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  1. Don't put people down for complaining about exploitative, anti-consumer crap. i think companies should be called out for this kind of bullshit, even if you are too scared or cynical to do it. And if you don't realise this change of sales model is to make us, the fans and avid collectors purchase excess unnecessary product, your a sucker. Impulse buyers don't care about collecting all the characters or which character they get so this kind of distribution is focused on exploiting us. The benefits of blind bagging and short packing flow in only one direction.
  2. demonpr

    Wave 60

    Is this the worst quality controlled wave yet? Storm's arm peg twisted right off, like its made of candy and the paint is sloppy as hell. Diamond might have to hire a few more Chinese 10 year olds keep 8 year olds in line.
  3. Yeah... no Marvel Minimate news at COMIC con. Pretty slack. There was a time i couldn't keep up with minimates releases, i haven't bought any in months. Minimate news has been the highlight on the cons for me. i'm super disappointed. They don't seem to even be thinking of Marvel stuff anymore. Looks like they might be winding down the line. Maybe the license renewal is coming up and they want out.
  4. Yeah that Iceman costume is an embarrassing error. Nice to see poor Q.A. even in the promo photos now days. Will Angels wings be glued on crooked as well?
  5. This is so awesome. Ill buy enough for the secret goodies. but what does "three more more sets" mean? is it a typo? should it be "three or more"?
  6. First comic wave I'm skipping entirely. So boring. Out of the entire X-universe, this is the most mundane selection possible outside of straight up redo's.
  7. Honestley think you could have gotton away with doing 2 sizes of Rocket a`la Tinkerbell. Made one tru exclusive or something.
  8. This guy isn't Ketch or Blaze so I don't mind the changes. I would prefer a bike, but I get it. The obvious choice if you didn't want to do a motor bike is a muscle car. If I remember correctly Ghost rider can make any vehicle ghost ridey can't he? Ms.Ghost Rider did it to a train. I'd like to see more of the Rider utlising different things. Planes, boats etc.
  9. Quick snap of the Modern Wolverines.
  10. Those adventure time mate are amazing. Abosolutly perfect design. Great work
  11. Don't know if he counts but Amadeus Cho.
  12. I don't have any prior attachment to Angela so to me she will just be a new character featuring in guardians of the galaxy. Who I hope we will see soon as mates.
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