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  1. I’m really in the minority as I actually agree with skipping far from Home.
  2. Distribution is a huge area of concern. Sure Walgreens is a larger retailer but that they haven’t done their own is just head scratching. I can’t imagine how in 2019 they still don’t have this sorted.
  3. I meant easy in the sense of they are no brainers and they are already creating pieces for them therefore they have the relationships. Sadly, I really do feel that DST is not as focused on Minimates as they have been.
  4. Not going to lie I’m buying one for my Danger Room display
  5. Agreed. Comics just aren’t doing the numbers that they were back in the day. I do think that nostalgia mining makes sense. Look at Hasbro giving us more AOA and tapping into the X-Men animated series. Also Super 7 keeps making me angry with their licenses. It’s like they hit the gold mine. And yes, I am willing to die on the hill that CW Arrowverse, Young Justice, Buffy, and Star Trek TNG are easy licenses that would boost the portfolio.
  6. Welll, Hall H came through and is giving us a huge slate of potential minimates hopefully. We have: Black Widow Eternals Shang Chi Blade Dr Strange Multiverse Jane Foster, I mean Thor 4 GOTG 3 and then the shows. Hawkeye Cap America: Falcon and Winter Solider What If WandaVision Loki Who are you most excited for?
  7. Praise. I remember working on stuff for Idol when it was a FOX show but at a Disney Park.... not the greatest.
  8. I seem to be in the minority as I don’t mind the costumes they selected since they make sense as a wave. It’s more Asgardarians of the Galaxy to fit in with the Cosmic GhostRider which if these are sold in a comic store may make sense. If they are sold in Walgreens well they have a lot of name recognition in Gamora, Starlord, Cosmic GhostRider. It’s not a perfect wave but it is a a good one.
  9. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Same for me. Any New Warrior gets an automatic buy but VANCE is a must have. Hopefully we get him soon.
  10. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    The hardest part is the green cleavage chest. You could try Polaris which is popular or if the exposure isn’t that big of a deal Marvel girl or Viper *could* work.
  11. Well hopefully this weekend changes his mind as the number of impressions this week for the show have been staggering. I don’t think that it has fallen too far out of favour I think the reboot series though didn’t help matters. Where as even Will Wheaton’s appearances on Big Bang Theory (groan) helped elevate the brand. At the end of the day they really should be treated as two distinct properties and TNG deserves to be explored even if it is just two 4-packs.
  12. I do love the Angela hairpiece and can’t wait to leverage it for a Moonstar Valkyrie I’m working on but agree that she is an odd choice. But then again it may be like Spider-Gwen where I don’t get the hype but she is everywhere. Same thing with Cosmic GhostRider. I do want an extra Gamora since that green hair piece would look great on a later version X-Factor Polaris.
  13. Kastor Korner on Instagram showed them off. Dark Hawk, Moon Dragon, Cosmic GhostRider, Angela, Starlord, Warlock.
  14. Same. I dropped out of the Legends game almost 10 years ago but I’ve picked up a Legend here and there for their accessories to use for mates but I may be converted.
  15. Man, the legends fans must be on fire today! Also love how they got an animated X-Men wave thing going.
  16. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Do we know if these are going to be announced at SDCC?
  17. As a whole, I think the line has done a great job of finishing teams it’s just the few that aren’t finished are rather shocking or easily completed. To me it would be easy to have another x-wave to finish off Greg C X-force Warpath/Sunspot, Phoenix 5 Magik and Namor, Liefeld Rictor and Boomer with a Greg C Feral build a figure. I know there are several more Avengers that need to be taken care of but off the top of my head the X-fill in wave would be easy (but very niche).
  18. The more and more I hear about the Picard show the more I think it’s going to be a hit and I am irrationally mad at DST we don’t have TNG mates. GET IT TOGETHER CHUCK!
  19. I agree with this in theory but it can be hard to do in execution. Sometimes it’s a license thing. Another and more real challenge is that home releases are challenging now thanks to all of the streaming platforms and aligning that. I’m probably wrong but wasn’t the Cap Marvel 4 pack released when the DVD went on sale? Did it make a buzz? I would be interested in seeing how DST is using their social listening to define intent to purchase.
  20. The problem with this is comics just don’t sell the way they use to. There is a limited audience for event specific things and they gamble on spiritual tie ins (like wave 77) to connect sales. Avengers BC may have changed that but tbh I am not sure.
  21. As long as we get the dog I’m good.
  22. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I’m only mad at this because I want my Vance. Although I don’t remember when they announced the shows if they announced an on air date. Also it would need a Satana with her new name for the show so sadly Magik would lose out. Maybe this is wave 80!
  23. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I have had options for this FOR YEARS.
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