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  1. TRU Series 26

    I am just waiting with fingers crossed for an update to the 90's X-men wave we got. Kind of like what they did with the GSXM characters. There are enough characters from the 90's team(s) to easily make 2 waves.
  2. Invincible Minimates

    I forgot all about Pitt. Add in some decent Witchblade and Darkness minimates also. Image has had some many awesome comics over the years. A line of Image comics minimates would kick ass.
  3. Invincible Minimates

    I would love a set of Cyberforce minimates (not the relaunch), Youngblood minimates, Danger Girl minimates, and Wetworks minimates, Savage Dragon minimates, and Spawn. The chance of seeing any of those is probably zero though.
  4. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    I found these at the Gulf Shores Alabama Walgreens today. I am probably the only minimates collector in the group from lower Alabama, but I figured I would still post this. This Walgreens still has minimates from series 1-current. Unfortunately no Spiderman Noir or Kaine Scarlet Spidey
  5. The Alien™ Franchise

    I would love to see Neil given a chance with the Alien franchise. Check out Oats Studios to see some of the amazing stuff he has been doing lately. I didn't mind Ridley's last movie, but at this point I want to see a lot more Xeno action now that it has been introduced fully. It sounds like he wants to make David the main focus though for the next movies. Also yay to more Alien minimates. I loved the characters in Alien Resurrection although I thought the movie fell apart near the end. I still enjoyed it for the most part. I think one wave would be enough to cover the important characters for Alien 3. I found that movie to be pretty dull overall.
  6. Logan

    My wife and I just got back from seeing it and we both loved it. I think it is probably the best movie based on a comic book thus far. All the actors did an amazing job. I really hope this movie gets nominated for some awards in the future because it was that good. My wife said that it kind of sucks that it took this long for them to give us a rated R Wolverine movie. She would have liked to have seen the carnage that a younger, fully healthy Wolverine could have inflicted on some bad guys. Go see it as soon as you guys can!
  7. Predator Minimates

    Any pics of the new Predator mates that were shown?
  8. Predator Minimates

    I just picked up all eight of them off Ebay for $49.99 plus free shipping. That was the best deal that I have come across over the past few weeks.
  9. MMMV Turns 10 - June Giveaway pt.2

    Mine arrived the other day also. Thanks again for doing this.
  10. Sorry Shanester....

    Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about this. First off in Totally Awesome Hulk it states that he is completely gamma free now thanks to Cho, so why would he be any sort of threat now? I know it is said in CW 2 that he is experimenting on himself, but why would he do that if he is completely cured? It makes no sense to me. Bruce was happy to be normal for once. I think it is just another thing Marvel is doing for shock value. Bruce will somehow be back within a year.
  11. Animated Marvel Minimates Wave 2.5

    Some people have reporting finding these last week already. I am surprised that no one on here has posted any pics yet. I checked the Walgreens by my work and they had a full set of wave 2 on the shelf. I have already bought two full sets of wave 2 for myself, so it is going to be a while before 2.5 gets stocked there Maybe I can buy them all and just return them to another Walgreens so that they get a new shipment in. On a positive note there was a little old lady that was working at the register when I checked out and she said that she loves the minimates and thinks they are so neat. I should have asked her if she buys them. She could possibly be the oldest minimate collector there is.
  12. Keldor on shape ways?

    I believe I asked him a few years ago about a scaled up version and he said it would be quite expensive to order it and didn't think anyone would want to spend that kind of money.
  13. I would love a fin to make a Savage Dragon custom. The one I made years ago sucked. Soooo, if you ever have any free time Dave..........
  14. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Which one? I work a minute away from the one that is on Bluemound, across the street from McDonalds.
  15. Pathfinder minimates!-First box set revealed

    I would be all over making a MOTU Scareglow minimate if they released a GITD skeleton, and I know I'm not the only one on here who was thinking that.