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  1. Did we get any more reveals at Toyfare?
  2. Yup, Valerie wore a version of Lorna’s costume up until the close of X-Factor’s first series. Alpha Flight was on a world tour and lost their luggage which caused them to have to wear X-Factor’s costumes as they deal with a mutant that had her powers activate after her death. As for Rahne’s rat tail, it is accurate in her light wolf-girl version and for her human form one could use Carnage or Juggernaut’s hair (hail Ivan). Or just cut the rat tail off.
  3. You could always do a depowered Rahne to not "waste" the double buy. During this period you have her full Wolf-Girl But then the closer to human wolf-girl by using a spare piece from the New Mutants set: And then when she gets cured by Haven.
  4. I think for me it was a hard task because most of my iconic covers have mates that have been made ot I can't think of how they would do it. Like in this iconic cover: We could get a teen Storm in Strike Force gear but then the Havok piece would be interesting to see if they would ever give us that many explosion bubbles as and accessory. I think it'd be more plastic than the actual figure LOL. This one too is very accessory reliant so who knows DST has the mold already from the Select Colossus version.
  5. Rusty has been dead for so long and even Fabian Nicieza didn't remember killing him.
  6. Man I was hoping we would get something like Johnny Quest even a Riverdale, CW-verse, or anything but it looks like John WIck is a thing.
  7. I feel like the Charlie Brown of Minimates.. Every year I get so excited for Toy fair hoping that they will announce the DC license and every year I see DC making so many cool figures that I just don't have space for.
  8. You guys nailed It! I did a page from Uncanny X-Men 138 and it took forever so I am really impressed with people that do covers. Well done!.
  9. AGREED! there are a couple alt heads that could be used in this series. I wonder though who is getting paired with who. like Maybe Jean with Rahne but with the Guido chest block means that those two figures will have less accessories? I still wish we were getting a Baby Cable for this Also looks like the Beast hands are a new version of the big blue arms. Not sure how I feel about that yet.
  10. I can see how people may be annoyed with the lack of Iceman but it's been a while since we got an Archangel and Beast that match this era as well.Maybe SDCC will be the ultimate surprise with a 90's box set that includes an Iceman, Warpath, Sunspot and Boomer. I would strongly recommend you read the Peter David Visionaries collection (you can even find it on the comics apps online) there is some amazing work on that series. I celebrated by watching Cold Comfort from X-Men TAS whilst drinking coffee. I do hope that the Gudio head comes in the same pack as the the Multiple Man figure as I have a few plans for him! Also, we are so close to an Inferno complete saga!
  11. I understand. That is how I'm planning on army building and not feel like I have a ton of wolfsbanes without purpose.
  12. How I am looking at this is we have the fully Wolfsbane that they produced, then there is one with the New Mutant Wolfsbane hair, then a human in the costume. Then there is Aurora in her costume. That to me is justifying the four Wolfsbanes. Although I do wish she would come with 90's Beast's furry arms and maybe a tail. I painted my extra Beast's arms to do it but then lost them in the move. Hail Ivan.
  13. Hopefully! Now to just find out when they will be getting them to us. Luke, I am ready to throw money at you.
  14. The second I saw these I thought of this: Jean is reusing the standard Jean hair which may look better than the Green version if they the mask right. I personally am already getting this ready: hail Ivan. I think they didn't use the Jim Lee Beast hair since they put it on Wolfsbane so he must be wearing another Logan hair.
  15. I already know that my second set will be used for this:
  16. We finally got them!!!
  17. I finally got my max holy grail and got search and rescue! Man I miss this line.
  18. I have never dreaded a lineup like this before.
  19. I did a swap out for the Animated hair and face and instantly liked the figure a lot more. Even with the two tones which normally bothers me to no end.
  20. Same! I got burned badly by toybiz so I made a “rule” about toylines and I wouldn’t start collecting the line until they had a majority of the team or a Jean Grey/Batgirl. It’s why I didn’t start collecting minimates until the Ultimate X-Men Wave.
  21. At the end of the day it is all about money. If DST can show that DC Minimates can make a profit that offsets everything.
  22. Yes we did get a Feral then but to "complete" the full GC line up: So we would need this costume to get them all. Although personally I am really hoping for X-Factor and them being packed with Reavers, because even though they are traditionally villains who doesn't want to army build cyborg assassins?
  23. That would be hilarious at this point. We would be missing Feral but she turns traitor anyway.
  24. Well toy fare is next week so hopefully we will get to know what’s happening!
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