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  1. Zach posted this image on Diamond Select's Instagram today:
  2. Awesome find b00sted! These look great!
  3. Hey Buttheadsmate, have you seen these yet? They look pretty awesome to me. Too bad they didn't make a Two-Face.
  4. If by acquiring the license to this game is the only way that DST can give us DC Minimates, then I'm all for it. Even if the characters are sporting new costumes. I'll take any DC Minimates that I can get.
  5. Thanks for the links Zylek, I was able to order one set of each two-pack. Now to get the rest from my LCS!
  6. Seeing these just makes we want pick up as many of the released DC mates as I can. I can't believe I missed out on eight waves of DC goodness. Man I really wish DC would reconsider making Minimates of their properties again!
  7. No problem mate. It can be found here: Other leaked lists have flown around, suggesting characters like Sakura, Karin and R.Mika but this seems to be the clocest (the previous ones could have been official then scrapped). Thanks Pawcanada!
  8. Wow, you did a great job Johnny! Nice job as well Jeff! I love your Jenny!
  9. Wow, it looks like I got into Minimates at just the right time. Here I was planning on picking up as many of the SFII mates that I missed out on, only to read this. This is definitely great news! Pawcanada, where exactly can this leaked list be viewed? BTW thanks for the link, I'm not really up on my knowledge of Tekken characters. I'm really hoping that DC Minimates make a comeback as well. They were my first introduction to Minimates and I really wish we could get as many DC characters in Minimate form as DST has been able to make for Marvel.
  10. I know what you mean Rich. I'm seeing these for the first time as well. These truly are great! I really like The Thinker!
  11. Wow Luke! These are amazing!! And so was Series 1.
  12. Actually has these on pre-order for $5.99 for the singles and $11.99 for the two-packs, however you still have to factor in the shipping cost which might make the TRU price better.
  13. These look awesome! I was late to the party on picking up the Mighty Muggs, so I feel for you guys who started to collect these at the six inch scale only to have them re-appear in a smaller size. They are still really nice though, but your right $8.99 is a bit steep. Hopefully the SRP will remain at the $6.99 that this poster was able to purchase these for.
  14. These bases are great Luke! I will definately be picking some up. I was actually planning on getting some of those weapons packs from Spy Monkey as well for my DCUC. Exactly what I would use these for as well.
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