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  1. Leaderfox

    Minimate Price Guide

    Quick question, what would be a fair price for a General John Connor, from the Terminator 2 line?
  2. Leaderfox

    Guess Shanester's LTS Sketch Card & win

    The lizard
  3. Leaderfox

    View Askew Minimates

    Anyone else having trouble to put the ''bongsaber'' into cock-knocker's hand?
  4. Leaderfox

    Carnageverse Contest!

    Moloids hulk version created by Tyrannus Some thugs to fight Spidey Asgardians.
  5. Leaderfox

    C2E2 Chicago 2014 Pics & Discussion

    Very excited for the Godzilla wave, and the facehugger kane.
  6. Leaderfox

    But where to put them?

    Karamazov80, great idea.
  7. Leaderfox

    But where to put them?

    First app is the grey Hulk no?
  8. I have almost every minimates, and the best way to display them specially the marvel is by team and storyline. My question is where to put the Gamma Hulk, the translucent one?
  9. Leaderfox

    Wave 54

    Hail Hydra!
  10. Leaderfox

    Tomb Raider Legacy

    Yep, got a confirmation from Diamond that the product cannot ship to Canada. As a retailer I'm very upset about it, have to cancel the pre-orders to my customers. As a minimate collector myself i'm very pissed not to get my fix.
  11. Leaderfox

    Marvel Minimates Series 50: The Reality

    These are amazing!
  12. One of the coolest vehicle made for 'mates
  13. Leaderfox

    How rare is the x factor angel and warpath 2 pack?

    Still looking for one set loose. Not willing to pay but will trade for it for 3 complete wave of mates.