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  1. I would hope that if they do that it is to different Troopers. Give us a two pack with a Cobra Trooper and a Cobra Viper. A second two pack could be a Crimson Guard and a Red Ninja or Cobra Eel, Cobra Snow Serpent, or Alley Viper
  2. I spent the past week making a bunch of G.I. Joe customs. I was going to make a few more this week but will change things up now and work on a different line of customs. This is such great news. Now if only DST could get the license to make Masters of the Universe minimates and make Thundercats minimates again since there a dozens of characters from Thundercats to make yet.
  3. It sucks that we won't be seeing Mortal Kombat minimates. So the big question now is what is the new license that we will be seeing? I'm hoping for He-man and She-ra minimates. Even cooler would be Silverhawks, Thundercats, and Tiger Sharks minimates. The Thundercats minimates are my favorite minimates and there are a ton more characters they can make for that line. I think Zach said that they would be announced at the end of February if I remember correctly. Also G.I. Joe has made a big comeback with the 6 inch Classified line. Those would be cool but from his comment about the new line I don
  4. Hint for the box set Zach? Is it MCU related or comic related?
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