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  1. I love it. Right in the Spider-sack.
  2. I would love another wave like wave 74. Give us a wave of characters needed to help finish off teams. We could use a 90's X-force Warpath and either an updated Capullo Feral or Sunspot. We could use a Stryfe figure too, which would be great as the baf. There were a couple of the more recent X-men that we still need like Magik and Storm or X-23. Those would compliment the new Cyclops and Rogue minimates that are coming out. A Kaine Spiderman and Kraven, or some other bad guy would be great. There is a lot that can be done if they don't release a wave that is from only one comic book series. I will be completely happy if it is another Spidey wave with some updated villains like Scorpion, Vulture, etc. Heck, I would be happy for another X-men wave too. I'm just not huge on another Avengers wave. I don't think the wave with Black Knight sold all that great either if memory serves me correctly. How about another hint Zach?
  3. Thanks Zach. The extra Spidey hands are awesome and long overdue.
  4. I saw on facebook that some people have these already. Any chance that someone could post some good pics of each character and their accessories if they have them?
  5. I checked my local one today. Last week they had for sets on the pegs (1 Thor Ragnarok, 1 Black Panther, and 2 older animated waves). Today there were none there. Ther is no longer a peg labeled for them either so I don't know what is going on. The Marvel Legends figures are still in the same place so I am not sure if they will be placed on and end cap. I checked both ends of the toy isle too just to be sure. Hopefully they will show up soon.
  6. I gotta go with a Vince McMahon idea. Just like Duke the Dumpster Droese, Repo Man, etc. I think Russo had some pretty good ideas when he was in WWF. Once he got to WCW is when he really started coming up with some horrible ideas like Judy Bagwell on a pole match, having David Arquette win the heavyweight belt, etc.
  7. I went and watched it with the family over the weekend. We all enjoyed it quite a bit. I think one thing that people didn't like was that it didn't feel like a Predator movie. It had quite a bit of joking/comedy in it. I wish the tone was a little more serious. I am a huge Predator fan and still enjoyed it though. The only thing I really didn't care for was the predator dogs. They really didn't serve much purpose in the movie, especially one of them (you will know what I mean after you watch it). There were some great action sequences in the movie and quite a bit of gore. Most of it was cgi, which I am not a huge fan of, especially when it could be done using practical effects. Still it is worth seeing. It was a fun "popcorn" movie. There was a lot cut from the movie too. I wonder if we will ever get a directors cut of the movie. Oh yeah, I also found it more enjoyable than the last few Star Wars movies, so everyone's opinion is going to be different.
  8. Finally here are some Masters of the universe customs. Beastman, Buzzoff, and then a few pics of the whole gang.
  9. I started on some custom Cyber Force minimates about two months ago. I really want to finish the team soon, but for now here are the two that I have finished: Ripclaw and Cyblade.
  10. Next up are a couple Ghost Rider related minimates. Johnny Blaze, Deathwatch, and Blackout.
  11. Next is X-Force Deadpool. I'm too cheap to pay the asking price I see online for him so I decided to make my own.
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