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  1. Last comic tomorrow! pretty excited to read up how it all ends or leaves a hole for more..
  2. Most of us here bought them for 50$ with a batch of comics to get it from Luke. they been selling on bay for like 30-45$ hope that helps.
  3. prett sure he is just talking about the stealth vorin
  4. sorry it is a poor pic of it as you can see me and "monster house" in the reflection but this is the frame we got for it. my wife loved it and my son points to it daily and yells at himself lol
  5. anyone got pics of the onell booth? would love to get a glimpse of the next release of Armorvors
  6. the facebook pics are making me want this stuff to come out sooner rather than later.. amazing
  7. TRICK OR TREAT?! I am not sure how I missed this but my castle sure looks lonely without him there... and on a related note..
  8. Since I am selling off most of my warcraft bloks I am using the structures for my beasts. I thought I would share my setup currently.. (sorry about the poor pics cell phone with a poorly lit room) and not Minimates but they inhabit the same shelf..
  9. I need a child badge stat!
  10. I cant wait to get my hands on these guys. Between these and some of the other custom stuff going on my house is going to be brimming with beasts of battle.
  11. can I borrow some cash for my set? lol I picked bad timing to buy some spare heads from Marty
  12. I had to kill out one of my collections and nixed the warcraft bloks so I got some shelf space just waiting for these lil guys. I hope they drop before christmas so I can just write them up as a xmas gift from the wife lol
  13. Shouldn't this be in the Battle Beast droppings thread ? I see what you did there.. clever
  14. so is the TRU battle beasts going to still drop this fall while the others wont be out until after Christmas?
  15. I guess your Mom said the same about you ! :biggrin: Seriously that is some outthere Minimate .......fantastic. Ouch! I am just not a minimate guy I guess so the less they look like them the more I like them (flame away lol)
  16. snake is my winner so far. they still have yet to top the gator in my books tho.. I love that lil guy.. I wish I could army build him hahah
  17. I dunno how I feel about it, may grow on me which is usually what happens but I think I just set my expectations to high.
  18. good idea.. i tossed them up on the bay but will take a few down to do that as I really dont want to ship them and this sounds like a much better option Thanks again for getting them out to me Luke
  19. got my stealth today, def my fav out of all of them so far. now to figure out what the heck t do with 23 spare comic books...
  20. that is a hell of a haul groundhog, Iwonder if the carry cases were the ones I drove my poor wife crazy at the post mailing him last month.. haha
  21. I am all caught up and thanks to a few guys over on LRG helped a few ppl complete their Series 1 set. now just waiting and hoping the rest of the sets come out.
  22. salt in the wound bro, still waiting on my stealth lol
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