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  1. So who does everyone want to see in the third 4-pack? I would assume that it will be a G.I Joe set followed by another Cobra set. I would love Stalker, Gung Ho, Flint, and Tunnel Rat. Then for the 4th four pack (Cobra) I would love Zartan, Buzzer, Ripper, and Torch.
  2. Add this Baroness variant and I would be down for it.
  3. Any word on when the SDCC set will be revealed Zach?
  4. I would be happy with either AEW or WWE. AEW for their current roster and WWE for all of their legends. Plus we could then potentially get a Sergeant Slaughter for our G.I. Joe minimates.
  5. Any chance you can post pics for all of us to see? Im not a big fan of MCU minimates but these two sets were definite buys for me. I would love to see how they turned out.
  6. There are 3D files out there for G.I Joe vehicles. I have seen Vamp, Hiss, Zartan's Swamp Skier, Cobra Devilfish, Cobra Trouble Bubble, etc. You just have to resize the file to make them smaller for Minimates. I was talking to a guy that said he would print me a Hiss for minimates for $30. I may take him up on it. Vehicles would be awesome for this line.
  7. The only thing that bothers me about these new boxed sets is that I usually buy some extra sets for customs. I just can't justify buying another set for $50 just to get an extra character or two that I need for a custom. I guess I will be buying what I need off ebay from now on.
  8. It's nice of you to share your background with us. You looked great in the ring and did fantastic selling the moves (something that wrestlers seem to forget to do a lot of times these days). Too many spots being done in my opinion and not enough ring psychology. I'm sure you have plenty of cool stories from wrestling over the years too.
  9. So now the bigger question is what is Mister Miracles name in the wrestling biz? Were you always a manager or were you also a wrestler at one point? I have been a wrestling fan since the early 80's and would love to know.
  10. I have no problem paying the higher price for this set. I just won't be able to afford to buy multiple sets of them. I think two, possibly three is going to be my limit. I hope after wave one and two that they will go back to the normal blister 4-packs like the Transformers sets. I am completely fine paying $30 for a four pack. The prices of just about everything have gone up here in the U.S. due to Covid and stupid choices made by our government.
  11. Is Luke able to offer the animated X-Men minimates sets? They would obviously sell well. I just don't know what the production amount would have to be for Luke to be able to offer them. Have you guys tried to get Target or Walmart to sell them lately? They both have collectible areas in their stores.
  12. Don't forget Firefly in your list. He is one of my favorite Cobra members. Also will any of these figures include backpacks like a lot of the original 3 3/4 line had?
  13. I think you could sell out an army builder pack of Cobra troops. 3000 wouldn't be that hard for this line. G.I. Joe collectors buy lots of Cobra Troopers. Some people buy 10 or more of them for their collections. A 2-pack with a Cobra Trooper and a Cobra Officer would be great. Just change the Cobra insignia from red on the trooper to silver on the officer and you would be set. Maybe also different weapons for each one too. I collect the G.I. Joe Classified line. I have multiples of Cobra Infantry, Cobra Troopers, Vipers, and Red Ninjas. I will be buying numerous B.A.T.s and Alley Vipers too when they come out. You can't display Cobra Commander without having an army around him. I'm just saying that people love to army build Cobra troopers and I think you could easily sell 3000. 500 would sell out quickly.
  14. Hey Zach, any pics of the finished mates yet or do we have to wait until they are solicited at the end of the month to see them? Also how well did the FCBD set sell? Was it better than expected? This line has me completely invested and I plan on getting every G.I. Joe minimate that is released. Any idea when we will be getting any Cobra soldiers like Cobra Troopers, Cobra Infantry, Vipers, Red Ninjas, B.A.T.S., Crimson Guard, etc? In other words are you planning on making Cobra's rogues gallery first or will you be mixing troopers in here and there with the waves?
  15. They look really nice. I may have to pick them up after all even though I was never a fan of the show. I used to watch it with my residents at work so I am familiar with the characters. I guess I'm just dying for new Minimates after what seemed like a two year dry spell.
  16. I have been waiting for a Danny Ketch Ghost Rider forever. I really would love a Rise of the Midnight Sons wave. Ketch Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, Centurious, Lilith, Strange, Zarathos, Blade, Hannibal King or Morbius. Siege of Darkness would be another good storyline to make a Ghost Rider wave.
  17. I really like the Marvel vs. Capcom minimate. I think he is my favorite off the top of my head.
  18. You should check out the Call of Duty Mega Construx packs that you can find at Dollar General stores. I grabbed some for their accessories and weapons to use with my custom G.I. Joe figures. There are some great parts in those sets.
  19. You must not collect toys from Hasbro if this has you upset. The G.I. Joe Classified figures have been out for about a year and a half. We have received 4 different Roadblocks, 3 different Cobra Commanders, and 5 Snake Eyes (6 if you count the Fortnight one coming out) 3 Scarlets, and a few other repaints of figures.
  20. Army builders for G.I. Joe would sell better than any other G.I. Joe 4-pack you make. I guarantee it. A 4-pack of Cobra Troopers, Vipers, B.A.T.s, and Crimson Guard would easily sell out. A second wave with an Iron Grenadier, Cobra Eel, Snow Serpent, and Alley Viper would too. You could even make more army builder sets. Cobra had plenty of other troop builders like Tele-vipers, Hydro Vipers, Grey Cobra Troopers, Red Ninjas, etc.
  21. Welcome back buddy. I can't wait to see some new customs from you.
  22. There is more than a handful to be honest. Hachiman, Safari Joe, Jagara, Claudus, a Bolkin or two, Dr. Dometome, Mandora, Mumm-rana, Snowman of Hook Mountain and Snowmeow, Turmagar, the Lunataks, the Berserkers, Captain Cracker, Captain Shiner, etc. I'm sure there are plenty that I forgot. I just loved that license and wish it had continued on. I wish that DST would pick up that license along with Silverhawks. As far as I know the only thing currently being done with those licenses are the Super 7 figures.
  23. I will definitely be getting multiples of series one and two. They look great!
  24. Thanks for the pic Zach. I think I might like that Snake Eyes more than the Free Comic Book Day Snake Eyes. I have a feeling that the redeco Storm Shadow will probably come with black gear instead of grey like in the FCBD set.
  25. So are Walgreens Minimates done and over with?
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