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  1. TRU 25

    I am still looking for the Chameleon set. They never showed up at the Pensacola TRU.
  2. WAVE 76

    I'm really liking this wave. I like that we have got quite a few Spider-man waves lately (or Spidey related minimates). I still wish they would release a new Kraven, Vulture, Scorpion, and Electro though. Hopefully they concentrate on something other than Spider-man, X-men, or Avengers for the next wave. I think we are way overdue for a Hulk wave. We could us a new Leader and Abomination minimate. Plus throw in a bearded Doc Green Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Totally Awesome Hulk, and maybe a Wendigo minimate or a new Rhino minimate.
  3. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I usually find them within a few days of hearing that others have found them, but I have had no luck yet with this wave. I also just wanted to state that the designs for the characters in the new Spiderman cartoon are horrible. I don't see this cartoon series lasting long at all. I have not seen anyone say anything positive about the cartoon thus far. It would be amazing if DST was able to get licensing for the DC comics animated movies. Those have been amazing over the years. The new Suicide Squad animated movie was much more enjoyable than the live action movie. We would never see that happen though unfortunately.
  4. WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I caught the joke immediately. Thank god that new Diesel and new Razor Ramon gimmick crashed and burned or we probably never would have got Kane.
  5. Long shots.

    I would love a 90's era Ghost Rider wave Ketch Ghost Rider Blaze Vengeance Zarathos Lillith Blackout Deathwatch 90's Morbius 90'S Blade Frank Drake Hannibal King
  6. Infinity War

    I had no problem getting them this afternoon. What is up with the infinity gauntlet though? That thing is smaller than Thanos' hand. He needs to get O.J.'s defense team if he is ever tried for his crimes against earth. He would be walking out of the courtroom a free man in no time.
  7. TRU 25

    Two of the 3 packs are on the Toys R Us website right now. Grab em before the Ebay sellers do. No Chameleon pack available unfortunately.
  8. WAVE 76

    I would prefer to see a 90's X-Factor wave first before a Generation X wave. I am surprised that we haven't seen an X-Factor wave by now. I keep thinking of making customs of the team, but think that we will probably get them at some point so I keep putting it off. Something like this: Havok/Polaris, Strong Guy/Wolfsbane, Val Cooper/Exodus, or Haven, Multiple Man/Quicksilver, Multiple Man/Random.
  9. Infinity War

    Deal if they have them! I will check tomorrow. .Either way I really could use that Noir Spidey.
  10. Infinity War

    I see they are being shipped from Alabama. I should check my local Walgreens tomorrow and see if there are any in stock.
  11. Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    Black Tom was my guess also. I can't wait to see how he looks.
  12. WAVE 76

    Are those some sort of new arms and I believe legs that the Venom minimate has? They look bigger than normal ones, but don't look to have the bulked up parts on them. The link above from Gmonkey shows them a bit better.
  13. TRU Series 26

    So that leaves us with 2 X-men and an Iron Man variant to be unveiled yet. I am hoping for Iron Doom and Gambit and Rogue.
  14. The Black Panther movie

    No spoilers please. I am just wondering what others thought. I would compare it to the Wonder Woman movie by saying Hollywood totally over-hyped it. It wasn't bad by any means, but was not that great either. The cgi was pretty bad at times, especially during fight scenes. Some of the scenes were so dark it was hard to tell what was going on. Maybe that was done to cover some of the shoddy cgi? I don't feel the need to sit and watch it again. I kinda feel the same as with the DC movies. Once is enough for me.
  15. What the F

    That looks and sounds bad. I wonder if it is going to be as terrible as the new Spider-man cartoon. That show is mind-numbingly bad.