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  1. rocket

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates

    She is great in the game, give her a chance. I use her on a regular basis!
  2. rocket

    TRU WAVE 12

    Crossbones is back up! Go get 'em...
  3. Yeah, it's not like we're forcing Ultimates down your throats or anything. Chuck likes Spidey, the Miles costume is cool and the character was getting a lot of buzz, so we decided to give him a slot. ONE slot. The figure he's in a box with is 616. And Chuck is old-school, he goes DEEP on 616 (Stone Men, Sin-Eater, etc.), so I wouldn't worry about an all-Ultimate wave. Look at the sheer amount of 616 Minimates that we currently have and Battlecat & Zach are 100% right on target. We have a huge and deep (I know that just sounds wrong), well balanced 616 collection. We have a handful of Ultimate Mates at best. Maybe 1-2% at best of the overall collection. Yes we still have a few gaping holes in the 616 universe to fill (Kang, Whirlwind, The Brotherhood, Wrecking Crew, Mockingbird, Tigra, Songbird, Ghost to name a new) but we do have an amazing collection overall. MOC- that's a bit narrow minded of a statement in regards to the Ultimate titles. I am a firm believer of to each their own. I for one happen to really enjoy the Ultimate Universe, especially the current revamp. After years of reading 616 Spidey and tolerating a lot of bad story telling, Brand New Day broke my camels back. Having so many different writers voices in the mix in order to maintain the 3x a month schedule lost me. I shifted over to Ultimate Spidey who I've been with since issue 1. I don't knock those who stayed with 616, to each their own.
  4. rocket

    New TRU Herald of Galactus Box Set

    Yep, got mine too. Woo-hoo!
  5. rocket

    Curse of the Mutants

    Must have, I got a shipping notice today from CSC.
  6. rocket

    Wave 43? - Spidey Comic-based

    Cigar hand on JJJ? There was the Chameleon variant JJJ, and the cigar hand with King Pin but not JJJ. Did I miss one somewhere along the way?
  7. rocket

    TRU Wave 11

    Mine shipped.
  8. rocket

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates

    Suck it up like a lot of us did? I sold off my extra cap com mates for $5 each, so I got what I paid for them, kept the Marvel ones and I am now a happy camper.
  9. rocket

    Future Foundation

    I wouldn't expect to se them at Downtown Disney. Walt Disney Attractions & The Disney Store are completely different business divisions with very little cross over merchandise. Especially if they say Disney Store exclusive on it then that will most likely be the only place to find them. The few times they have shared something it has been an in-house product and had both WDA & DS on it.
  10. Even battle beasts, which they have the rights to. They still don't know how to launch BB after all this years. I now wonder if they will ever find a way to release them. DST more said that they want to wait until they have the staff & resources to properly devote to it. They talked about all the licenses they have on their plate currently, being a small staff and not wanting to do a half ass job with BB, which I respect. I made the trip, needed to get away from the con crowd madness for a few minutes. Went over Friday evening, they had plenty in stock since they were selling them at a limit of 2 per person. Opening them up later today, I can take pictures if anybody is interested.
  11. Just the concept/control art. Looks good. DST was all jazzed to mention that there is a Minimate inside the big head/body. Beyond that it was a pretty lackluster panel. DST posted everything on Facebook Wednesday that they had on display, nothing was held back for today. A bit dry on the presentation. The stop-motion video was cute but a waste of resources IMO. Digger's presence at the panel was nice but he felt a bit... jaded. Lots of mention of what his original vision of Minimates was as a platform for original concepts, designer art and new ideas which directly clashed with what Chuck said the mission is now. Kind of a weird vibe. Zach was really nice, spoke a bit in the booth afterwards. Sounds like no plans to find a home for the "lost" Borders Thor movie packs but he really wants to see the Warriors Three in comic form soon. Going to work on Kang with Chuck since I mentioned him being the protagonist for the opening arc of the rebooted Avengers series and him being a bit more high profile now. Not much else exciting to report form the panel.
  12. Probably not. The Disney Store and Walt Disney Attractions Merchandise are two distinctively different divisions and with very rare exceptions have no crossover. The only thing I have seen them share in recent times are the Vinylmations and some of the Superhero Squad style figure packs. If it's listed as a Disney Store exclusive then most likely that will be the only place to find it. Never say never, I still have friends in the theme parks and would love to have them pick up the exclusives for me but I don't count on it.
  13. rocket

    X-Men First Class moviemates

    Back in stock this morning, got an order in! Now to hope my local TRU gets the other two sets in or they pop up online soon. Will never understand how TRU lists their inventory when they come in set mixed cases...
  14. rocket

    X-Men First Class moviemates

    Mags/Misty are out of stock again...