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  1. I was on my way to visit my parents in Scranton and had to stop for gas at Sheetz. 🤗 I was really looking for IW2. They must’ve had two sets as I picked up an extra Iron Fist and left a GR/Fallen.
  2. Found a full set in Wilkes Barre PA Walgreens. Almost passed over bc I wasn’t paying attention but the brown packaging caught my eye.
  3. I’m trying to figure out how to rig a strap for Rocket. You know, because.
  4. This wave’s Punisher is my favorite of that mate. I think I need about 4 more.
  5. Spidey web accessories - web fist, web shield etc
  6. I was always a fan of Sword and sorcery growing up. I remember reading the larger magazine Conan’s when I was a kid. Mostly I remember the pinups in the back. But bring on Conan mates! Do they have the rights to Red Sonja too?
  7. I’m in Harrisburg. My Dad and my brother search Scranton for me too. Also a Giants fan. But I’ll be glad to help out any PA Collectors I can.
  8. Toys r Us in-store has the DD S1 and JJ S1 box sets on clearance for $10.
  9. I would've made them look before I went. I've been burned too many times over the phone. I work in retail and the one thing I tell my staff is "nothing is here unless it's in your hands"
  10. When they do IF season 2, they need to hire the fight choreographers from The Defenders. Finally made me believe Danny IS the Iron Fist. When the Wu song dropped, I almost woke my kids, I fanboyed so hard. It was great to have JJ back too. Looking forward to S2. And maybe, maybe Marvel will give us Heroes for Hire?!? PLEASE!
  11. Maybe Doc Strange in his gloves?
  12. Man, that Hogan is light years beyond the OG, looking forward to that IM too!
  13. More Rogue! and the Spider-Verser is Leopardon.
  14. I ordered a 2nd set from Luke. Gonna cut the arrows off Ninja Attack, spray paint it black and make the Wolverine #1 1988 cover quick (-ish) custom!
  15. Well, now to get an extra Homecoming Parker!
  16. Shout out to MisterMiracle for the hookup! Thanks again!
  17. Anybody have waves 3 and 4? My Walgreens got nothing.
  18. Oh, man! My JJ set from is missing the ladies' cell phones! There's just two empty spots in the tray!
  19. Don't tease me like this! ?
  20. I forgot to preorder. Will there be any extra boxes to buy? you're beating BBTS by $10.
  21. I'm so excited for these sets and the JJ box set too! Hopefully we'll see sets for Luke Cage and Iron Fist! Bring on the Ninjas!
  22. Well, if Hasbro's listening, send me a Jyn Erso SDCC Black Figure!
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