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  1. Well that’s how I feel toward the X-Factor wave. I WANT THEM NOW! But back to the topic, I can’t wait to get the Walgreens sets. I’m probably one of the few but I still see Thor, BP, and Infinity war sets on the shelves so I’m not as bothered as to wanting x,y,z. I did find Walgreens War machine and Black widow as wasted slots but I get people wanted them. Hopefully something with the license can be worked out and another movie wave can happen but if not then I’m grateful for the ones that I have.
  2. Ok so we have 6 waves so on average a Wave every two months that are going into an ecosystem that has distribution challenges.... still is healthy although not ideal from a CPG standpoint. As for the fan wave, fans requested the lineup Enchantress, Black Knight, Tigers, Falcon, Blizzard... what do you want to blame DST for exactly?
  3. I know my loving uniforms is probably why but I can’t find any fault with this choice except that I would have just packed in a Thor and Cap head into the four pack and had Rocket be a variant 50/50 split between his gotg costume and the team look packed with an army builder for Thanos.
  4. If you look at it, we are getting almost 60 figures this year for Marvel alone. It’s not at our pace or how we want it but it’s there. We still don’t know what the back half of the year is going to look like full until SDCC and NYC CC. Honestly, I don’t think they had the money for an official tie in line. These licenses cost a lot of money and it isn’t like they give a friends and family discount. DST did a spiritual wave that matches the license they have. Also, based off of the End Game clap back happening I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this to also avoid the “whining” even if they have the money - which I doubt. Agreed. The fact is that demand wasn’t there for these lines. As much as DST wants to give fans what they want, they are a business. If there was demand for these figures we would be getting these figures. They don’t willingly want the company to fail or to piss us all off. There was tons of chatter over a marvel most wanted Avengers line. They gave us the figures “we” wanted and it “bombed”. We saw the Kingdom hearts line up and didn’t like it. It bombed. Muppets... bomb. Big Bang didn’t provide a Big Bang. Dark tower was not a bright spot. These are licenses that have built in fan bases but aren’t catching fire. Granted, I wouldn’t have picked them and would have found every loop hole on the planet to get the Arrowverse, Buffy, STNG, and Archie/Riverdale or underserved fandoms like the 100 or even Timeless that have managed to get shows brought back to life. Basically fan bases with money that have a history of supporting product like they did with Ghost Busters, Aliens, and Walking Dead. I’d also spend my time getting my online store actually working and taking any and all meetings to get back into Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.
  5. I think we are talking ourselves into a cancellation. The line actually isn’t that bad off but if we keep picking at it the way we do one here it could be.
  6. It comes down to the license and how much it costs tbh.
  7. I think that’s comparing apples to pineapples. The Dewolfe wave did have a few hitters like Spidey and Daredevil in it whilst although I want this box set, excluding the wrecking Crew the others aren’t really household names.
  8. You can be curious, I’m going to be shitting myself. The only thing I can think of is that Walgreens didn’t order more because the pegs are clogged. I went to a store on the UES that had Thor, Black Panther, infinity war, Animated Wave 8 & 9 sets and it made me pause for a moment.
  9. I respectfully disagree. I don’t think they actually have given Trek a fair shot. I think they have given original Trek a shot. To me, “real” Trek is TNG through Voyager and those parts of the franchise have been really ignored.
  10. With these in hand I have to say I do like them a lot more than expected.
  11. Nope, two different characters. Both have been in the films.
  12. So I did a bit of the circuit and nothing to report except that when I asked my local store csr about them she laughed... I’m not sure if it’s a we are never getting them laugh or a we sold out laugh. Both are disturbing.
  13. I’ll buy them all but really don’t think we needed an additional Widow and Warmachine. Really wish we had gotten more figures (or heads) for characters like Ayo.
  14. Wow, online sales are projected to reach 25% of all retail transactions by 2026. In 2019, almost 6K brick and mortar stores will close based off of US Retailer announcements. I really need DST to get on that online store experience STAT.
  15. Glob:
  16. The first one that came to mind is Glob. Then Honey Badger, Quinten, and Pixie are all lovable but not exactly genius level.
  17. I don’t have enough exposure to Cho except for Champions so 🤷🏻‍♂️. I do agree though there are too many geniuses in the MCU. Either way it would have been nice to get say a Champion set or even Young Avengers which I also can’t believe hasn’t happened.
  18. I’m insane so I’d want something like an X-Men uniform pack like this image with a male and female form. Or even just a pack of henchmen that mimicked the “lost” marvel legends wave 13: AIM Scientists, Hellfire Goon, Hydra agent, Doombot, Skrull, Hand Ninja, Kree, Brood Drone, Sons of serpent, and Purifier.
  19. I’m so thirsty for a MockingBird that I could care less just give me one. I did a kit bash of her and it’s embarrassing. We need a real one.
  20. That’s how I feel about Acme Comics and cards. If you are in the central Florida area ever it is worth a trip. If you collect a toyline, they have it. I can see what you mean but for the most part I think it’s because comics themselves aren’t selling at huge numbers. They have done a better job at a story lines though but I doubt they get that much of a heads up. I’m shocked that we don’t have a Ms Marvel but then again we have 3 Spider-Gwens and a Gwenpool. I am more surprised that Amadeus as Hulk hasn’t been made as the other replacements have: Riri, Jane Thor, Sam Cap, and Laura as Wolverine.
  21. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    I’m a huge Miles fan. I didn’t recognize the costume at all nor did I want it. I understand the reason the selection and TBH I’ll probably just slap a miles face on it. That way I will have a civilian look for him.
  22. Is this your guess or is this confirmed?
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