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  1. So who knows maybe next year or it will be a Walgreens wave at year end?
  2. Nice! How did you get the halo off of the Angel figure?
  3. The new power pieces look like the legends one and I’ve mugged a pair or two legends for those pieces. It will be nice to have them in a real scale.
  4. That would be amazing! Don’t forget the nice Sentinel for either Justin (RIP) or Trinary.
  5. That pain is very very real and why my Batgirl/Nightwing set is in a box under my bed and not on display.
  6. Very late to the party but o did a quick kitbash of this and am pretty happy. Hopefully it inspires you too.
  7. Thank you. I like your custom I’m trying to go for a white costume version though. As for the baby blue Iceman I’m IN. All three of these costumes are great and I wish we got them: I am so thirsty for the graduation and X-Factor versions not be spot on but just do a torso and arms swap. Although I’m not going to lie if we ever got a Jim Lee Bobby I would Kit bash a Vance Astrovick Justice and not care about the big X on him. There is a lot of love for this costume as I stalk the variant Marvel legend of it and it’s always expensive. Also would love a better ice slide. I’ve been meaning to see how this one would work with minimates but I keep forgetting it at my folks place in Sydney.
  8. Hi Zach- do we know if you guys are doing minimate exclusives at the cons this year?
  9. Hi Zach- do we know if you guys are doing minimate exclusives at the cons this year?
  10. If they had to... I'd be ok with a packed in Stan head as an alternative look for a shape changer like Mystique or Chameleon or an official Morph.
  11. That Mimic recipe has alluded me for years. I spent yesterday thinking about a Nocturne and Wild Child.
  12. Genius! Now THAT is a DC Vinimate I could not say no to.
  13. I would love if they did a Translucent Green Lantern.
  14. True confession, I have never seen the Alien movies. All I know about it I learned from the Great Movie Ride in Disney Hollywood Studios (back when it was MGM). I just buy this like because it looks cool, has great parts for other customs, and I have Villains to display against my DC and Marvel mates and they have Vehicles and Accessories. I even bought a Vinimate Alien since I know they have a queen. That being said, I am really sad this line isn't continuing as any minimates line is a good line to me. I have the same issue with the Ghostbuster lines but at least then I have seen the movies and I bought a Stay Puff Vinimate because he is iconic.
  15. You really wanted to smack me in the face with that one didn't you. I will just never get a TNG Minimates Crew and will FINALLY have to concede that OG Star Trek is the best Trek.
  16. The Angel situation had me debating on which box to open. It was stressful but made it through.
  17. I almost bought Iton Giant but I haven’t seen the movie so it felt a little sentinel to me.
  18. That to me is the biggest issue. I think he’s going to get packed with Scott since he’s the only original with a different look shown. What weirdly makes sense to me is: Scott/Jaime with Guido head Angel/Lorna with Guido legs Beast/Rahne with Guido arms Jean/Alex with Guido Body
  19. Sure baby Nathan Christopher Charles Summers developed his telekinetic powers early and when in extreme danger he would create a huge force field that was so strong Jean couldn’t break it.
  20. Look, I’d buy that 4 pack but I want a baby Christopher in a removable bubble too.
  21. I completely sympathize as I have benign mal tremors so I also am not a real painter. I have found success though with sharpie paint pens. I got them at staples and that’s what I used on my Rogue.
  22. Same, we have only had one “toy” of Jean in her Red costume which is weird since that’s the costume she wore for several important X-crossovers. Growing up I had the Walt Simonson X-Factor up in my bedroom which was the first time my parents let me have a poster up!
  23. I don’t hate the movie mates, I just prefer the comic waves. As for extra parts, I think what we see is what we got which makes me a little sad. The dream extra pack in for me would be baby cable in a circular ball with a stand. As for a cosmic wave I include GOTG as cosmic so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of them. Although I really want to make 2019 the year we finally get a Vance Astro.
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