkbuster is calling my name haha
  8. The code should be in a piece of paper and I think you have to set up an account with after you input the code. Damn ya I didn't get any paper in mine looks like I have to return it and try and get another this sucks
  9. Hey guys I bought the DVD set but didn't get a code or anything? Em I missing something or is there something else you have to put in?
  10. It's from a old star wars figure, it was on a lightsaber .
  11. My brother from another mother, what up yooo?
  12. Because jokes/sarcasm are hard to determine on the internet, I am just going to throw this out there: that piece should be reversed. You know that, right? I love your pick, but that piece for Blade is supposed to be his hand throwing a stake; not a club-like piece. It really is a cool set and your lighting in those pics is awesome! Haha ok i was wondering how he would use it, I see now tho ..
  13. Lol , only way to keep the werewolf at bay I thought it was a heart on a stake, but potato would have been my second guess
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