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  1. That SNL bit was pretty damned funny, but aside from that- I'd say the whole Korean rap thing missed me.
  2. I think I need both box sets immediately. I don't know how knowledge of these evaded me until just now
  3. A few have come to mind. Domino Kitty Pride The White Queen Mystique Lady Deathstrike Iceman (maybe with his 90's look?) Shatterstar CARNAGE (the old one is still Great, but he needs a modern touch- Removable mask, Chaotic sharp tendrills/hands) ULTRON oh, and most of all Wolverine (All of them. AGAIN)
  4. I am filled with anticipation. Got it paid for, just have to go swoop it up first thing Tuesday morning. I requested Tuesday and Wednesday off as well, so I could spend some quality time with my new crack. hahaha
  5. Lucky me, it was during my work hours so I didn't experience any MMMV withdrawls ^_^
  6. Like Shamrock (EDIT: and Geohound), I also assumed The Simpsons finally gave up and called it quits. I honestly think i'd be okay with that at this point. On a side note, the Family Guy RPG is pretty fun.
  7. Halfway through season 6 of Dexter. Pretty good, way better than season 5
  8. Wendigo looks damned fierce! This is an interesting looking idea, I can't wait to see the villain lay-out for the other episodes!
  9. Agreed on all fronts. Gamma Hulk is still one of the most awesome mates IMO. And what a hilarious little comic
  10. ...Is this a zing on watchnerd's Doombot/Servo-guard thing? If so, quite hilarious. And if not, the one-upsmanship from alot of those guys in that thread is still pretty damned funny. I approve.
  11. That's a pretty great little piece of art to have, definitely worth the sale of a single mate IMO. Has your wife got to see it yet?
  12. These are all rad! This most recent one is my fave though, so neat ^_^
  13. Pokemon Pearl, and Borderlands. Also, Words With Friends XD
  14. Marquis De Carabas was my favorite character in Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere", and my avatar is Black Dynamite kicking down an old lady's front door
  15. All these Morbius rumors floating about are making me happy, I gave up on even hoping for him.
  16. I was just watching "The Slammin' Salmon" and he's hilarious in it. This news saddens me.
  17. Excellent Swarm custom! Psylocke's cape with Sunspot's body, genius! How'd you do Strange's hands/blasts?
  18. Got some solid ones in there! ^_^ I think i'm going to break down and pick up Monty Python's Holy Grail and Aristocats this monday, two classics that are overdue for a good viewing. (It's only been 3-4 months for MPHG, but that's still way too long.)
  19. Annihilus would be tops, i've wanted him since day one. As far as affiliates go, Crystal seems like a pretty great option to me. I would also like Ronan the Accuser to be in this wave. That would be amazing.
  20. Super excited for Blastaar, and that Johnny Storm looks stylin' as hell! I may get the Puppet Master pack as well, but we'll have to see.
  21. THE Ronan the Accuser?! A pleasure to meet you, good sir!!

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