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  1. Awesome Which head did you use for Echo? And what is the cheapest way to build an armory?
  2. Hey Tenime, how's your armory looking these days? Cause you always have some awesome mods in there Like the Echo QC
  3. Wow, you guys have a lot O.O This is my haul I got it about a month ago for 80 euro's, which is like 90 bucks or something Oh and i forgot to include the Thundercats pack in the pic
  4. Id bet on another wolverine, so most likely Worthy Wolverine
  5. Welcome Our army grows stronger by the day
  6. Yay, another new one! Welcome Yay, another new one! Welcome
  7. Yeah, congrads to everyone! There's never a loser when it comes to minimates
  8. Wow, Dave thats a lot I've been trying to make AoA/X-force Nightcrawler for a while now, I'd love to see your take on him But nice list of AoA-ers!
  9. Still looks a bit too light...Haven't got RM to compair =_=;
  10. I wish it was, but the arms are yellow and Sabre's body is more orange
  11. Hawkeye's Junk made this one... send him a PM to ask his recipe. Thanks man I see he uses a wave 28 sabretooth face, only the arms are a puzzle, so ill pm him this week
  12. Hey guys, I have a extra AoA Sabretooth, so i want to make a AoA Wildchild, but can you guys help me with the face and arms? I don't know what arms match the color of Sabretooths body? And what face would be best for WC?
  13. Wow, there are some very freaking amazing entry's Very hard to top that I don't really think i will get into the top 4, but maybe i'll get lucky and win a random draw Pretty hard to choose though
  14. Congrads, dude! Have a nice birthday!
  15. ...You mean your actual lake? The one you build?
  16. Like Pete said, maybe a Ben Grimm mate since he hasn't been produced as a normal human. We've had a lot of normal "Thing"s
  17. That pretty much sums it up Aapje! And thanks guys, I had a lot of fun making these guys, a new friend of mine did all the 3d modeling for the extra parts so I could get them made from shapeways. They are all still available to get. On a side note, I am on vacation and can't send these until Tuesday, could someone pm me with the address? Or I could just ship it from my house if it saves time Thanks again Wow, dude What parts where 3d modeled? I can see the little kid is 3d modeled, which is awesome 'cause i see its pose able I thought the other parts where excising
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